The Fat Release Program HCG Diet plan

The Fat Release System Consists Of 3 Phases:

The Fat Release Method HCG Diet is either the 23 Day Protocol (1 oz bottle) or the 40 Day Protocol (1.86 oz bottle), whichever you use depends on just how much weight you’d like to lose. Each the 23 and 40 Day Protocol will do all 3 phases of the plan.

Overeating (Loading) Phase
This phase consists of the first 2 days. Create up typical fat shops by consuming a diet high in calories and fat. Eat as considerably as you need and whatever you need. Eat each couple of hours. Take HCG Homeopathic drops as directed.

500 Calorie Phase
This phase consists of the next 21 days or 38 days (depending on when you chose the 23 or 40 day Protocol). Two meals of 3.5 oz of protein, plus vegetables, fruits, modest amount of grains. Take HCG Homeopathic drops as directed.

PHASE three: HCG Diet
Maintenance Phase
For 3 weeks, eat as substantially as you would like. Even so, you might be not allowed to eat starches and sugar.

As you could see, this method isn’t all that complex however it does need a change in your eating habits.

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