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Rapid Opiate Detox in Only 8 Hours from Las Vegas Rapid Detox

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) June 20, 2014

Opiate detox can be an extremely painful thing to go thorugh. However, with Las Vegas Rapid Detox’s groundbreaking 8 hour rapid detox procedure, patients can detox from opiates in only eight hours without suffering any signs of withdrawal. Las Vegas Rapid Detox’s procedure has been proven safe and in Las Vegas Rapid Detox is please to announce that they have reached the milestone of successfully performing 500 rapid opiate detox procedures without any complications.

Since July 2007, Dr. Thomas Yee, MD, an anesthesiologist with 20 years of clinical experience, certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, has treated 500 patients from all over the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Mexico. Performed in certified operating rooms at accredited hospital or surgery centers, the advanced rapid opiate detox procedure (AROD), developed by Dr. Yee, has been used on patients addicted to various opiates including heroin, oxycontin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, fentanyl, dilaudid, vicodin, tramadol, etc.

“The best way to describe what we do is imagining 2 weeks worth of cold-turkey quitting being compressed into 8 hours while the patient sleeps under anesthesia,” Dr. Yee stated. “We know the physical withdrawal in quitting opiates is horrible, but the discomfort is finite; it does not last forever. The trick is to hurry up the withdrawal so the patient can get over it while sleeping.”

After the 8-hour treatment, the patients would receive 48 hours of one-on-one nursing care for recovery. After returning home, patients are required to have weekly counseling for 6 months to treat the psychological aspect of addiction. In order to prevent relapse, patients are also required to receive FDA-approved monthly injection of a long-acting opiate-blocker, Vivitrol, from nearby providers.

To find out more about how Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic reached the 500 patient mark without complication, go to http://www.saferapiddetox.com or http://www.rapiddetoxlasvegas.com.


Latest Best Drug Rehabilitation Blog Post Focuses on Opiate Abuse Facts

(PRWEB) July 23, 2014

In its latest blog post, Best Drug Rehabilitation, which offers treatment programs and believes that having family close by during a stay in rehab can make a big difference in whether or not the process is successful, is focusing on a topic that is quickly becoming among the most important of all drug and addiction-related dialogues: opiate abuse facts.

The Best Drug Rehabilitation blog post on opiate abuse facts highlights:

An overview of opiates, and why they’re considered “the mother of all Schedule II drugs”
The two most commonly abused types of opiates: morphine and codeine
Common misconceptions between opiates and opioids

“Opiates are among the most addictive and dangerous drugs available today,” commented Best Drug Rehabilitation’s CEO Per Wickstrom. “Tragically, many individuals — especially young people – have no idea what they’re getting into when they experiment with opiates. They think that they can remain in control, but it’s a delusion. Before long, many of them are doctor shopping, stealing pills from family members and friends, and living the painful, often unbearable life of an addict that typically, if untreated, winds up in the emergency ward, in jail, or in the morgue.”

Added Per Wickstrom: “However, as I noted, treatment is the best and, frankly, the only answer for addicts. With the right kind of medical care, combined with compassionate support, they can not only break free of their addiction and get sober, but they can living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life than they ever dreamed possible!”

The full text of Best Drug Rehabilitation’s latest blog post entitled “Opiate Abuse Facts” is available at http://www.bestdrugrehabilitation.com/blog/addiction/opiate-abuse-facts/.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Amber Howe, Executive Director BDR, at (231) 887-4590 or ahowe(at)rehabadmin(dot)com.

About Best Drug Rehabilitation

Best Drug Rehabilitation offers treatment programs, and believes that having family close by during a stay in rehab can make a big difference in whether or not the process is successful. Led by CEO Per Wickstrom, Best Drug Rehabilitation also understands that recovering from an addiction is an intense emotional and physical challenge, and as such provides clients with a comfortable and private space that is safe and free of anxiety. Ultimately, Best Drug Rehabilitation offers recovery geared to the personalized needs of each client, which is an option that makes the chance for long-term success much more likely.

Learn more at http://www.bestdrugrehabilitation.com/.

West Virginia Takes the Initiative to Combat Opiate Overdose and Approves Naloxone for First Responders and Family Members

USA (PRWEB) March 23, 2015

West Virginia has approved the use of naloxone by first responders and family members of a high risk victim of a drug overdose, according to a recent article published by Metro News on March 9th. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has signed the bill into law, and will be in effect on May 27th of 2015. Naloxone clears the airways of a victim who has fallen prey to a drug overdose (which can be fatal, cause massive brain damage, and the loss of motor skills). Naloxone is a stigmatized antidote to the national problem of drug overdoses. Providing naloxone (also known as narcan) to first responders and family members is predicted to save lives. During a drug overdose drug addicts and substance abusers are unable to breathe. Fatalities are common among overdose victims. Harbor Village Detox is a national inpatient medical detox facility located in south Florida. The drug and alcohol addiction treatment center prides itself in providing the pinnacle of drug and alcohol detoxification to patients from every socioeconomic walk of life, The inpatient medical detox facility eagerly anticipates the distribution of naloxone on a national basis for first responders, family members of addicts, and the general public.

Naloxone is fast acting and can be injected or administered as a nasal spray. Naloxone will not harm a victim mistakenly given administered the medication who is not suffering from a drug overdose; however, in the event of an overdose, Naloxone will clear the airways of compromised victims and allow them to breathe. This medication has been proven to prevent accidental overdose deaths. An associate from Harbor Village Detox commented, “Naloxone will be a key component in subsiding the number of deaths we suffer, as a nation, from fatal drug overdoses. Every state should follow suit with West Virginia, as a means to become instrumental in the protection and continued health of people suffering from substance use disorders. Naloxone will enable [addiction] treatment specialists to rehabilitate victims who would have otherwise perished as a result from their addictions. It’s essential that family members are trained in its use. Even everyday people can easily save someone’s life with naloxone. It takes the entire community’s participation to redress drug use and addiction among the population.”

The inpatient medical detox facility, Harbor Village Detox employs classically trained addiction professionals to artfully treat drug and alcohol addiction. Patients who undergo the typically painful withdrawal process are rejuvenated with effective and affordable drug and alcohol detox. Unlike most detoxification treatment centers, Harbor Village Detox offers patients initial one-on-one therapy to address the underlying causes of drug and alcohol addiction to stave off future relapses.

For more information on inpatient medical detox treatment visit http://harborvillageflorida.com/ or call Harbor Village Detox directly 1-855-290-4261.

Naltrexone Is Gaining Recognition as a Superior Medication for Heroin & Opiate Based Addictions

USA (PRWEB) March 17, 2015

The battle among medical professionals regarding medically assisted drug treatment is a war that will continue to rage until drug addicts are able to recover seamlessly, and without medical danger, while using medications to overcome drug addiction. Suboxone and methadone are the medications typically used to help victims of heroin and opiate addictions overcome their physical and mental disease. The fundamental flaw of these drugs is they are opiate based substances, and cause withdrawal after treatment has ceased. Essentially, methadone and suboxone perpetuate addiction (although, these drugs do not produce the high that heroin and addiction substances do). It’s a hard case because methadone and suboxone keep addicts away from heroin and have been proven to curb overdose deaths.

The introduction of naltrexone is spurning eagerness among the addiction treatment community, as it is used to treat heroin and opiate addictions without the pitfalls of methadone and suboxone. According to a recent article by Spirit on March 11th naltrexone may be better at treating drug addiction. Naltrexone has no street value, as it cannot produce a high, which makes it the most secure form of addiction treatment drug available to date- because it has no chance for abuse.

Harbor Village Detox is an inpatient medical detox center committed to rehabilitating victims of drug and alcohol addiction. In recent light of naltrexone’s success, and approval by the FDA, the addiction treatment facility has high hopes for the revolution of addiction treatment. Eliminating the need for a second detoxification from prescribed medication can greatly influence a patient’s rate of success on their path to sobriety.

A Harbor Village Detox associate commented, “Naltrexone is changing the game of addiction treatment. One of the pitfalls recovering patients of drug addiction have been facing is the rejection from sobriety based programs like Narcotics Anonymous. They don’t want recovering addicts on methadone and suboxone because they are opiate based. Either one of two things happen: patients stop taking the medications prescribed by their doctors and end up relapsing- and more often than not, fatally overdosing- or they don’t go to NA, and don’t get the emotional support or structure they need to stay clean long term. Naltrexone will hopefully begin to bridge the gap between abstinence based treatment program and non-addictive medically assisted drug treatment.”

The inpatient medical detox facility prides themselves on offering the apex of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Specializing in rehab, Harbor Village Detox provides their patients with a painless withdrawal process. Monitoring patients for signs of withdrawal 24/7, clients are surrounded with continual medical and psychiatric care during one of the most critical points in addiction therapy. Their classically trained addiction specialists understand patients are wary of medically assisted drug treatment, and offer effective, medically sound solutions to achieve the same result of sobriety.

For more information on the inpatient medical detox facility, Harbor VIllage Detox, visit http://harborvillageflorida.com/ or call Harbor Village Detox directly 1-855-290-4261.


Scottsdale, AZ Drug Rehab Expands Opiate Addiction Treatment Options

(PRWEB) March 21, 2015

Scottsdale Recovery Center, a gender-specific male/female substance abuse treatment center, announced this week the launch of an expanded drug rehab option for opiate users. Taking a firm stance toward a growing nationwide epidemic, the program aims to provide a more integrative and effective treatment option for young adults struggling with narcotic pain pills, heroin and other opiate based substances.

Says facility co-founder, Chris Cohn, “It’s absolutely tragic to see what’s going on over the past few years; what starts off in the form of taking a few pain pills from the medicine cabinet ends up as a full blown heroin addiction which, all too often ends in the form of a deadly overdose.”

The program, which is in addition to other targeted addiction treatments offered, focuses on providing a number of expanded clinical services shown to be very effective in the long term treatment of opiate and heroin addiction. Coupled is a corresponding medical detoxification process which further enables the client to more effectively transition into an intensive treatment plan.

Given the broad landscape of drug rehab centers throughout the State of Arizona, Scottsdale Recovery Center creates such targeted addiction treatment options in a manner of which is often less costly than other comparable facilities. States Alex Salcedo, co-owner and CEO of SRC, “SRC is actually among the least expensive treatment centers of its kind throughout the entire Western US, and with private insurance being accepted 90% of the time, it’s realistically conceivable that one could experience the entire course of treatment for no more than just a couple thousand dollars out of pocket.” Cohn adds, “There’s a reason why were less expensive than most drug treatment centers of our caliber, and that’s solely because we want to help the most people possible, period.”

Most clients taking part in the opiate program are coming in with addictions to one or more of the following: Oxycontin, Vicodin/hydrocodone, Percocet/oxycodone, Norco, Dilaudid, heroin and others.

Scottsdale Recovery Center has been in operation since 2006 and provides the entire array of treatment services including; intervention, medical detox, residential/primary treatment, intensive outpatient, sober living, aftercare, family therapy & guidance and more. They offer a number of locations just northwest of Paradise Valley and while they do offer both male and female treatment options, all locations are in fact gender-specific.

Additional programs are offered for cocaine, marijuana, crystal/methamphetamine, alcoholism and several others.

For more information on the opiate recovery program or otherwise, contact treatment support staff at SRC 7 days a week at (888) 309-3385. Additional information is also available on the company website at http://www.scottsdalerecovery.com.

In an effort to further set themselves apart in terms of integrity and accountability, the program utilizes a stringent and unbiased 3rd party addiction treatment consumer review service. To view more information as well as authenticated unbiased client reviews visit: http://www.addiction-rehab-reviews.org/scottsdale-recovery-center-phoenix-az-drug-rehabs.