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Promoting Posttraumatic Growth in Response to Medical Illness Updated Online Continuing Education (CE) Course for Mental Health Professionals from HealthForumOnline

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) August 26, 2014

HealthForumOnline (HFO), a nationally-approved (APA, ASWB, NBCC, CA-BBS) online provider of continuing education (CE) for psychologists, social workers, counselors, and other allied healthcare professionals announces updates to its online CE course Response to Medical Illness: A Clinical Perspective on Trauma and Posttraumatic Growth. This is a relevant course for mental health professionals as a diagnosis of a chronic and/or acute disease can be a life-altering moment requiring a person to cope “at their best” when perhaps feeling at their worst. Further, this online CE course is timely as the prevalence of many illnesses, such as diabetes, is on the rise. This CE course, one of three in HFO’s Trauma category, provides mental health providers with a comprehensive overview of trauma, resilience, and posttraumatic growth in response to medical illness to enable them to facilitate both emotional coping with and physical adjustment to illness.

Annually, millions of Americans are diagnosed with chronic, debilitating, and/or life-threatening illnesses. Approximately 3.5% of Americans have experienced a cancer diagnosis (1); over 980,000 AIDS cases have been reported in the U.S. since 1981 (2); diabetes affects approximately 8% of the population (3); and an estimated 33% of American adults have cardiovascular disease (4). These statistics, far from comprehensive, are even more alarming considering rates of some illnesses (e.g., diabetes) are on the rise.

Beyond the physical challenges of the diagnostic procedures, treatments, associated side effects, and symptoms accompanying an illness, an illness experience can be emotionally overwhelming and stressful psychologically (e.g., 5). Patients, as well families and caregivers, are often forced to re-evaluate and adjust their roles, identities, priorities, and goals. The psychological sequelae of illness can be so traumatic, in fact, that in 1994 the APA recognized that a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness can precipitate Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Conversely, however, the idea that personal growth can arise from suffering has also been acknowledged. Many who experience illness find some benefit in the experience, report a sense of personal growth and transformation, and state that being confronted with their mortality is a catalyst for the re-evaluation and reprioritization of life goals from which they emerge with a deeper appreciation for the different facets of their life, known as Posttraumatic Growth (PTG) (e.g., 6).

The way one copes with the trauma of illness will greatly impact their short- and long-term adjustment to the disease and may, in part, determine who develops full-blown PTSD, a subclinical disorder, or for that matter, who emerges from the experience “enlightened.” It is paramount that mental health providers facilitate emotional adjustment to disease as psychological distress not only diminishes quality of life, but also directly, and indirectly, negatively influences one’s immune system (e.g., 7), as well as important treatment-related decisions and medical adherence (e.g., 8).

This online CE course provides an overview of trauma and PTG in relation to medical illness. The major models of medically-based trauma are presented. The process of posttraumatic growth and how people find meaning in their illness is examined along with key factors influencing coping and resilience. The information and strategies provided enables providers to promote resilience and facilitate posttraumatic growth among patients and their families/caregivers.

1.    American Cancer Society (2010). Cancer facts and figures, 2010. Atlanta: GA.

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Psychology Degrees Online

Psychology is really a recognizable subject and rules usually are placed inside nearly every discipline. Therapy is referred to as study regarding psychological mindset in addition to human being habits of the individual. To learn much more about search engine optimization gainesville one should formally create the instructional level inside mindset. In case the undergraduate sees tough to examine this software from fulltime the guy can obtain signed up for the Therapy Qualifications On-line packages. This method is definitely increasing global good effect along with scale consumers are engaged in this industry. To be this specialist Psychiatrists generate the Psychology Stage Plans and satisfy the specialized needs with this arena.


Psychology ability

Study with human being habits is rather hard although through checking key points with this field it is also possible to know this. From the Mindset Qualifications On-line method you are properly trained while using the important skills which can be recruited below:


This method teaches a person with the fundamental principles with the industry and also educates you using the ordinary as well as leading-edge tactics on this subject.
View the people conduct at most level and also system the particular clients in the tricky circumstances.
This teaches someone to designed large public knowledge since psychologists while using the clients.
To hit your objectives psychiatrists it is significant to generally be unbiased plus the application creates an individual for a similar.
To take care of client proficiently it is significant to maintain fortitude within you in addition to by way of this program you find out these techniques.
The particular study course helps make college student experienced during this arena by giving these people true analysis with pertinent themes regarding psychology and as well causes them to be to look into in newer procedures along with procedure.
By Psychology Qualifications On the net packages anyone discover how to review the specific psychological predicament from the sufferer.
Soon after analyzing you will be educated to develop right viewpoint with particular justifications.
Treat sufferers having acceptable remedies in addition to apply it if you take the sufferer in your favor which can help you to definitely remedy the patient effortlessly along with rapidly.


Different types of Psychology

Psychology Levels on the web program emerges in representatives, bachelor’s, experts along with doctorate diploma. Anybody can as well earn amount as well as authorized packages by means of colleges or online foundations. To review our conduct as a result of several angles search engine optimization has got different therapy plans that are given down below:


Academic Mindset
Overall health Mindset
Medical Mindsets
Forensic Mindsets
Occupational Therapy
Sport activity Mindset
Guidance Therapy


Qualified expertise

Because researchers key user profile is always to analysis a person’s behavior and assess the dilemma making sure that he could present exact procedure towards the patient. He or she will need to carry powerful dental and also authored interaction skills. Your dog can confront a myriad of troubles and triumph over the idea having acceptable options. Keep patience and have light beer contemplating really with demandable cases. These represent the expert attributes to be moved with the individuals with the high end.


In summary

Therapy Certifications On the web applications oftentimes provides suggestion consultations this allows you sharpen your talent connected with Therapy. After gaining the degree during this subject you possibly can help public services heart, NGO, clinics and hospitals. By way of this kind of productive discipline you are able to cause along with great elevations of achievements.


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Online Child Psychology Degree

This is a special kind of psychology where by one requires specialized form of training and specific certification into the field.

People specialized in child psychology some time find themselves interacting with other patients although they are specifically trained to deal with children.

In order to acquire a child psychology degree, you must first of all complete a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from an institution which is credited.

This takes a period of about four years and the good thing about it is that it will be your starting point because it will give you the much needed foundation of the principles and the basic knowledge pertaining to child psychology.

It is good to note that the education alone is not a certificate to practice child psychology profession although it is a permit for one to be able to practice psychology as a career.

This is to mean that the skills gained up to this level can only be applied at a clinic level.

After completing B.A or B.S with acceptable grading in psychology, then a student can now begin thinking of how to go about the much needed master’s degree.

These means that you will need two years more in order to be able to complete the master’s degree. Note that in order to be a child psychology, you will need to have doctorate degree or M.A on order to be qualified to work in that specific field.

A child psychology degree in masters can take even longer than two years depending on the institute that one is attending.

For the students who are seeking PhD, it is good to be aware that they will need to have working experience in order to be able to pursue that particular program.

Child psychology degree can be made even easier if done online for those who don’t have sufficient time of attending classes. This is even better because an online program shortens the whole program by a number of years.

People wishing to work in children mental institutions as therapist or performing practice therapy, then they are bound to take up child psychology degree and even go as far as masters in order to be efficiently qualified.

This can only be possible if one is willing to take their time and research for institutions that have a long time reputation of offering adequate psychology degree.

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Online Psychologist And Online Hypnosis

I suppose you, dear reader you are reading this article attracted by its title will take your mind full of stereotypes and beliefs about the subject, like everyone else. However, not only will not find in this text arguments of the “hypnosis show” but you’re exactly the opposite. The aim of this paper is none other than just uncheck what clinical hypnosis is hypnosis circus, not to mislead many people who believe that “being hypnotized” put an end to their problems. Someone summed it up quite well when he said: “The TV hypnosis is a caricature of the real thing.” Not only do not expect to disappoint with the clarification of these misunderstandings, but on the contrary … help you learn scientifically and correctly what’s true and what is false in everything related to hypnosis. So, here we go.


Although etymologically, the word hypnosis comes from the Greek word “hypnos” meaning sleep, the actual meaning of the word has little or nothing to do with it.

Today most of the profession who make use of this technique seems to agree with the definition proposed by the APA (American Psychological Association) who defined it as “a procedure in which health professionals or researchers suggest the patient, or subject experience changes in sensations, perceptions, thoughts or behaviors. ” That is, hypnosis is a type of therapy is a technique that can be used as a facilitator or catalyst for certain therapies. Therefore, a first aspect it should be clear is that nobody can call themselves “mesmerizing,” hypnotist “or things like that because it is not a discipline in itself, much less, if not just a therapeutic technique most located in the same plane as relaxation techniques, the clinical interview or self-reports.


Having already made it clear that the type of hypnosis to which this article refers is the clinical hypnosis and taking it and bounded as a catalyst for different therapies technique “is to say that the induction of a state of deep relaxation to try to persuade the patient or subject of experience to make changes in different aspects of their behavior. For example, an individual with problems of smoking or bulimia can be subjected to this technique to create an unpleasant association with snuff or ingested food after hours. In this way, you can get a “brake point” when the individual light a cigarette or the cooler early morning assault. While it should be clear that if the individual wants to smoke that cigarette or eat those calories will be completely normal. Is not unlike clinical use of hypnosis use has, for example, in elite sport. We’ve all seen television coverage of athletes and high jumper started a protocol prior to the jump with hands on temples, displaying all movements of execution, etc … which is nothing more to be aware of any previous training in imagination that athletes performed when preparing this type of competition. Obviously this does come to the jump successfully, but it serves to gain self-confidence at the moment of maximum tension sport. Of course, ultimately overcoming the jump or not will depend on many other factors. Operatively to effect a clinical hypnosis session would go through several phases:

Phase 1

The art therapist provides the patient or subject of experience clarifying concepts and expelling myths about it. At this stage, is very useful to achieve a good level of therapist-patient trust in order to banish suspicions or fears that might arise for the proper conduct of the meeting. When you start the procedure aims to achieve a high degree of concentration and the physical sensation of heaviness. Is the scene has to be appropriate, that is, the person must be sitting or lying comfortably with eyes closed, with a low ambient noise level and optimum temperature and light conditions.

Stage 2

With the patient or subject of experience relaxed in the process is advanced hypnotic suggestions by the therapist, his voice soft and uniform, prompting deeper even then relax. At this stage the individual may not experience the sensation of movement, ie, if you wanted to move would have the sense of not being able to do so even in a few seconds, as soon as minimal activity, you might look perfectly normal.

Stage 3

In this third phase, the relaxation has to be total and is the moment that is done the work to achieve the therapeutic goal. For example, in the case of smoking or bulimia, they try to create unpleasant associations with smoking or food after hours or over. Suggestions such as “Imagine that each puff of a cigarette is like inhaling the smoke from the exhaust pipe of a vehicle” or “imagine that late night snack you intend to eat is bad, or emits a foul odor” is the kind of hypnotic instructions supplied to the individual in this phase. The repetition of enriching themselves with as many details as possible (color, texture, smell, sound, etc …) and increased the intensity of the associations are what will increase the possibility that this “point of brake “to be effective in a state of full wakefulness. Reaching the eigenstates of the 1 st and 2 nd phase is relatively short. Almost everyone reaches this state after 10 or 20 minutes. But a deep relaxation, not everyone can get, costing this much longer. It is therefore appropriate to make what are called “tests of susceptibility to hypnosis” which is a fast and reliable way to determine with whom and who can not be useful to apply this technique. These “susceptibility testing” usually consist induce relaxation urging him to raise his arm “like a feather in the wind rocked it were” or “interlocking the fingers of both hands so that imagine they are united in a solid like a block of marble in question. ” Individuals who after a few minutes report that they have reached one or the other would feel capable of being hypnotized individuals clinically. Moreover, not only the romantic and literary pendulum has been confirmed as largely ineffective, but mainly it is done with eyes closed and if you prefer to perform with her eyes open is better to induce relaxation by concentrating the gaze on a fixed static, not dynamic.


Without discussing the usefulness of hypnosis circus or television show has a level of entertainment that would be similar to the value of magic shows, the fact is that enough harm has come to good clinical use of this technique to be necessary to devote a time in consultation before taking her out to clarify the patient what he has seen on television is not real or what is hypnosis. The show itself is also mixed different factors. The assembly itself with the collaboration of some subjects of the public who fail efficient operation of the simulated number normally have reached comical hypnotic trances. It is also true that it is this desire to believe this many people have and who are capable of anything for exposure. With all this running without doubt the result would entertain the best of us.

My respects to those working in the field of illusion but at the same time, we should not confuse one thing with another.


Circulate all sorts of statements about the use of hypnotic technique although there is scientific experimental evidence and many of them. In fact, provide a list of problems that has ever used hypnosis can not make much sense, since it is a technique.

Must guard against the fascination or devotion to the art. A few days ago a person I posed the following question via email: “I would like to report the treatment of anxiety with hypnosis” to what I had to answer that is a wrong starting point for a patient to try to suggest the therapeutic techniques the psychologist. On another occasion, a reader of the magazine contacted me by phone asking to be hypnotized to overcome an anxiety attack. On this occasion, too, is relevant to make him understand the person who decides to use one or another therapeutic technique must always be the health professional trained to do so. And besides, that in no case to undergo hypnosis involves solving this or that problem.

No doubt in both examples is a clear influence of the media about the use of hypnosis. Media influence that unscrupulous self-inaugurated as mentalists, hypnotists or hypnotists (remember the reader that, as such, this title is absurd in itself) take advantage of that raging river to get share of the economic.

In these cases where hypnosis if you can involve some risk to the emotional stability of the subject who undergoes this experience more of the beliefs with which she consults and no training for the “opportunistic” than the risk of technique.

From here you urge to flee that kind of circuits and attend accredited professional and serious.


There may be disappointed to only one putting on the table that hypnosis is not real circus just as the rabbit coming out of the hat was there when the magician shows the inside empty. Why should not detract from the entertainer. In fact, it does. The more surprising the trick and more difficult it is to find a more worthwhile work behind the magician. But on the other hand, when this illusion can be misleading about psychotherapeutic techniques such as the one in question, I modestly believe that it is worth to dot the i’s.

Rafael Rodriguez

Psicologo Online
Online Hypnosis

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Insomnia is a problem which is treated with anti depressants. People suffering from insomnia can have a quick short term relief from the said disease. It is very true that there is no depression treatment in the world which can treat depression as permanent but short term reliefs help a person to recover from depression. Experts have agreed that for severe depression cases anti depressants are great help. The patients who have a panic attack due to depression can be saved with anti depression medicines. In plus 45% cases patients have reduced the symptoms of depression. In cases of mild depression medicines show a good recovery in the patient. If depression lasts even after use of medicine then combination of self help exercises with medicine would be big help. But physical symptoms can only be treated by the help of medication. There are numerous ways to treat depression like natural, anti depression patients sometimes responds very quickly to these. Natural treatments are more likely effective in cases of low depression. Some people prefer anti depression supplements for recovery.

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The Online Psychologist And Hyperactivity

The two main symptoms are attention deficit disorder and lack of impulse control, often accompanied by motor restlessness. These two sets of symptoms may occur together or separately, depending on what you determine to which subtype of ADHD is:
ADHD hyperactive-impulsive type: the child has mainly hyperactivity and impulsivity.
ADHD inattentive type: the child has mainly inattention.
ADHD combined type: the child has the 3 features: hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention.
1. Neglect: The child with ADHD who is inattentive have six or more of the following symptoms:
(A) often fails to give sufficient attention to details or makes careless mistakes incurred in schoolwork, work or other activities
(B) often has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities
(C) often does not seem to listen when spoken to directly
(D) often does not follow instructions and fails to finish schoolwork, chores, or duties in the workplace (not due to oppositional behavior or failure to understand instructions)
(E) often has difficulty organizing tasks and activities
(F) often avoids, dislikes or is reluctant to engage in tasks that require sustained mental effort (such as schoolwork or homework)
(G) often loses things necessary for tasks or activities (eg. Toys, school assignments, pencils, books or tools)
(H) is often easily distracted by extraneous stimuli
(I) is often forgetful in daily activities
2. The child with ADHD who is hyperactive and impulsive will have at least six of the following symptoms:
(A) often fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat
(B) often leaves seat in classroom or in other situations in which remaining seated is expected
(C) often runs about or climbs excessively in situations in which it is inappropriate (in adolescents or adults may be limited to subjective feelings of restlessness)
(D) often has difficulty playing or engaging in leisure activities quietly
(E) often “on the go” or often acts as if an engine
(F) often talks excessively
(G) often blurts out answers before questions have been completed
(H) often has difficulty awaiting turn
(I) often interrupts or intrudes on others (eg. Butts into conversations or games)
Experts in childhood disorders do not preclude any therapeutic approach, offering a multidisciplinary approach:
- Drug treatment (first-line drugs in the treatment of ADHD are psychostimulants that promote attention and concentration, while reducing excessive motor activity and aggressive and antisocial behavior)
- Pedagogical support (If necessary, a customized education system)
- Psychological treatment (behavioral and cognitive behavioral therapy, social skills training, relaxation training, family mediation, group therapy, etc.).
- Occupational therapy (art workshops, sports, etc.).

Early detection, as in any other disorder, it is crucial, because the earlier you start the multidisciplinary treatment, better results are obtained. The role of the family is crucial for early identification of ADHD and, therefore, begin to treat it early. Usually the disorder is diagnosed when starting school (around age 6), when it notices symptoms on school adjustment.

How I can know if my child is hyperactive?
It is important to note that children, as a rule, prefer those activities or games that involve movement which consists of sit and concentrate. This does not mean that a child is hyperactive.
The first step we would assure that the diagnostic criteria above. If you are 6 or more of the criteria, either with prevalence of attention deficit or hyperactivity-dominated, it would be necessary to resort to professionals who can assist the child in this case a child psychiatrist and a psychologist.
It would also need to talk to the teacher or teachers of children to ensure adequate pedagogical attention.

Can my child improve?
As we know, early diagnosis and appropriate treatment will influence positively in its evolution. The support of family, teachers and the environment will also be instrumental in developing the disorder.
The prognosis is variable depending on the severity of symptoms and the existence of other problems or conditions that may occur at the same time. Symptoms may stay during adolescence, or it can refer at this stage, hyperactivity may disappear but persist attention deficit and impulse control problems.
Hyperactivity is usually the first symptom to subside, while the deficit of attention and concentration is often the last. Remission usually occurs between 12 and 20 years.
It is very likely that, with appropriate multidisciplinary treatment lead to a significant improvement and remission of ADHD symptoms, being that the child will have at a later adolescence and adult life active, productive and normal relationships and positive and proper socialization.

Anna Moles
Psychologist www.psicologoadistancia.com

Psicologo Online