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Five Exercise You Must Include if you Want Fat Loss Fast


Through my years as a Personal Trainer I have noticed there are five major fat loss movements which are guaranteed to boost your metabolism and burn more fat that any other movements out there.

Let me firstly clarify, these five movements are not five different exercises. There are many exercises that fit under each movement. Once you understand the movement patterns, you will easily be able to design a great fat loss workout.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the five must do’s:

1- Quad/Hip dominant pattern

Exercises such as squats, deadlifts and kettlebell swings fall under this movement pattern. All of these exercises will recruit over 600 muscles making them fantastic fat burning exercises. These exercises tend to be the most physically demanding of the workout, which is what makes most people avoid them. Don’t be most people. In both the gym and in life, the harder you work, the better the result you will get.

2- Pull pattern

Exercises such as pull ups, chin ups, bent over rows and seated rows fall in this pattern. The pull pattern focuses on movements that work the big muscles in your back like your lats, traps and rhomboids. You will also find that your biceps and forearms will get a great workout from this pulling motion. Personally I added an inch on to my biceps in 7 weeks performing these exercises without doing one bicep curl. This increase was mainly due to the heavy pulling exercises I used within each workout.

3- The single leg pattern

This could be exercises such as lunges, step ups, split squats and pistols, basically any exercise that involves one leg working at a time. Single leg exercises are not only fantastic for burning fat, they are amazing for correcting any imbalances of the lower body, ultimately preventing injury.

4- Push pattern

We utilise exercises such as push ups, shoulder press, dips or bench press in the push pattern section. Again there are a ton of variations amongst all of this pattern, for example the bench press could be incline, decline, close grip, wide grip, dumbbell or barbell. The key is to work at getting strong with one exercise and once you begin to adapt then change the exercise (not the movement pattern)

5- Core

I am not talking about crunches here. Exercises such as planks, mountain climbers, swiss ball jack-knifes, ab wheel rollouts, palloff presses and wood chops are great options. These exercises work to brace and stabilise your core muscles, strengthening your deep abdominal muscles. These exercises focus not only on your abs but on your arms, legs and your torso making them highly functional movements.

So there you have it, the five must do fat loss movements. Just to recap, there are literally hundreds of exercises you can do that will fit into the must do 5. If you find yourself in the gym doing bicep curls and crunches then I am telling you, you will not be making good use of your time and you will definitely not be getting the results you’re looking for.  The 5 must do fat loss movements


Fat Loss Programs


Are there diets that claim to be the best in fat loss? There are others that claim to offer the fastest way to lose weight. And other that promise you everything under the sun. Many diet programs have something going for them and many have a lot. But as a nation of addicted dieters, we often overlook the basics.


Before embarking on any diet plan it’s important to know why your body needs certain foods and what it does with them. Understanding this will help you in choosing the fat loss plan that is best for you. HCG Diet

1. Eat frequently and at regular intervals. What’s that, you say? Eat frequently when I am dieting? Yes, funny as it sounds, it an essential of fat loss. When your stomach is empty, your blood sugar drops and this causes strong hunger pangs and a feeling of lassitude. Eating small sensible meals 5 or 6 times a day prevents this and also provides your body with regular inputs of energy.

An empty stomach cause the hormone levels in the body to fluctuate and affect your mood and perhaps your desire to lose belly fat. Motivation has a major impact on your diet’s success and unstable hormone elvels affect this. Eating small meals allows your body to digest your food more easily and efficiently. Fat loss is not just about controlling your food intake but also about how and when you consume it.

2. Eat lean proteins. Your body cannot store proteins as it does carbs and fat, but needs regular quantities of it to create and repairs cells which is an ongoing process 24/7. So include some lean proteins in most, if not all, of your meals.

3. Eat fats. That’s right. Fats, in limited quantities can help you lose weight. Fats slow down the digestion of carbs and keep the insulin levels in the body low. Low insulin means your body starts burning the stored fats for energy. Limited quantities of omega 3 and 6 fats reduce hunger pangs and provide essential nutrients for your body.

4. Eat high fiber carbs. Besides the well known benefits to digestion, high fiber carbs are a bulking agent that creates a long lasting feeling of fullness.

5. Avoid refined carbohydrates. Refined carbs cause sudden and sharp increases in the body’s insulin levels. High levels of insulin slow down the fat burning process. Excess refined carb intake, epically while on a diet, can, in extreme cases, lead to type II diabetes.

6. Drink lots of water. You need to drink 64 oz. of water every day. Adequate water consumption is an important part of not just fat loss, but for your overall health in general. Water helps to digest food, is a solvent of minerals and vitamins and carries them throughout the body to where they are needed, keeps the joints supple, helps control the body temperature and acts as a flushing agent to remove toxins and waste from the body. Besides all this, drinking water while you are eating makes you feel fuller with less food. Remember, water has no fats or calories.

7. Avoid fruit juices. Fruits are healthy and you need them to lose weight. But when you extract juice from the fruit, you are taking out water, sugar and a small quantity of vitamins. Water and vitamins are fine, but sugar and weight loss? We all know better than that. Sugar contains just empty calories which will just add on to your belly fat. The important part of any fruit is the fiber which is what you throw away after making the juice. And as for the vitamins….

8. Take a vitamin supplement. A good multivitamin supplement is always good since it will fill any gaps that your diet may have created.

What is given above may not gel with what rapid fat loss programs tell you. But these are things you need to know before you embark on any plan to lose weight.


Information just like this will show you a 10 minute workout for weight loss that you will love, and also some of the best methods about fat loss solutions