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Renowned Mindfulness Researcher Ruth Wolever, Chief Science Officer of eMindful, Launches New Book

Vero Beach, FL (PRWEB) April 14, 2015

eMindful, the provider of mindfulness-based wellness programs for employers, announces the availability of its Chief Science Officer’s new book, The Mindful Diet, by Ruth Wolever, Ph.D. Co-authored by Beth Reardon, M.S., R.D., L.D.N., the step-by-step approach to breaking old eating habits using mindfulness is the first book of its kind. The book is modeled on research developed for and used in eMindful’s Weight Balance for Life program.

In addition to her role with eMindful, Dr. Wolever is a clinical health psychologist and Director of Research for Duke Integrative Medicine. She conducts research on the integration of mind and body treatments into mainstream medicine. She also explores applications to improve sleep, eating behaviors, weight management, diabetes control, and cardiovascular risk factors, along with other health conditions. The curriculum she has developed and tested with rigorous academic methodology has been used by thousands of people who participate in eMindful’s programs.

As an issue facing employers, obesity outranks smoking and drinking in terms of health costs, according to the American Journal of Health Promotion. And for those workers with Class III obesity (a body mass index exceeding 40), medical costs are seven times higher than those for recommended weight workers, and lost work days are up to 14 times higher, according to the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Clients’ results from eMindful’s programs for metabolic health and weight management have produced reversal in metabolic syndrome of up to 53%, as well as 30% improvement in measures of work productivity.

The Mindful Diet is not a diet book; it combines the latest research from psychology and nutrition to examine how food affects the body on a biochemical level. It identifies how unconscious eating habits are formed and how mindfulness meditation is applied to help people become aware of those habits and address the root cause of weight and health issues.

“We utilized many of the same evidence based methodologies created for eMindful’s programs in the metabolic weight loss program and incorporated additional scientific research on the biomedical effects of food in The Mindful Diet,” said Dr. Wolever. “It is gratifying to reach a wider consumer market with this groundbreaking approach, providing hope for many who have spent a lifetime on an emotional diet roller coaster.”

About eMindful

eMindful’s evidence-based wellness and disease management programs have been adopted by leading employers and health insurers such as NextEra Energy and Aetna to help target today’s biggest health cost drivers – stress, obesity, diabetes, smoking, cancer, and other conditions. The company offers consumers and employers convenient access to an internationally acclaimed team of instructors, available through live online courses where participants can see, hear, chat and talk with each other and their instructor.

The company’s Mindfulness at Work® program was recognized by the National Business Group on Health for innovation. Since 2007, eMindful’s corporate partners have averaged estimated savings of $ 8 for every $ 1 spent, reducing their healthcare costs while improving employees’ productivity, health and happiness. eMindful members have experienced results including 22 percent improved sleep, 37 percent decreased stress, 59 percent reversal of metabolic syndrome, and 40 percent success in smoking cessation. To learn more about eMindful or how to participate in a mindfulness program, visit eMindful.com. Additionally, to order The Mindful Diet, published by Scribner visit http://www.simonandschuster.com.

Drug Rehab Baltimore Launches New Drug and Alcohol Addiction Website to Help Victims of Substance Use Disorders

Baltimore, Maryland (PRWEB) April 14, 2015

One of the drug and alcohol treatment centers in Baltimore is taking the initiative to provide victims of substance use disorders with the tools to help encourage themselves to enroll into immediate drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs, designed specifically to address their unique circumstances of addiction. Drug Rehab Baltimore has launched http://www.drugrehabbaltimore.net/ with the intent to guide victims with untreated substance use disorders to the proper treatment facility before they become victims of accidental overdose.

“We’re trying to give people the initial tools they need to take control of addiction. Many believe addiction is caused by a lack of character, or moral failing- that’s the stigma preventing people from getting the help they need. And it’s not true.” A medical associate from the drug and alcohol rehab center said, “Our website is designed to help victims of addiction, or family members of someone with an addiction, to identify the signs of the disease and get the help they need to overcome the disease before the unspeakable happens.”

Drug Rehab Baltimore helps patients across Maryland recover from the debilitating disease of addiction, and provides patients with the recovery tools they need to stave off relapse. During treatment, patients work extensively with their addiction therapists to develop strategies to identify addictive behaviors, and discover the underlying roots of addiction. Drug Rehab Baltimore employs cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, and group therapy to help patients work through the multiple stages and intricacies of addiction.

Exhausting every available resource available, the addiction specialists help patients address each known avenue which could cause a devastating relapse during, or after drug and alcohol rehab. Drug Rehab Baltimore puts an emphasis on family therapy to help patients mend the bonds which may have been damaged during the course of addiction, and establish healthy, functioning relationships between patients and their loved ones, so they always have the family support they need to overcome the mental and physical disease of addiction.

Drug Rehab Baltimore provides the peak of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services within the safety of their 24 hour medically monitored, and secured treatment facility in Baltimore. The addiction treatment center implores residents from the entire state to take advantage of their 100% tuition financing options; the center accepts most major insurances, and offers flexible treatment plans for those paying out of pocket. Patients can expect a full spectrum of treatment beginning with inpatient medical detox, inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

For more information about the drug and alcohol rehab facility, Drug Rehab Baltimore, visit http://drugrehabbaltimore.net/ or call (410)709-3816 today!


HOPE Sheds Light Launches Heroin Addiction Education Video Series

Toms River, NJ (PRWEB) April 13, 2015

HOPE Sheds Light, a Toms River, NJ nonprofit organization that brings awareness on heroin addiction to support healthier families in the community, has launched a new Addiction Education video series, which is housed on HOPE Sheds Light’s YouTube channel. “Our joy and the purpose of this series is to tell everyone that recovery is real,” said Steve Willis, Co-founder of HOPE Sheds Light. “We have an answer, a solution that is filled with joy and based fundamentally on love and years of experience.”

The organization offers information, support and treatment options to those suffering from addiction and their families. “We understand addiction like few others do because most of us have felt this feeling before,” said Arvo Prima, Co-founder of HOPE Sheds Light. “This disease is too powerful for most of us to go at alone, but together we can help one another find serenity, and even happiness, regardless of the actions of the qualifier. HOPE Sheds Light shows us a new and different way of life and that’s the message that we want these videos to convey.”

The video series will be used as an educational tool for school-aged children, teachers, Board of Education staff, parents, community leaders and the medical field. “We want to provide awareness about the disease that has become an epidemic in our community so that our youngsters can make better decisions,” said Ron Rosetto, Co-founder of HOPE Sheds Light.

HOPE Sheds Light was started after the Rosetto family lost their son Marc to substance abuse and heroin experimentation in 2012. “Since the family and friends of those with addiction problems often feel isolated, ashamed, overwhelmed and hopeless, HOPE Sheds Light was created to provide direction, resources and hope toward recovery and a future free from drug addiction,” Rosetto said.

Addiction is a manageable disease if treated properly, but can also be chronic, progressive and fatal if left untreated, according to Willis. “This disease affects the entire family – the individual, parents, siblings and grandparents,” he added.

It’s living a “true nightmare,” according to Prima. “Everyone’s first thought is to cover-up, manage and dismiss the addict’s behavior,” he said. HOPE Sheds Light hopes to break this pattern through education and the willingness to change. “HOPE Sheds Light is helping one person at a time, one family at a time, step by step because we care,” Rosetto added.

Those interested in joining HOPE Sheds Light are encouraged to volunteer their time or join a committee. “We cannot achieve our goals without your help,” said Willis. “Please consider joining our organization and instilling hope to our community.” To learn more, email info(at)HOPEShedsLight(dot)org.

HOPE Sheds Light has also announced it will hold its 2nd Annual Celebration of HOPE Walk on October 3rd in Seaside Heights, NJ. Learn more at HOPEShedsLight.org.

About HOPE Sheds Light

HOPE Sheds Light is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID: 46-3910504) founded by Ron Rosetto, Arvo Prima and Steve Willis with support from the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office. Its mission is to educate families on the disease of addiction, including the most prevalent types related to heroin, opiates and prescription drugs, by creating awareness, providing resources and instilling hope to support a healthier community. To learn more, visit HOPEShedsLight.org or call 855.350.2790.


UMass Amherst Launches Center for Data Science in Major Expansion of Big Data Research, Education and Collaboration with Industry

AMHERST, Mass. (PRWEB) April 09, 2015

The University of Massachusetts Amherst today launched a new Center for Data Science that will coordinate and significantly expand its capacity for research, education and industry collaboration in support of the exploding demand for acquisition and analysis of “big data.”

The launch was announced at a symposium that featured an array of business leaders from organizations including Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Thomson Reuters, MassMutual, Pratt and Whitney and the New England Venture Capital Association. James Kurose, head of computer science research for the National Science Foundation, delivered the keynote address. Steve Strassmann, chief technology officer for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Jennifer Chayes, managing director of Microsoft Research New England, were among the featured panelists. A detailed schedule of the symposium can viewed at http://ds.cs.umass.edu/launch.

UMass Amherst, recognized as an international leader in computing, projects an investment that leverages 80 new faculty working in data-science related areas. This includes 40 new faculty hired over the past five years and the projected hiring of 40 additional faculty in such areas over the next decade. The university is pursuing investments from industrial partners and government sources to invest over $ 100 million, including space expansion, to help meet its goals. The new center will help coordinate creation of a new master’s degree concentration in data science as well as new undergraduate degree tracks in computer science and informatics.

UMass Amherst Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy said, “Our faculty are inspired by the complexities of real-world problems in key industries of the Commonwealth and the nation at large. The dramatic increase in private and public-sector demand for data science research and expertise has been an important driver of our investment in this center. We also know that demand for our data science graduates has been insatiable, and a vital part of the center will be expanding educational opportunities for talented data scientists.”

Katherine Newman, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, added, “It is not hyperbole to claim that we have entered the ‘Age of Data,’ in which the most important advances in the international economy will be driven by the technical and analytical possibilities inherent in this new field. We are building on our strong international reputation in machine learning and other areas of data science, and investing heavily.”

The Center for Data Science is directed by Professor Andrew McCallum, an international leader in the fields of machine learning, information extraction and social network analysis. He is the current president of the International Machine Learning Society and among the most highly cited researchers internationally in the field of natural language processing. In the early 2000’s he was vice president of research and development at WhizBang Labs, a 170-person start-up company, and he has collaborated with more than 20 companies since joining the UMass Amherst faculty in 2003.

“I am tremendously excited to help UMass grow in this important field that combines such interesting intellectual research and broad impact,” said McCallum. “I am looking forward to stimulating collaborations spanning the many data science-related fields across the Five Colleges and with industry as we shape our research and education programs.” The new education programs will include opportunities for mentorships and internships with industrial partners.

Data science is an important driver of economic development in Massachusetts. According to the 2014 Massachusetts Big Data Report, published by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, nearly 500 companies in Massachusetts are working in data science. Venture capital investors have pumped more than $ 2.5 billion into Massachusetts-based data science companies fueling at least 80 start-ups in the last four years. Massachusetts colleges and universities produce nearly 6,000 data science graduates annually, but the demand for well-trained workers continues to outstrip the supply. The Mass Tech Leadership Council estimates there will be up to 120,000 data science jobs in Massachusetts by 2018 as more organizations continue to expand and integrate data science systems and capabilities.

McCallum noted that “data science develops and applies methods to collect, curate, and analyze large-scale data and to make discoveries and decisions using those analyses.” It addresses challenges from how to design accurate, wearable health sensors to the interpretation of images and text, to the design of algorithms for streaming data at a massive scale. “Tools for data science and students trained to use and extend those tools are in high demand,” he said, “because data science techniques have the power to transform existing business practices and spawn entirely new businesses and industries.”

The new UMass Amherst center will take advantage of its partnership with the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center in Holyoke, a research computing data center operated by five of the most research-intensive universities in the state, UMass Amherst, Boston University, Harvard University, MIT and Northeastern University. It serves the growing research computing needs of the five founding universities as well as other institutions.

Examples of ongoing data science partnerships and projects at UMass Amherst include a collaboration with Holyoke Gas & Electric to increase energy efficiency with smart meters and smart grid technology; a collaboration with Akamai to understand how billions of users around the world interact with Internet-based services; a National Institutes of Health project through the National Institutes of Health National Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge on the campus to study next-generation wearable health sensors, and data analytics for drug abuse and detox programs. There are currently about 150 faculty working in data science-related areas at UMass Amherst.


Slow Control Launches Indiegogo Campaign for First-Ever Smart Baby Bottle

Paris (PRWEB) March 25, 2015

Slow Control, a global leader in connected devices for food intake monitoring, announced today that its latest innovation, Baby Gigl, a smart baby bottle holder, is now available for presale through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The campaign will run March 24 – May 3.

The new connected smart bottle from Slow Control collects and analyzes data on food intake, feeding speed, lumps and bottle angle. Baby Gigl will alert parents and other caregivers if the bottle angle is producing too many bubbles or if lumps become present, impeding the flow while feeding. These alerts coach parents, nannies, and family members while feeding a baby, making them aware of common follies that cause colic or spit up.

“We understand that new parents face a lot of unknowns, wondering what’s normal, and they begin to doubt if the child is eating too much or too little,” said Jacques Lépine, founder and CEO of Slow Control. “We have worked to develop a practical solution to monitor, share, and correct habits that affect the child’s health. Baby Gigl technology is designed to help parents adjust behaviors, ultimately offering peace of mind.”

Baby Gigl’s collected data is sent to an accompanying smartphone app and baby diary. Using Slow Control’s proprietary Cross-Sharing Technology, parents can easily organize information collected by Baby Gigl and share it with other caregivers and pediatricians. When away from their baby, the bottle holder sends messages via text or email, notifying parents of feedings given by a caretaker.

Slow Control’s Cross-Sharing Technology uses a Bluetooth connection, with a Bluetooth shield function. This function allows the disabling of the Bluetooth signal when the bottle is placed in the Baby Gigl holder. This function prevents the transmission of any Bluetooth signals while the bottle holder is in use.

The 40-day campaign offers a total of 12 perk options to preorder Baby Gigl in a variety of colors, with a goal to raise $ 80,000. Early birds can preorder one Baby Gigl smart bottle holder for $ 75, two for $ 149, and three for $ 219; prices increase after the first 199 perks are claimed. Additional perk options are available for larger bundles and retailers. All products will be shipped September 2015.

For a more information on the campaign and to see all the perk options, visit http://igg.me/at/babygigl.

About Slow Control

Built on the philosophy of developing technology that can help individuals alter eating behavior for better health and wellbeing, Slow Control is devoted to creating innovative, connected devices that aid users in modifying personal eating habits. With these connected devices, Slow Control offers corrective-intelligence, designed to work with the psychology of the user, to encourage behavioral modifications, even when the behavior is unconscious or habitual. Slow Control received international acclaim for its first product, the 10SFork, released in January 2013 a. Baby Gigl debuted at CES, Las Vegas in January 2015. More information on Slow Control products and milestones, please visit http://www.SlowControl.com.

New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Foundation Launches Website

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, California (PRWEB) March 18, 2015

New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Foundation has launched a website to guide viewers through the educational and financial resources available for its Christian-based addiction recovery treatment. Visitors to the website can navigate from desktop or mobile devices to discover how to support the organization and to learn about recovery programs it provides. Designed with bold visual elements, the website focuses on the organization’s commitment to helping people who suffer from the disease of addiction to find a new way of life. A large visual on the home page showing a group gathered in prayer brings New Creation’s Christian values to the forefront. In order to provide an optimal user experience, the design keeps the navigation, logo and phone number easily visible on each page. As the organization continues to grow, the website will keep up to date with events, such as fundraisers and other opportunities for giving.

The website includes blogs that address questions and concerns about addiction, including the thoughts and feelings experienced by substance abusers and their loved ones. The blogs also provide educational information about topics such as depression in recovery and how Obamacare impacts substance abuse treatment. The site also provides a link to the New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Facebook page where readers can browse through inspirational quotations and find links to articles about topics such as meditation, how to improve sleeping patterns, and interviews with people in recovery.

New Creation’s non-profit programs include addiction education and treatment. The founders, who are committed to Christian-based recovery, have more than 20 years of personal and professional experience. They have geared their program to offering judgment-free help and financial assistance to people with a sincere desire to change their lives from dependence on alcohol and drugs to dependence on a God-centered way of life. Funds for financial aid come from fundraisers, grants and private donations. Scholarship applicants are screened and interviewed for appropriate placement.

“We know that at some point, people who are abusing drugs and alcohol reach a point of desperation,” said Glenn Swanson, CEO of New Creation. “We want to meet them at that point. We want to assure them that we want to help them begin their healing process as quickly as possible. When alcoholics and addicts realize that they cannot find relief on their own, they can turn to us. We provide individually designed solutions for recovery based on each person’s needs. As our clients recover their physical health, mental faculties, emotional well being and spiritual fitness, they leave behind the chaos and despair of addiction. We give them compassionate care and faith-based solutions.”

About New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Foundation

New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Foundation is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Its founders, who embrace the motto “Our Mission Is Your Health,” take a personal interest in providing Christian-centered care for the men and women who enter their doors. The programs sponsored by New Creation are based in the 12-step philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous. The organization’s name comes from a Bible passage referring to living as a new creation in the life of Christ. For more information, please visit http://ncbhf.org.