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Health Sciences Programs

You often hear the words ‘health science’ lately. Although the practice existed eons ago, this word which was only recently acknowledged as a field altogether has become a well-demanding major to venture into. But what exactly is it?

First of all, let us study the roots of those words. There are many aspects of which health can be referred to. A person’s health is not just measured by how fit they are physically or how well they are growing according to the trends; health can also be measured by how satisfied they are with their lives, how they are able to function normally in society, and even how they process their thoughts. On the other hand, science refers to a systematic study that confirms testable laws. When the words health and science are put together, It would be referred to as a systematic study to confirming the laws to do with health. For simplicity sake, the study of health science is the study and research of health-related issues.

Online degrees in this field offer a lot of freedom because of all the career paths available. Some include nursing, hospital administration, and even working in a doctor’s office. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the health care industry are said to increase 22 percent to 2016, which is twice as much as average for other careers. Current salaries for these professionals is $ 57,000 to $ 250,000!

This leaves your body more susceptible to injury and other age-related health issues. Stem Cells are those cells that are responsible for the reproduction of other bodily cells and thus the sustenance of the body. If you have an optimal level of stem cells in your bone marrow your body will be revitalizing itself, creating better organ and tissue function as well as slowing down the breakdown of cell tissue in general that happens as we age.

Being said…maintaining a optimal level of stem cells in your body will result in you having the potential to reduce the aging process and remain strong as you to continue to gain years. I don’t want to STEMTech and its product StemEnhance Seem like a miracle cure, if you are not supplementing this product with proper diet and exercise it will not automatically make you the fountain of youth… but it certainly can contribute to a practice that will result in a higher quality of longer life.

The health and medical sciences course starts off with general education in liberal arts and sciences before you can study a specific health field. Students can learn in fields such as alternative medicine, dental hygiene, health information technology, health care administration, pharmacy, radiological science, respiratory therapy, nursing, nutrition, and much more.

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Health Logos

Do healthcare systems companies really need public brand recognition? As concerns about fitness are hankering the medical sector, many allied companies have cropped up. Allopathic and alternate medical companies are out to endorse well being. Whether it is unethical to advertise is debatable, but there are no two ways about remaining trim and physically fit. Companies using eye catching health logos to propagate their products and medicinal claims have shot up. Health logos are definitely not funky, but are serious, related to issues that concern us. Subtle use graphics, images and messages are the key to good insignia of a medical unit. It could be a food product, a supplement, Vitamin Company, ayurvedic holistic healing product etc. The logo has to be very precise and with minimal show convey the necessary message. A slew of Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, doctors, institutes and counselling centres for mental health, alternative medicinal practices, contribute to healthcare- their logos express their identity and communicate the nuances of health and happiness. Both health and environment contribute to the overall fitness of the planet and people living. With health logos and star systems on the bottle or jar, one can shop for the right product for the family.

A good example of an effective health logo is that of National Institute of Mental Health, USA. It is a research institute working towards treatment of mental illnesses for prevention, recovery and cure. Its logo is abbreviated- NIMH. A serif font is used in white. One stroke of the letter ‘M’ is deliberately missed out to convey that human mind is not totally fathomable, making mental illnesses difficult to diagnose and treat. The letter ‘H’ has a dot between the two standing lines relating to the root, the core of the mental health. Ayurveda is the oldest healing science. It advocates happy life through ideal ways of living. Aarogya.com is an online health guide based on its the principles. Its logo is a formed with two care-free human figures with a curvy green triangle in the background. One human figure is white signifying peace of mind (essential for healthy life) and joy. The orange one stands for energy, vitality and fun. The green background speaks of prosperity, fertility and happiness.

Health logos should be used in the right places like pharmacies, medical stores and medical trade fairs. It is not for general view and its misuse should be avoided.

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Proactive Dental Health

George Washington, the Revolutionary War hero and first President of the United States, endured occasionally severe pain and discomfort for much of his life from decaying teeth and poorly-fitted dentures, which contrary to popular legend were never made from wood. By the time he ascended to the office of the Presidency in 1789, all but one of his natural teeth had rotted and been removed as hopeless. Early and repeated exposure to heavy doses of mercurous chloride, known popularly as “calomel,” probably contributed to this slow destruction. Calomel was used at the time in quack concoctions as an “anti-bilious” purgative to treat a spectrum of vague medical symptoms.

Washington battled for thirty-five years to save his teeth with regular brushing, dentifrices and mouthwashes, but the poor medical knowledge of the era lead him to questionable remedies such as highly abrasive pumice-based toothpowders that wore away his teeth enamel and hastened the day of reckoning. Some historians have speculated that his well-known hair-trigger temper arose from the dark tides of this unending, agonizing war against an invisible enemy. Successive portraits of George Washington show a progressive puffiness of his cheeks that likely was provoked by incessant dental infections and exacerbated by bulky dentures.

Much the same fate held for the other citizens of this new nation, when they could afford dental attention at all. This state of nature was the norm. Broad knowledge and acceptance of the germ theory of disease was not to arrive for another century. Miasmas and vapors were feared, and good nutrition was very much a black art. Yellowed, decaying and outright missing teeth were common even at early ages. Dental care for most consisted of herbal breath fresheners and copious ingestion of alcoholic beer or spirits to dull the pain of broken or rotting teeth. Teeth either survived this or not, doing best in genetically gifted individuals. Thomas Jefferson, the third President, noted at the age of 75 that he had retained all of his teeth, although the veracity of this claim is perhaps in question.

More than two hundred years later, modern dentistry has shed the lingering stench of quackery and acquired an impressive arsenal of weapons against the premature loss of our pearly whites. Teeth can be kept healthy and whole for much longer in most people, perhaps for a lifetime. Good genetics still count, but the every modern dentist possesses the tools and methods with which to even the balance greatly. Education and commercial impetus have led to the broad adoption of good dental hygiene such as daily brushing with soft-bristled toothbrushes and fluoridated toothpastes, at least in developed countries. Flossing remains a relatively neglected habit, but dental authorities push on relentlessly in the hope of abolishing plaque at last.

Another recent development has been the prevalence of affordable dental insurance plans. Such insurance has grown in popularity, offering reduced-cost cleanings and other procedures in addition to coverage of the potentially high costs of emergency dental care and reconstruction. The peace of mind from this coverage has been an underrated factor in encouraging full attention to dental health. 

Blake Fields has had his fare share of dental problems. Knowing where to find affordable coverage, and how to make it work for you has become a trade of mine.