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Latest news straight from the continents

World News consists of news from various countries and continents like Asia news, Africa News and they then are further divided into India News, China News, and Egypt News etc. Success of a media company or a news corporation depends on its understanding of the target audience and following the basic news values. Novelty, immediacy, proximity, prominence, relevance and human interest are the most important news values. A news would not seem worthy to the reader if these values are missing from the news matter. Like a person at Bhutan would not care if a journalist in Japan met with an accident until that event has an impact on the person’s life, the news is of no relevance to him. The same way if a Japanese person reads the news he will find it more relevant and worthy to be read.

News of Disasters generally matter to everyone no matter where the disaster took place the whole world will read the breaking news with interest as the news is in human interest. People sympathize with those who are affected in the disaster. News corporations in Asia follow the same pattern as the world news they understand what the target audience would want to read about and what would interest them. They follow the news value and publish news which would build their readership. Proximity is of a major importance when a news is published right news should go into the right paper or the right section. If a national newspaper puts up a local event on the front page and news that has national importance on the second or third page then the newspaper is likely to lose its readership. On the other hand if a company produces local newspapers then it is of no use putting world news on the first page, there has to be a local news that interests the people.

Due to globalization the world is now a global village and an event that occurs in Australia can have an impact on Asia news. In the race to publish the latest news the news corporation should also make sure that they follow their responsibilities towards the human population. They should publish news that matter to the people and are important to them Africa news publishing an event that occurred in India will make the people at Africa aware of the things happening in India and vice versa.  

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Depression From Alcohol

There’s a saying that goes, “All misery derives from the inability to sit in a quiet room alone.” For most of my life I could really relate to that. I did not love who I was or the way I was living my life. I did not know it at the time, but I had very low self-esteem and was disappointment with myself most of the time. Although you wouldn’t have guess it by looking at me. I was a fun loving, optimistic, “life of the party,” kind of guy. Yet that was on the outside, and for the majority of my life, I confused what was going on with the outside with my insides. Inside I was dying and didn’t even realize it.

I started drinking heavily in college. After my second year in college I would say I was drinking almost every night of the week. If I wasn’t drinking, then I was definitely thinking about not drinking. It was then that someone first mentioned they felt I had a drinking problem. I would consistently show up late to work smelling like beer. I would shrug it off and just starting being more careful about who I got close to at work in the mornings. It was at this time I first started having depressive thoughts about myself.

I remember being late to work, yet again! And thinking to myself, “I should just run my car off the road… if I hurt myself, then I would have a real reason to be late for work.” Eventually I got bored with that job (which oddly enough, a few years prior, was my dream job). I moved to a different city and got a job in an industry where drinking and the party life is more normal and acceptable. I always thought it was a career choice, that I was made for that career. I know now it was a choice the disease of alcoholism made for me. It would be many many years later before I finally succumbed to the disease of alcoholism and got help.

Depression from alcohol is something I only know about as it pertains to how I felt about myself and the life I was living. Although I denied it to others and to myself, deep down inside I knew the way I was living was wrong. I didn’t even realize how much I knew that until years later and a lot of hard work in recovery and learning about my alcohol depression. The fact is, the more I drank, the more I realize how weak I must have been for not being able to simply stop. The more depressed I felt, the more I drank. It was an endless cycle. Until the pain simply got too bad and suicide seemed like the only option. I thank God today I did not follow through with a permanent solution to a temporary problem like my depression from alcoholism. You can learn more about alcoholism and depression at About Alcoholism Depression.

What Is The Likelihood of Suffering From a Fish Oil Overdose?

While it is extremely unlikely you will ever suffer from a fish oil overdose, you could suffer from ingesting toxins from the fish and poor quality rancid oil that repeats and is very unpleasant. Here I will show you how to easily avoid these problems and how to get the purest oils for the maximum health benefits.

Being a safe natural substance, a fish oil overdose is extremely unlikely. If you took a huge amount each day you may experience some mild stomach discomfort and pungent body odour.

What is important to know is that fish oil acts as a blood thinner to lower your blood pressure and clear your arteries. If you are taking any medication to thin your blood or have any clotting problems, you should consult your doctor first.

What you can suffer from is a fish oil overdose of toxins. This is quite common as many oils contain traces of lead, mercury, PCB’s and arsenic from the fish. These can cause many health problems as they get stored up in the body, like a ticking time bomb for the future.

However, this is easily avoided by checking the oil has been distilled or comes with a Certificate of Analysis to prove it’s pure and safe. Distillation removes all the toxins and increases the omega 3 fatty acid content to maximize the benefits to you.

Stale oil is easily identified by taking the smell test! Pierce the capsule or soft gel and sniff the contents – you should only get a faint ocean aroma as anything else and the oil is no good.

A bad or rancid oil will result in those unpleasant fishy burps and even a fishy body odor. By ensuring you only use the purest oils, you can easily avoid all of these problems.

The best ones can help you avoid heart disease, reduce your risk of premature sudden death, boost your immune system, improve your memory and vision, enhance your brain health, prevent some forms of cancer and help to balance out your cholesterol safely.

Look for ones rich in the most important fatty acid known as DHA as this provides most of the health benefits, especially the powerful anti-inflammatory qualities for heart and brain health.

Rather than worry about any fish oil overdose, check you are getting the highest quality distilled ones instead so you get the maximum benefits with none of the risks.

If you would like to learn more about the pure DHA fish oil supplements I personally take, visit my website below.

Discover the best omega 3 fish oil today.


Rich Hawkins is a dedicated researcher of nutrition, diet and the amazing health benefits of high-quality fish oil. Take a moment to visit his site now at www.best-omega-3-supplement.com and discover the latest DHA omega 3 fish oils he recommends after extensive research.

Network Marketing Secrets That Will Take You From Zero To Hero

This article will contain network marketing secrets aimed to help you get results and succeed with your business. By having access to certain things, you are putting yourself in a better position to get ahead of the rest and be a part of the marketers that actually succeed and are living the life they want. You too can succeed, but first you have to continue reading in order to discover the secrets to success…

There are quite a few network marketing secrets that I will share with you. Before I reveal them to you, be aware that they are in no way something spectacular and they are not secrets that will tell you how to get rich overnight. The network marketing industry is not a get rich quick industry so keep that in mind.

Okay so say you’re hungry or thirsty, what would you do in order to ‘kill’ the hunger or thirst? Would you just sit where you are and expect it to go by itself, or would you take action by getting up and going to the kitchen to have a drink or make a sandwich?

The point of asking that is because one of my top network marketing secrets is to take action. Just like you would have to take action to eat or drink something, the same thing applies in network marketing. If you want to see results and succeed, then you need to take action in order to get that. It’s that simple guys because no action = no results end of story.

Another very important feature that is crucial to your level of success is that of relationships. In this industry, people join people not businesses, so relationship building is another one of my network marketing secrets that you can implement to succeed. The reasons for this are simple.

The main reason why you should build relationships is because people will join YOU not the business. The better your relationship is with leads and other people, the higher your chances will be of getting results and succeeding, because they will like you, trust you and believe in you.

Another very important thing I would like to share with you, and what will be one of my final network marketing secrets is the idea of list building. Every successful marketer has one and so should you!

You ask anybody in this industry what one of the most important things are or what they would do if they had to start again, 9.5 times out of 10 they would say list building. Having your own list is literally like having your very own client base and the better relationships you have with them, the higher your chances of them making money and you making money. It’s a win win situation baby!

What I have shared with you today are the secrets that will help you succeed. There is no magic formula or magic business that will make you rich overnight. If you follow these network marketing secrets I have shared with you today, I guarantee that you will begin to see a difference in your business.

Just try it because I know you won’t regret it once success is yours. Also, those that take action are the ones that succeed overtime, whereas the people that do not take action will never succeed in this industry so always keep that in your mind.

I hope you found these network marketing secrets helpful and I wish you nothing but success in whatever you do. :-)

By taking action following these network marketing secrets I guarantee you it will create an EXPLOSIVE difference in your level of results and success in your business. If you wish, you can click on the following link to learn more information about network marketing from network marketing mentor Saqib Khan.

Leave the Bottle Behind Detox Your Life From Alcohol

There are actually over 100 million frequent drinkers in the country, and some estimates are generally indicating that nearly 10 million of which could very well be considered alcoholics. Which means somewhere around 10% of drinkers has a problem with alcohol. No matter if it is on account of peer pressures or physical reliance, it may be difficult to quit drinking, but each year plenty of people make that decisions and begin the actual alcohol detox process.

Alcohol detox refers to the elimination of alcohol from your body plus the management of the very likely withdrawal symptoms and signs. This detoxification process doesn’t remove the cravings for alcohol, nor does it automatically do away with the actual physical addiction that could possibly have developed over lengthy periods of use, on the other hand it can get you moving in the most desirable direction of being sober and also remain that way.

Substance dependency, such as alcoholism, is known as a recurring problem, and extended abuse can bring about physical transformations. Typically, the body changes so much that it becomes fully reliant on the substances to sustain daily systemic function. This kind of physiological change is among the reasons why lots of people often relapse. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been alcohol free, the nature of these kinds of addiction will mean that they must be prepared to persistently elect to stay clear of alcoholic beverages every single day. Whenever you take the steps toward alcohol detox your body is going to have an opportunity to rid itself of the chemicals and go back to healthy metabolic functions.

This isn’t normally going to be an uncomplicated process. Whenever you get rid of something your body has reliance upon it’ll go into something known as withdrawal. This is actually the period where the body is working to reconstruct and remedy its healthy functions it will not always be enjoyable.

If someone hasn’t been abusing alcohol for a long period of time, the actual withdrawal symptoms will be somewhat light. In contrast, generally if the person has been taking in harmful amounts for many years, there may be a good possibility that they likely will experience some strong symptoms soon after the alcohol detox process has begun.

Examples of these symptoms range from the sweats, queasiness, vomiting, tremors, physical weakness, anxiety, and possible convulsions and seizures. For anybody who is attempting to undergo alcohol detox by you, majority of these symptoms may be too much to handle. This is the reason many people turn to various medically monitored programs for detoxification. If you’re closely watched by a medical expert, he or she can prescribe drugs to help lessen these symptoms.

Keep in mind, these types of prescription drugs are not the only route to cope with these difficult times. There are various support groups which will give the support and motivation essential to deal with all these symptoms and start working on the subsequent part of the therapy.

Remember, alcohol detox is usually a necessary first step to overcome addiction but it surely is not the last. Once you’ve gotten the alcohol from your system and overcome the withdrawal symptoms you’ll need to begin the next step, which is the ongoing attempts to be alcohol free through counseling, support, and continuous willpower to be sober.

One thing that Barry understands is alcohol treatment center and the issues it can cause. He can teach you all about private alcohol treatment center and the concepts of implementing an effective program.

Can You Suffer From a Fish Oil Overdose?

Everyone now, it seems, is taking fish oil supplements of some kind. Omega 3 fatty acids are the new aspirin and for excellent reasons. Polyunsaturated Omega 3 fats are extremely good for your health, with few side effects. But can you have a fish oil overdose?

The value of fish oil to our health was first recognized when it was observed that the Eskimos, who eat a whole lot of fish, didn’t seem to have a lot of the nasty diseases that inflict themselves on so many of us. And after study the link was established between good heart health and the intake of good healthy polyunsaturated Omega 3 fats like DHA and EPA.

I am unaware of any nasty side effects or overdose effects on the Eskimos from eating a whole lot of fish, in fact they were healthy. But now there are some issues from eating a lot of fish, and you can overdose on toxons from eating a lot of fish.

The FDA tells us that we shouldn’t eat a lot of fish because it’s contaminated with toxins like PCBs, mercury and dioxane. So don’t eat a lot of fish. It’s actually the contaminants that are the issue, not the fish. They are just accumulated by fish.

But fish oil supplements are cleaned of contaminants. Don’t get me wrong here, not all are as clean as others, but generally you ought get less contamination from taking fish oil capsules than from eating fish. The very best Omega 3 capsules are totally clean.

Fish oil is a natural product with few side effects. However there are always people who believe that if 2 capsules are good for your heart then 20 capsules must be better on the “if some is good for you more is better” principle.

Always take your supplements at the recommended dosage. Omega 3 is no exception and apart from anything else taking a whole lot is probably wasting money.

For normally healthy people there is minimal risk of an Omega 3 overdose if you happen to take too many. You might get a little stomach upset, perhaps some fishy after taste or burps from poor quality supplements where the fish oil has oxidized. Perhaps a temporary rash. But all should go away.

But this doesn’t always apply to people with pre existing medical conditions. Before taking supplements of any kind you should always consult your doctor and only take the fish oil supplements at the recommended dosage. For anyone with specific medical conditions there may be a risk of an overdose of fish oil specific to your medical condition if you take too much.

For example, Omega 3 fatty acids thin the blood. This is good and is one of the reasons why they are good for you and lower your risk of heart attack and stroke. But for some people there may be condition specific reasons why this could cause problems. For some people this may result in some internal bleeding. It’s unlikely to be serious but should always be checked out.

But for healthy people there are few side effects from Omega 3 supplements, and the risk of symptoms of fish oil overdose is slight. Unless you’re taking massive amounts, and then who knows. Don’t.

This doesn’t apply to Cod Liver Oil though. Some people still believe that Cod Liver Oil is good for you like Grandma said. Omega 3 supplements shouldn’t have Cod Liver Oil in them. It is sourced, as the name suggests, from the liver not the flesh. This is high in vitamins A and D and high levels of vitamins A and D may indeed, over time, result in overdose symptoms.

Generally fish oil supplements are extremely safe. Take them at the recommended dosage on the label, or consult a doctor for pre existing medical conditions and take them at your doctor’s recommended dosage, and the risk of a fish oil overdose is slight indeed.

Want to know more about Fish Oil Benefits? Or more about Fish Oil Overdose risks? Visit Peter’s Website Healthy Omega 3 Fish Oil.

Advantages Of A Private Home Detox From Drugs Of Alcohol

There are various different reasons why some people choose a home detox over a residential stay at a detox centre. This can come down to financial reasons, work related issues or family issues.

Some people are unable to afford the cost of private detox centres and therefore opt for a home detox instead. These can be provided privately, avoiding the long and lengthy process through the NHS and even though a home detox is privately funded, can still be cheaper then the residential programmes offered at detox centres. Unfortunately, the NHS are not able to cope with the demand of addicts who need help with drug and or alcohol related problems.

It is also a lottery depending on what postcode you live in as to what help is obtainable through the NHS for these issues. Some people are, on the one hand, fortunate enough to have the access to services provided, although soon find out that the process of this route is a long and lengthy one.

The advantage of a private home detox is that you are provided with immediate and instant access to the help and support you need. You are able to gain access to immediate medical requirements and can start your home detox straight away without the need of being placed on an NHS waiting list.

Other people choose the home detox route as there are other reasons and factors in their lives which makes a residential stay at a detox centre less attractive.

Some people simply cannot get the time off work to enable them to undergo a residential stay at a detox centre. At least with a home detox, they may be able to carry out some level of work.

For other people, their home situation dictates that a home detox is their only option. May be they have children or loved ones who they care for and cannot leave on their own back at home whilst undergoing a residential stay at a detox centre. It may be that they do not have any outside support or assistance to help with issues they would have by leaving their homes for a detox programme.

It is a great opportunity for many people to have the option of a home detox which can provide a service which even though is still privately funded, can be much more less expensive then a residential stay at a detox centre.

Of course, a home detox without the necessary medical and professional support should never be attempted. We highly recommend that if undergoing a home detox plan, that it is done so with all the help and support you need set up from day one, especially if you are to obtain your end goal of becoming free from drink or drugs.

Christopher Knight
Home Detox

What To Expect From Alcoholism Rehab

You can expect to find help at alcoholism rehab that you would not otherwise find if you tried to address your alcoholism on your own. Most people do not realize how much help they can get when it comes to treating their alcohol addiction, but there is a great deal of help that can be had when you seek it out. There is a great success rate when it comes to those who seek to get help for their problem with alcohol. The success rate is even higher if they seek out help on their own rather than are forced into a program However, even those who are forced into a program will pick up some sort of knowledge when it comes to why they drink.

There are many programs out there for those who abuse substances. The first thing that the program will usually address is getting the person sober right away. This is important when it comes to an alcohol addiction because the substance is physically dependent. Those who have a problem with alcohol will realize that they go through withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop drinking. This can prevent them from stopping drinking, even if they want to, as the physical effects can deter them from ceasing to drink. Getting over the physical effects of withdrawal therefore is one of the most important aspects of rehab.

After the physical addiction to alcohol is conquered, then the emotional addiction to the substance must be conquered as well. There is usually a reason why someone drinks. It often is due to depression and a feeling of lack of control. The drink allows a person to feel more in control and also lowers their inhibitions. Those who drink often are trying to literally drown their sorrows in liquor, although they will not usually know why they drink. Therapy can help them see why they have problems with alcohol and why they actually feel that they have a need to drink to solve their problems.

Once the reason for the addiction is uncovered, the person can then be on the road to recovery very quickly. Very often, those who drink will deny that there is a reason for their drinking or will not want to discuss it. It can take therapy to get this out of them, but when the burden is lifted, they feel better emotionally as well as physically.

Those who are suffering from alcohol addiction are usually self medicating themselves with the alcohol. Therefore, recovery must take both an account of the physical components of the addiction as well as the mental components of the addiction. When both of these are addressed with the consent of the person who is suffering from alcoholism, then they feel better about themselves and have an excellent chance at a full recovery from being an alcoholic. The person who is the alcoholic must be willing to get help for their problem if they are to succeed in treatment.

Alcoholism Rehab can help someone who is suffering from Alcoholism get the help that they need to get sober. To find out more information, go to Recovery Now TV.

How corporations benefit from I-O Psychologists

Managing any large number of people and having them all work together towards a specific task is a complex endeavor, requiring an understanding of the various problems facing individual workers. It is important for an enterprise to take stock of it workers from a psychological standpoint. A corporation needs to have the right people in its workforce displaying the right mindset in order to maximize its potential. The attitudes of a staff, both to the customers and to its management are key in the success of any business. The right people will need to be hired and their performance monitored and directed in such a way as to ensure that the enterprise runs as well as possible. One effective way to do this is with industrial organizational psychology. Those who work in this field specialize in assessing people in the context of the workplace using the principles of psychology. 

What an I-O psychologist is trained to do

An I-O psychologist may assess workers by administering tests on the employees’ knowledge of their jobs, their skills and attitudes to what they do. This may help the corporation’s management get a better understanding of the skill level of their workforce as well of a problem like high employee turnover or a high volume of customer complaints. The psychologist would administer the tests and surveys among employees and interpret the results. They may help to define various job descriptions and to advise on what tasks are to be handled by a particular position. In another situation an I-O psychologist may develop a company’s hiring practices and the criteria with which it assesses job applicants and structures interviews. The goal is to ensure that the people best suited for a job get hired. An I-O psychologist may also be used to coach managers on matters related to leadership, structuring teams of workers and assessing those they supervise. 

The value of an I-O psychologist

The benefits that a corporation may see from hiring an I-O psychologist include an improvement in employee morale. Workers may see their enjoyment of work improve, managers may see improvements in performance and thus in production and profit. Problems such as a high rate of absenteeism and issues with employee discipline may also be rectified with the use of I-O psychology. I-O psychologists can also help companies facing chronic problems with discrimination and harassment and may help to reduce the possibility of financial consequences resulting from those things.

Attending an accredited institution is critical to achieving a successful career after graduation. This relevant guide on earning a doctorate in psychology will provide students with the info needed to choose a top psychology school.

Seeking Help From a Psychiatrist

Many people use the terms psychiatrist and psychologist as synonyms, but there is a great difference in the professions and the range of treatment options they provide. Psychiatrists are fully trained as medical doctors first and then they complete specialized training in psychiatry or the treatment of mental and emotional illnesses and disorders. They can provide psychotherapy and counseling and they can also prescribe medications. Psychologist cannot prescribe medications and they are not typically medical doctors although they may have a doctoral degree in psychology.

The role of psychiatrist is to help individuals with mental health issues that can include treatment of depression, addictions, behavioral, cognitive disorders, perceptual disorders and related health conditions. Many people are recommended to psychiatric services through family doctors; however, individuals may also make an appointment on their own if they are concerned about mental health issues affecting their life. Generally, most patients are treated in an outpatient setting, obtaining both medication and psychotherapy or perhaps just therapy from the professional. In some situations, particularly with significant cognitive, emotional or perceptual types of disorders there may be a requirement for inpatient treatment.

For most individuals the treatment plan will start with a comprehensive mental health and status examination. This may also include the requirement of medical health tests such as blood work and urinalysis to rule out different medical conditions that could be impacting on mental health. A suicide and risk assessment can also be completed if there is a concern the individual may be likely to consider harming themselves or someone else. During this initial interview the psychiatrist will also conduct a very in depth review of the individual’s medical, personal and family history. Not all of this initial meeting is conducted with the doctor, an assistant or staff member may collect the data for the doctor’s review, especially in larger hospitals, clinics and treatment facilities.

Once the initial meeting and assessment is completed a treatment plan will be developed. This may include many different types of options and components. In situations where there is addiction or significant mental health issues, rehabilitation or hospitalization may be the first step in the plan. In most cases although not in all cases, the patient will meet on a regular basis with the psychiatrist or a counselor one to several times per month, especially in issues of affective, behavioral or cognitive treatments. These sessions are typically one on one initially but they may be switched to group sessions with progressive improvement in the individual.

Medications prescribed in conjunction with psychotherapy are common in psychiatric practices. The medications tend to be antidepressant medications or those medications that stabilize mood, limit or control anxiety and prevent misperceptions and hallucinations. When the patient is on these types of medications frequent meetings with the doctor are necessary to ensure the chosen drug is working effectively and the dosage is correct. Combinations of medications also have to be carefully monitored as many of the psychiatric medications can have significant side-effects when used in combination with other prescription or over the counter drugs.

There are many different specializations with the field of psychiatry. These include the treatment of various types of addictions as well as the treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. Neuropsychology specializes in treating mental health conditions that are a result of neurological diseases, conditions and damage. A psychiatrist may specialize in Forensic psychiatry which is important in family and criminal law and these professionals often work for court appointed services that provide treatment, evaluation and professional opinion on an individual’s mental state.

As a writer, Sandy Winslow shares information about mental health. A psychiatrist provides a range of treatment options for patients with a variety of medical and mental health issues.