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Bill Proposes Miami Gardens to Implement Needle Exchange Program in South Florida; Harbor Village Detox Supports the Bill and Comments on Dangers of HIV

USA (PRWEB) April 08, 2015

It’s no secret Florida is home to thousands of drug users suffering from untreated addiction. A bill currently being reviewed by the government officials of Florida are deliberating whether or not to introduce needle exchange programs into the state. Needle exchange programs provide the populace with clean needles in exchange for dirty ones- no questions asked. Exchange programs are a point of harm reduction techniques to keep drug users and the general population safe from infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis C. According to Health News Florida on March 23rd over 30 states on the nation are already implementing needle exchange programs. With Florida ranking among the top in the nation for substance abuse problems, the sunshine state seems late in adopting these policies.

Harbor Village Detox is an inpatient medical detox drug and alcohol treatment facility located in South Florida. The treatment center provides the entire state of Florida with drug and alcohol addiction treatment services, and often flies patients from other parts of the country in to receive life saving drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Harbor Village Detox supports harm reduction measures like needle exchange programs, and suggests such means protect addiction specialists when victims of substance use disorders finally get treatment for their medical and mental disease of addiction.

An associate comments, “Setting up medically preventive options for drug users is critical to protect them from what we can. Although addiction is a disease which gets worse every day it is left untreated, offering programs like needle exchanges help reduce health risks like HIV. When victims of addiction finally do get the treatment they need, our priority also must be to protect medical workers who specialize in the field of addiction from contracting communicable diseases. It may seem counter intuitive to provide users with the tools to use- and thereby stagnate their recovery- they’re going to use whether you want them to or not. So like providing high schoolers with condoms, we may as well give them a means of safely doing so, until they’re ready to get help.”

Harbor Village Detox specializes in inpatient medical detox. Their first priority is to safely guide patients through the potentially excruciating process of withdrawal. Patients recover within the safety of a 24/7 medically monitored facility, receiving pharmacological therapy around the clock, in addition to psychiatric services. Harbor Village Detox provides patients with an entry point for intensive therapy, and encourages residents to participate in group therapy and take advantage of life coaching services to ensure treatment after detox.

For more information on the inpatient medical detox facility, Harbor VIllage Detox, visit http://harborvillageflorida.com/ or call Harbor Village Detox directly 1-855-290-4261.

Harbor Village Detox, a Drug and Alcohol Detox Treatment Center in South Florida, Celebrates JCAHO Accreditation

USA (PRWEB) April 10, 2015

Harbor Village Detox, an inpatient medical drug and alcohol detox treatment center in South Florida, is celebrating its recent JCAHO accreditation, which merits their treatment facility as exceeding the standards of the Joint Commission’s mandated safety, privacy, and high quality care treatment requirements in the addiction industry. JCAHO accreditation is granted and accessed by outsourced experts in specific fields across all science related disciplines.

Because Harbor Village Detox has earned JCAHO accreditation, they now offer coverage for drug and alcohol detox treatment for most major insurances, and can offer patients 100% financing for addiction treatment in some cases. Harbor Village Detox believes every victim suffering from untreated drug or alcohol addiction should have access to the best inpatient medical detox care, despite socioeconomic standing.

JCAHO accreditation is the highest certification an addiction treatment center can garner (and hospitals must pass JCAHO accreditation to operate). Harbor Village Detox exceeds the safety standards outlined by the Joint Commission, and provides patients with 24/7 medical monitoring and security services. All medical personnel and staff wear ID badges at all times, and the facility is fully equipped with camera monitoring for full accountability of all staff members, throughout their contact with patients.

Harbor Village Detox is an inpatient medical detox treatment facility dedicated to providing the pinnacle of addiction treatment for the local south Florida area. Recently, the drug and alcohol detox facility has expanded their treatment programs to service the entire nation. Harbor Village Detox will help out-of-state patients make the necessary arrangements to receive treatment in sunny South Florida, and will provide chauffeur services to receive patients directly from the airport.

Harbor Village Detox provides patients with 24/7 medical monitoring, and continual security, without the feeling of being stuck in a hospital setting. Patients are given full access to a lush, tropical outdoor area furnished with scenic luxuries and opulent gazebos. Harbor Village Detox believes stimulation is often the best medicine, and provides patients with a medley of participatory events, and curative yoga and meditation sessions. Full spa and salon access allows patients of Harbor Village Detox to relax in the tropical oasis of Florida, and recover with certainty, away from previous environments of drug and alcohol abuse.

To learn more about about Harbor Village Detox’s inpatient medical detox center, visit http://www.harborvillageflorida.com or call directly at 1-855-290-4261.

Flakka Use Spikes in South Florida with 670 Cases in 2014 Alone; Harbor Village Detox Implores Users of Flakka to Get Addiction Treatment to Avoid Overdose

USA (PRWEB) April 07, 2015

A new designer drug is plaguing South Florida’s streets with alarming increase. According to The Sun Sentinel on April 5th, there have been 670 confirmed cases of flakka use in the year of 2014. The drug induces users into dangerous delusions, grants superhuman strength, and has been attributed to evoking violent outbursts. Flakka is a derivative of bath salts. South Florida law enforcement officers are taking the prevalence of flakka use so seriously they have assembled a special task force of officers who are trained to spot the signs of flakka use and detection. Flakka can be bought on the streets for $ 5, which makes the drug exceedingly accessible, and potentially deadly for many. Those who have used flakka describe it as “$ 5 insanity, this is as bad as it gets” according to The Sun Sentinel.

Harbor Village Detox is an inpatient medical detox center located in South Florida, specializing in drug and alcohol detoxification. The directors of the treatment center believe every victim of a substance use disorder should receive the best drug detoxification treatment available, despite their social standing or financial stability. In light of the recent flakka outbreak, Harbor Village Detox is extending its inpatient medical detox and life coaching services to victims addicted to the new dangerous designer drug, offering special enrollment incentives to entice victims of drug use to come forward and get the addiction treatment they need.

Since flakka is associated with delusions, victims suffering from using flakka will benefit from Harbor Village Detox’s 24/7 medical and psychiatric monitoring and treatment. The associates of Harbor Village encourage flakka users to seek refuge at their drug and alcohol treatment facility, before the illicit substance leads them to committing crimes spurned by delusions.

Harbor Village Detox provides patients with fully customizable drug detox treatment plans, and offers patients the security of a 24 hour medically monitored facility. Patients receive intensive therapy, pharmacological therapy, and may participate in group therapy. Harbor Village Detox provides victims of substance use disorders with gourmet meals, full spa and salon services, life coaching, meditation and yoga sessions.

For more information on the inpatient medical detox facility, Harbor VIllage Detox, visit http://harborvillageflorida.com/ or call Harbor Village Detox directly 1-855-290-4261.

The Jennifer Act Bill in Florida Will Help Save Addicts from Fatal Overdose, and Allow the State to Collect Data on Long Term Drug Treatment

USA (PRWEB) March 24, 2015

In response to the overdose death of her 29 year old daughter, grieving mother Sharon Blair has dedicated the last six years of her life to pass the Jennifer Act in Florida. The bill proposes to give family members the ability to impose state sanctified interventions for persons who are unable to take necessary action to protect their own self interests (compromised by addiction). TBN Weekly reports (March 18th) the Jennifer Act is presently Senate Bill 1340 and House Bill 1017. The act would allow addicts to remain in intensive care for a minimum of 14 days (completing a full detox cycle) as opposed to Florida’s insufficient Marchaman Act, which addresses addiction by observing drug addicts for three days (most do not complete a full detox cycle). Harbor Village Detox is a specialized inpatient medical detox center in South Florida, and supports the Jennifer Act’s attempt to lessen rates of drug overdose and provide immediate assistance to those in desperate need of addiction treatment.

A Harbor Village Detox associate supports the bill’s passing and comments, “[The Jennifer Act] proposal is something the state of Florida has needed for a long time. There’s no way for parents to get help for their children who refuse to get treatment themselves. This bill is an important step in preventing overdose deaths in families, where addiction is known. Blair’s case is particularly tragic, wherein she could not force a court to grant Jennifer into rehab. There’s no reason why any mother, father, sibling, or loved one should have to watch their loved one deteriorate from an untreated disease- because that’s exactly what addiction is. It’s like letting someone bleed out on the street. The Jennifer Act will help us stop the egregious rate of preventable deaths.”

The inpatient medical detox center, Harbor Village Detox, is dedicated to providing the apex in effective addiction treatment. The facility offers patients a spa-like environment to go through the typically painful withdrawal process; their instrumental, JACHO accredited, medical staff remains with patients 24/7 to ensure patients benefit from continual medical and emotional support. Unlike most detox treatment center, Harbor Village Detox offers group and intensive therapy to begin unraveling the chords of addiction.

For more information on the inpatient medical detox facility, Harbor VIllage Detox, visit http://harborvillageflorida.com/ or call Harbor Village Detox directly 1-855-290-4261.