HCG Injections For Weight Loss

So you are looking into HCG injections for weight loss? Well many people have started switching to the HCG diet protocol to help them lose weight. This is mainly due to how fast one can lose weight and also all the positive testimonials that have been coming from those who have tried this diet. Some people have reported having lost as much as forty pounds in just forty days.

One of the most common questions that people have when it comes to this diet, is how much HCG to actually put in the syringe. Some people are not even sure which syringe to use, whether to use the recommended insulin needles or the slightly larger syringes.

It is important to keep the solution refrigerated in your fridge at all times so that it stays fresh. Keep your vials clean and sterile too, if you constantly touch the top you can wipe it with some alcohol from time to time. Take your needle and inject it into the centre of the top of the vial. Inject some air to make it easier to withdraw the actual solution.

Hold the vile upside down and pull back the syringe to fill it past the two park and then push back to the two marker. Then you will have your two millilitres of HCG. Put the cap back on if you are not going to inject yourself right away, and you can store the loaded syringe back in your fridge.

You can use the same instructions if you use one of the larger syringes, just make sure your solution is at the two marker. The markings maybe very small, so you have to look very closely. So now you know how much HCG to inject yourself, you can concentrate more on the other part of the protocol which is your low calorie diet.

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