Why Alcoholic Beverage Lovers Should Use Beer Bag?

For those who usually consume beer it is good to purchase a right kind of Beer Bag. Obviously, you can count numbers of benefits of using such accessory that can definitely help you personify your identity as well as make you able to enjoy your drink to its fullest. The list of some benefits of using such entity has been given below.

One of the major reasons why today more and more people are tending towards the usage of Beer Bag is its portability. It is very easy to carry your loving alcoholic beverage with the help of this entity. And, of course, these accessories also provide your beer bottle with the utmost protection during the time when you are enjoying outside your home with your family members, colleagues or friends. Now, you dont need to worry about the spillage or leakages of any kind when your bottle is put inside a good quality Beer Bag.

Beer Bag also comes with a special outer compartment that is primarily used for keeping the ice that serves the purpose of maintaining the chilliness of your alcoholic beverage. This helps you to experience the real taste of beer.

Occupying a very little space, the current advanced variety of Beer Bags allows the users to carry their favorite alcoholic beverage with so much ease. These accessories also enable you carry your ice box that assists you experience the chilled drink even if you are outside of your home. Without explaining to your seniors and other professionals the entire plan, you can enjoy your after-office party.

A very less amount of ice can keep your alcoholic beverage chilled. This is another benefit associated with the usage of this important entity. Last but not the least advantage of availing the services of a Beer Bag is to reuse your alcoholic beverage again and again. This makes them an environmental friendly and more economical option.

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Recent Reports State That 19 Million Americans Abuse Prescription Drugs; FDA and Novus Medical Detox Agree That Education is Needed

New Port Richey, FL (PRWEB) August 11, 2014

Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that 46 Americans die every day from prescription drug overdose, which adds up to about 17,000 deaths annually. The reports also state that poisonings by drug overdose have tripled over the past 30 years. (1) Novus Medical Detox, one of the only Florida-based detox centers serving high-dosage drug abuse patients, states that the reason behind the high number of fatalities lies in inadequate drug education.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) carries this same belief, and has responded by implementing a new drug education program. The program seeks to educate doctors who prescribe these highly-addictive painkillers, as well as the patients who are taking them. The program’s mission is “to teach doctors about proper opiate prescribing for pain patients to minimize the risks of diversion and addiction.” (4)

The United Nation’s World Drug Report 2014 stated that in 2012, 6.1% (19 million) of Americans abused prescription opioids, including morphine, codeine, OxyContin and Vicodin. This figure categorizes the United States as a country that abuses prescription drugs more than any other country in the world. (2) In an effort to lower the number of people harmed by these drugs, Novus warns Americans to exercise caution when receiving a new prescription from a physician, and to ask questions related to its side effects.

“Intentionally or not, Americans may be underestimating the highly addictive nature of drugs such as opioids,” stated Novus Executive Director Kent Runyon. “It may start as nothing more than filling a prescription for legitimate pain, but overdose may result when a patient seeks to elicit a stronger high from these drugs.”

Novus recommends that the following steps be taken when being prescribed a new medication (3):

●    Be sure that the prescription comes from a trusted physician;

●    Only use the medication as prescribed;

●    Ask the physician about the medicine and its effects;

●    Conduct your own research about the drug’s effects; and

●    Be prepared—ask your doctor what to do if one becomes addicted.

All of these tips are important to heed before a patient starts to take a medication, because addiction may begin with the patient being unaware of a medication’s initial effects. This patient may begin to take pills more liberally than prescribed, and the dangers of addiction do not lie far behind.

Runyon maintains that comprehensive drug education, starting in grade school and continuing throughout adult life to physician visits, can help to significantly reduce the number of Americans addicted to such drugs.

While new preventative measures are being taken, Novus recommends looking out for the following symptoms or behaviors (but not limited to), if someone suspects that a loved one is abusing pain reliever prescription drugs (5):

●    Nausea, drowsiness;

●    Mood swings and anxiety;

●    Slowed reactions, movement and breathing;

●    Jittery or secretive; and/or

●    Neglect of work/school responsibilities.

Runyon advises those who are dependent upon any abusive substance(s) to seek out safe, medically-supervised detox programs, and to use those with integrated medicine that allows the detox process to be as comfortable as possible.

For more information on Novus Medical Detox’s addiction and detox programs, visit http://www.NovusDetox.com.

About Novus Medical Detox Center:

Novus Medical Detox Center offers safe, effective alcohol and drug treatment programs in a home-like residential setting. Located on 3.25 tree-lined acres in New Port Richey, Fla., Novus is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families as an inpatient medical detox facility. Novus is known for minimizing the discomfort of withdrawal from prescription medication, drugs or alcohol by creating a customized detox program for each patient, incorporating medication, natural supplements and fluid replenishment—putting the dignity and humanity back into drug detoxification. Patients have 24/7 medical supervision, including round-the-clock nursing care and access to a withdrawal specialist, and enjoy comfortable private or shared rooms with a telephone, cable television, and high-speed Internet access. For more information, visit http://www.novusdetox.com.

1.Hutchins, Sarah. “Drug Overdose: Prescription Painkillers Poison 46 Americans Every Day.” Liberty Voice, 20 July 2014. Web. 22 July 2014. guardianlv.com/2014/07/drug-overdose-prescription-painkillers-poison-46-americans-every-day/.

2.Blake, Matthew. “Extent of US Dependency on Prescription Drugs Revealed: UN Report Shows 6% of American Adults Hooked on Pills.” Mail Online. Associated Newspapers, 07 July 2014. Web. 21 July 2014. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2683318/Extent-US-dependency-prescription-drugs-revealed-UN-report-shows-6-American-adults-hooked-pills.html.

3.Winkel, Bethany. “Avoiding Prescription Drug Abuse—Treatment Solutions.” Treatment Solutions. N.p., 11 Feb. 2010. Web. 23 July 2014. treatmentsolutions.com/avoiding-prescription-drug-abuse/.

4.Sack, David. “FDA Prescription Drug Abuse Plan Hits—and Misses—the Mark—Addiction Recovery.” Addiction Recovery with David Sack, M.D. Psych Central.com, 7 July 2014. Web. 22 July 2014. blogs.psychcentral.com/addiction-recovery/2014/07/fda-prescription-drug-abuse-plan-hits-and-misses-the-mark/.

5.“Signs and Symptoms of Prescription Pain Reliever Abuse.” Narconon International, n.d. Web. 22 July 2014. narconon.org/drug-abuse/signs-symptoms-pain-relievers.html.

Key Symbols Of Addiction

“Addiction” is a word that has had problems holding onto its genuine meaning because it’s been said too often. We may merely like and seek out comical films or potato chips, but we habitually say we’re “addicted” to them. However we ought to realize that a real addiction can be much more damaging than the desire we feel for something we just really like. That said, not all “addictions” are to unhealthy things. A number of people accurately are “addicted” to things we might customarily think are safe. How can you judge when you suffer from a real addiction, not only a robust yearning? Here are some of the signs that you could be addicted.
Has your lack of resistance for your craving enlarged? For illustration, once upon a time you might have felt better after consuming just one cup of coffee. But nowadays you don’t feel right until you’ve had at least two or three. This is among the many indicators of addiction. While we consistently want more of something to help ourselves feel better it is a symptom that the something we’re craving is starting to gain control over us. Often addiction is often established early and definitively by this phenomenon.
Have you started hiding the things you desire from other folks? This is something that lots of people who grow to be addicted to drugs and alcohol will do. They conceal their supplies in unknown spots in their workplaces or homes because they want privacy and know that they’ve become too obvious in their usage. It’s a main indicator that you may be addicted when you conceal things so people won’t see you using and won’t find your stockpiles. Don’t worry about just stashing one large chocolate bar because you believe your roommate may discover it and gobble it up, but if you’re hiding ten bars and swearing that you’ve given up chocolate, you could have a problem.
Have you started lying about how often you use or partake in the thing you desire? To provide an example, alcoholics will frequently start drinking at home before going out for drinks with friends. This way their friends do not believe they’re necessarily drinking excessively, but they can in fact have much more than is obvious. Alternatively they possibly will continue consuming after they get home about it. It’s a comprehensible indication of shame and guilt when you utilize this kind of strategy to lie implicitly about your actions. Pay attention to that feeling.
The objects of addiction can be odd to the point that they may be tricky to recognize. It truly is possible that everyday actions like exercising, shopping, and even eating can be addictions for some of us–not just obvious problems like alcoholism and drug addiction. Do not ignore the signs of addiction; get help if you find yourself stashing things away, concealing your behavior, feeling ashamed of what you’re doing, and noticing that it takes more and more to make you feel calm or happy. Just about anything is fine in moderation–it is when that something takes over other components of our lives that we run into trouble.
Don’t hesitate to notify a buddy or trusted counselor and ask for help if you’re concerned that you may be an addict. You do not have to hand over your life to addiction.

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Healthy Cures For MS

While the medical community continues its search for cures for MS perhaps they are looking in the wrong direction. Seeking to cure everything with more and stronger drugs may not always be the answer. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system of the body attacks perfectly normal cells under the premise that they are harmful and need to be destroyed. The destruction of these cells occurs in the brain and myelin sheath of the spinal cord.

Research has shown that this is a modern disease and has become prevalent among the affluent temperate nations in the world. In the warmer climates where people are poor there are almost no reported cases of MS. Cures therefore should be looked at from the angle of what is it that these poor nations have that the wealthier ones do not. They must have something that is preventing them from contracting this devastating disease.

The current diet of most people affected by multiple sclerosis is one that is high in saturated fats and processed foods. MS sufferers also typically live in areas where the amount of natural sunlight they are exposed to is somewhat limited. This combination provides them with few of the natural vitamins and minerals that their body requires for healthy survival. Perhaps then we should look to the nations who have no processed foods and live in hot arid climates with plenty of sunshine year round for the cures for MS.

Over the years many supplements and diets have been touted as cures for MS, most of them have at best had limited success if any at all. The human body requires some 92 naturally occurring minerals to thrive; today’s foods only contain traces of 8 of them. Could this mineral deficiency be a contributor to a person developing multiple sclerosis? Some researchers believe that by changing a patient’s diet to include foods that are high in these mineral along with essential fatty acids and vitamins can go a long way to helping find a way to cure multiple sclerosis. Many patients who have made these dietary changes have reported the disappearance of lesions in their MRI scans and have not had relapses for years.

I have benefited greatly from a book which has examined the link between what we eat and multiple sclerosis. If you would like to know what foods are attacking your body, what supplements you must take and how to create the energy that you need, then this book is a must read. Reverse Multiple Sclerosis You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by having a look. Cures for MS

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction in India

We live only once, many of us believe. And therefore some say ‘let us eat, drink and be merry’. Surely we must eat, drink and be merry now that we believe that we live only once, but must live like men and women, free from health hazards, free from unnecessary cares and worries. So, eating and drinking is alright as long as we know what to accept and what to avoid. Unfortunately many of us do not have discrimination. Like the notorious Epicurius, we mistake one for the other and do not know what we do. So we substitute that fluid else and invite provides us so bounteously with some thing else and invite ills unspoken of and live like wrecks, with untold miseries.

The urban elites drink to the health of their friends and fall of their foes. They drink for old times, to old times, to ring out the old year and to ring in the new year. They drink when they set out to negotiate for a bit contract as a good omen, drink during negotiations and drink again when they win it as a token of joy and success; and yet once again, to win more such contracts. When they welcome their friends, or bid them farewell, when in company for the sake of company, when alone to end the monotony of loneliness, before dinner as an appetizer, after it a as digester, it is a must. No time frame, no time schedule, any time is drink time. No prohibitions, no inhibitions.

His counter part in the village, or the slum dweller in the city is not far behind. He may sometimes worry about his next meal, but nothing of the type as far as his drink is concerned. In fact, it is to drive out his worry that he often drinks. But it is the country liquor that he drinks. In the evening, on his way home, he stops on the way to gulp his favorite drink, to drown the fatigue of his day long labour; unfortunately his weak under nourished body cannot tolerate the intake and it rebels. His legs wobble, his mind wanders and his tongue prattles.

There is no escape from the spell of this Bachus’ potion young or old, rich and poor, without exception they wait for their turn to get favorite nectar, like demons and gods ( Rakshasas and Devathas ) – waiting for Amrit. Finally they become addicts; even gods cannot redeem them. Merciful death alone must save them.

Drinking is not a personal problem. The moment a drunken man sits behind the driving wheel, a becomes a problem to the sea of people who are out on the roads, and to the traffic officer and finally when the accident takes place, it becomes a law and order problem, besides creating numerous problems in the families, that of the drunken driver and his innocent victim. If it is a rich man who is an addict, it will not be a strain on his financial status; but if it is a poor man, he will become a thief and robber in his own house; and a regular customer to the pawn shop. He would not hesitate to beat his wife, if she dares to oppose him. He will not only week his health but also his family life.

Alcoholism aside, there is another evil that has become a cult among young men and women, mostly rich and educated. One fine evening the young student suddenly discovers that there is a lot of communication gap between him and his elders; he seeks the company of his friends who are wiser than his elders, and all these fellow travelers take refuge in hallucinations. They get the euphoria they are searching for. They recede to a lonely spot and smoke a joint, inhale a coke or inject a needle. This becomes a regular affair and in course of time they become addicts. Finally they reach a stage from where there is no come back. If they stop, they die for it; if they take they die with it. Either way, death alone must be the way out.

These misguided youths set out to grab the reflection instead of the original. No doubt the world is at cross roads and the gap between the older and the younger generation is widening in every walk of life. Their thoughts differ, their ambitions differ, the paths they pursue and the means they adopt too vary. They are born out of discontent, bred in discontent and breathe discontent – the discontent resulting from the polluted political, economic and social conditions. Even in the most advanced industrial nations, there is unemployment; the most solid political structures are crumbling like mud walls and the moral values that have guided the older generations through thick and thin, are fast vanishing, no wonder if the weak willed seek easy ways to bring down the pressure mounting in their heads. In stead of water pools they go after mirages.

If they are detected at an early state, they can be resurrected; rehabilitation is easy. But when they become despicable addicts, the disease becomes terminal, and not even the surgeon’s scissors can then redeem them.

It is an accepted fact that prevention is always better than cure. But who will bell the car? The parents who are preoccupied with their own problems and predilections find little time to think of their children. Even if they find time, it is too difficult for them to bridge the widening gap that separate the two generations, come down to their level, think like them and think with them. Even if all this is possible, it is again too difficult to inspire and motivate them, in the changing environment. When they say that the end justifies the means how can you convince them that the means are as important as the end? When dishonesty and deceit seem to thrive, how can you prove that honesty is the best policy?

The problem is not so superficial as it appears to be. It is not the problem of the individual parents alone or the erring youth. When your addict friends tell you that you can have the taste of heaven in a puff of a joint, how can you suppress the temptation, innocent as you are? Satan could tempt the first man his wife and make them eat the forbidden fruit, against the command of God Himself. Will anyone be guided by the statutory warning that smoking? So the first culprit is the easy availability of these alluring fruits. The manufacturer, whose only aim is to make money, will produce; the trafficker will open outlets for their sale and the government which is interested in collecting duties and taxes regularizes them. The party that declares prohibition as it s manifesto, opens road side shops to sell sealed packets of half litter nutritious country liquor when it comes to power. Instead of scrapping the wet laws, it auctions toddy shops and regulates its sales.

Kingdoms and countries are involved in the production and distribution of these abominable drugs. For all external appearances, they are people of authority wealth and respect that are involved in this world wide industry. Nobody can suspect that they play a different part in a different world where they have their own rules and code of conduct. But these invisible men have unbelievably great power and influence. They can abduct any one in the world, assassinate ministers and prime ministers and change governments. There is no crime they cannot commit, no act they cannot accomplish.

The solution lies in educating the people. When they realize that it is not heaven that they taste, but hell with all its horrors imperceptible, they will accept their folly and give up their habits. It is the benevolent social worker that should do it. The government which is interested in collecting taxes to balance it budget deficit, may not do much in this regard. We have far to go before we hope to have such a welfare state.

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Alcohol Rehabilitation: How Rehabilitation Centers Assist Dependency Rehab

Addiction To Alcohol is really a significant condition. Not just can it tear a family members apart and bring about economic ruin, it can also lead to the premature death of the alcoholic. As a result, it’s essential for person affected by this disease to locate assist instantly. Without help, it’s practically not possible for an individual which has an dependency on alcohol to recover and go back to a typical, healthful life.

Picking the correct Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

An alcohol rehabilitation centre is the most beneficial supply for a person seeking support with dependency rehabilitation. Consequently, it’s essential to figure out the type of rehab center greatest suited for the individual’s needs.

You can find 2 types of help an individual with an alcoholism can get from a rehabilitation center: inpatient and outpatient. With inpatient remedy, the individual remains around the premises in the alcohol rehab center. Outpatient treatment, nevertheless, enables the individual to continue with his or her regular life while still reporting for the rehab centre for support and guidance. The majority of alcohol rehabilitation centres provide each types of remedy.

The Support of an Alcohol Rehab Centre

No matter the kind of plan the particular person which has an addiction to alcohol follows, the fundamentals of alcohol rehabilitation stay the same. In all cases, the dependency as well as other issues the individual faces are kept confidential. Furthermore, the rehab facility will also contain 5 major components: a medical assessment, a emotional analysis, therapy, detoxification, and prolonged care.

The Health Assessment

The medical analysis performed by the alcohol rehabilitation facility is meant to help the staff identify any physical problems the particular person which has an alcoholism may have. Frequently, such bodily troubles are basically brought on by the dependency on alcohol. Complications together with the liver, for example, might have created as a result of the dependency. Right after medical complications happen to be identified, the workers of the rehab facility can perform toward generating the sufferer physically wholesome when a lot more.

Enhancing the sufferer’s physical wellness is an critical component of dependency recovery. This really is since it takes an all natural approach to get an abuser back around the road toward rehabilitation. This contains taking care with the sufferer’s bodily, psychological, and emotional well being. Without this three-pronged approach, the sufferer is much more likely to fail in the procedure of dependency recovery.

The Emotional Evaluation

The mental analysis also offers the staff with the rehab facility with volumes of vital data concerning the patient. The psychological evaluation assists the group much better realize the sufferer. Additionally, the team of professionals can determine whether the particular person affected by addiction to alcohol can also be struggling from specific psychological troubles. For instance, it is widespread for an individual suffering from alcohol dependency to also are afflicted by depression. If this is the case, the program developed to help the individual will also include a program to deal with this problem.


Generally, an alcohol abuse treatment center will provide each group and person therapy to its sufferers. The group therapy is designed to give the particular person which has an dependency on alcohol support from others who are experiencing exactly the same difficulties. Having the ability to share inside the struggles with those that can genuinely realize usually makes the process much easier for a patient to cope with.

Nevertheless, individual counseling can also be critical to dependency rehab. Possessing the opportunity to function one-on-one with a counselor assists the individual perform by means of his or her very own individual conflicts. Via individual therapy, the individual may come to terms with his or her dependency and perform through approaches to resolve it by setting person targets.


In addition the medical and bodily opinions, sufferers of alcohol rehab facilities generally undertake a 24-hour medically supervised cleansing and withdrawal period. During this period, the patient is forced to go without having alcohol. For numerous patients coping with alcohol dependency, this might be the longest time they’ve gone without alcohol in quite a few years.

The detoxing period is difficult for the person affected by alcohol addiction simply because it is together with extreme drawback signs and symptoms. Such signs take their toll on the sufferer each mentally and physically. For this particular purpose, an alcohol rehab centre also provides close patient watching and help during this period.

Extended Care

Extended care, which can be also at times referred to as aftercare, is important for the accomplishment of addiction recovery. By means of an extended care plan, the sufferer will continue to get assistance and support in the alcohol rehab centre right after becoming released from the much more intensive alcohol rehabilitation program.

Prolonged care programs are developed to help keep track of the sufferer’s success in alcoholism rehab. To do this effectively, the program staff view above the patient to become certain they is using the brand new skills gained during rehab. For instance, the prolonged care professional might work together with the patient to be sure he or she is remaining away from specific crowds of people that encourage consuming. Or, the extended care professional might verify to be positive the sufferer is utilizing appropriate resistance skills. With out a powerful extended care program, it’s easy for the individual to fall back into the cycle of misuse.

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Unico Monocular Microscopes

Unico monocular microscopes are widely used in school and college laboratories. Their superior quality and reliable performance set them apart from other brands. Moreover, the Unico student microscopes are portable, easy to use and offer great value for the money. They do not require electricity as the unique prism gathers and directs ambient room light and illuminates slides and other specimens.

Upgraded Features

Unico student microscopes come with several upgraded features. Their focus can be controlled by simply sliding the monocular tube up and down in its holder. Users can conveniently incline the viewing tubes and gather more light for viewing comfort by adjusting the base of the microscopes. Some of the features of these microscopes include locked-on eyepiece and stage clips and dust cover, high quality optics, wide base, sturdy body construction and ptional mechanical stages.

Unico Monocular Microscopes in Different Models

Unico’s monocular microscopes come in a variety of models including M101, M220FL, M220FL-M, M220LED, M220LED-M, M251 and M251LED. Both corded and cordless models of these devices are now available in abundance. All these models vary in illuminations including LED, fluorescent and halogen. Specifications vary slightly from model to model. Some of the unique features of the M220FL-M, M220FL and M220LED-M models include:

• Parfocal and parcentered features
• For some, stages drilled and tapped to accept optional mechanical stages, while have mechanical stages already installed
• Arm-mounted cord wrap, dust cover and instruction manual.

Though features are similar, specifications vary slightly from model to model.  Designed for high school biology, the features of the M220LED-M Monocular Microscope (Mechanical) include:
Actual size: 8.5 in x 5 in x 11.5 in (216 mm x 127 mm x 292 mm)
Shipping size: 12 in x 8 in x 16 in (305 mm x 203 mm x 406 mm)
Weight: 8 lbs (3.6 kg)
Shipping weight: 9 lbs (4.1 kg)
Head: Monocular
Eyepiece: 10x WF
Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x
Condenser: NA 0.65
Diaphragm: Disc, 5-hole
Stage: Mechanical
Illumination: Battery/AC
Bulb: LED
Focusing: Coarse/Fine

To buy authentic Unico Monocular Microscopes with full manufacturer’s warranty, approach premier online distributors of the device. They can facilitate volume orders on the equipment, consumables, and other products to meet your specific needs.

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Australia, The Continent Of Sports

One thing that many Australia travel visa holders would likely notice about the countrys people is their love for sports. Indeed, Australians love all kinds of sports, whether they be the ones participating in it or simply enjoying the actions from the stands. And this one has, in fact, become one of the most distinguishing features of Australian culture. There are many different kinds of sports that Australians play. However, one of the most popular here is cricket. In fact, in a survey conducted by an independent firm in 2007, almost sixty percent of the respondents listed cricket as the sport they are most interested in. This, in turn, has led for many to consider cricket as the countrys national sport, with almost equal participation in all states. For those not familiar with this one, cricket is somewhat similar to baseball, though played at a slower pace. Another popular sport in the country is Australian rules football. This one is basically the same with the other versions of football that you have probably encountered, though it has several rules that are uniquely Australian. On the other hand, two other football versions are also popular in here. Rugby enjoys a constant popularity among spectators, while soccer has received a renewed interest, especially with the close of the recent World Cup. Since Australia is surrounded by the ocean and since most of the countrys residents live near the coastal areas, it is not surprising that water sports are also a perennial favorite in the continent. Australia has been one of the top countries in the international swimming circuits fro many years now. Another popular water sport in the country is surfing, with many people trooping to the northern regions to ride the waves, though it is not uncommon for people of the southern coasts to also engage on the sport. Back on land, there are still many different Australian sports activities that are popular with both the young and old. Tennis, in particular, has, in recent years, almost rivaled the popularity of cricket as one of the popular spectator sports in the country. This one is bolstered by the fact that one of the major tournaments in the tennis circuit, the Australian Open, is held here regularly. Various other team sports are also played in in varying degrees, such as basketball and baseball. And for those looking for something that is a little bit more of an adrenaline rush. Australia is also an ideal place. The countrys varied terrains are great for cycling enthusiasts and will certainly test their skills. Kayaking, on the other hand is also a popular sport and recreational activity for people in the coast.

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What Is An Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety is a part of life, and we’ve been given the opportunity to experience anxiety for a number of reasons. For some people, anxiety isn’t so simple and can lead to havoc in our daily lives if we don’t manage it correctly. Every person will experience and react to anxiety in their individual way, and brief moments of anxiety are just a part of life. When anxiety becomes consistent, prolonged, and debilitating is when we will need some help in coping with life. Here you will find out what an anxiety disorder is, and when your regular anxiety has turned into something much more problematic, an anxiety disorder. If that’s you, stop worrying! You’re not alone, and managing anxiety is much easier than you think.
Symptoms of an anxiety disorder will vary from one individual to the next, but the symptoms across the anxiety disorders are fairly similar. The most common anxiety disorder symptoms include a difficulty in concentrating in everyday life, being forgetful, headaches, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, and sleeplessness. This list of symptoms are just examples of the most common ones. If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, your life may even be much more complicated than that, depending on what you are struggling with.
The Generalized Anxiety Disorder is about experiencing a generalized anxiety in your daily life. You will experience tension that is exaggerated and worry that is chronic with very little reason to justify it. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is another type of anxiety disorder where individuals will experience intrusive thought processes or obsessions that will interfere with their routine actions in daily life. Completing their obsessions or compulsions will be their means of relieving their stress and anxiety. Counting, hoarding, or hand washing excessively are examples of these types of compulsive behaviors where anxiety is the root.
Panic Disorder is an extreme form of anxiety disorder where panic attacks will be experienced frequently, sometimes even in your sleep. Choking, shortness of breath, sweating, chills and hot flashes, chest pains, and dizziness are all characteristics of panic attacks leading to panic disorder. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD is another form of anxiety disorder, that occurs after exposure to a traumatic event. Those suffering from PTSD will, in addition to standard anxiety symptoms, experience recurrent flashbacks of the event, and will frequently feel threatened or frightened.
Social Anxiety Disorder is a very common disorder that effects approximately fifteen million Americans annually. These individuals feel like they are constantly being judged in social situations, and will refrain from social activities out of these fears. Anxiety symptoms will arise, but generally only when the individual feels they are in one of these situations.
Anxiety is a part of life that we can not escape. The importance for recognizing when anxiety becomes too much to deal with comes from the fact that anxiety can very easily lead to depression if it is not managed or treated properly. Today, treatments such as Xanax and cognitive behavioral therapy are available for those that struggle with chronic anxiety. Prescription help such as Xanax will specifically target those symptoms that are intruding on your daily affairs, and help you manage your anxiety to lead a much more productive life.

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Topical BioMedics (Topricin) Celebrates 20 Years of Providing Hope and Quality of Life…As Topricin Is Declared The 21st Century Standard of Care for Pain Management

Rhinebeck, NY (PRWEB) September 22, 2014

Topical BioMedics, Inc., is celebrating 20 years of dedicated commitment helping those in pain end their suffering, restoring hope an quality of life and contributing to a sustainable healthcare model. This is only possible because of the innovative cellular biomedicines research that made Topricin® pain relief and healing cream technology a reality.

The company was founded in 1994 in a garage in Rhinebeck, NY, by Lou Paradise (president, chief of research, and Topricin inventor), Aurora Paradise (COO) and Steve Duricko (vice president). A number of other influential companies have had the same humble beginning, including; Harley-Davidson, Disney, Amazon, Apple, and Google. Although Topical BioMedics has expanded several times over the past 20 years, it has remained headquartered in Rhinebeck, NY.    

Topical BioMedics started with four dedicated staff members–all of whom still work for the company. It now has far more employees at its Rhinebeck headquarters, as well as team members on the West Coast and 75 brokers across the country. In addition, it has numerous “brand ambassadors,” from professional athletic strength and conditioning coaches to the Rockettes, and from PGA golfers to mommy bloggers.

Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream was invented by Lou Paradise, a decorated US Marine Corps combat veteran with decades of experience researching pain physiology, how the body heals, and the application of natural medicines to maximize the body’s desire to heal the cause of pain at the cellular level. Following two tours of duty in Vietnam as a helicopter combat/rescue crew chief, Mr. Paradise sustained cumulative trauma injuries from the physical demands of combat and flying countless rescue missions of fellow Marines, Air Force, and Navy personnel, as well as Vietnamese civilians. His knowledge of physiology and what was causing his pain eliminated surgery as an option, as well as chemical pain pills, which have no healing or curative power. His early experiments on himself focused on using a unique combination of homeopathic biomedicines to judge their safely and efficacy while proving his injuries could be treated on a cellular repair optimum healing level….Which resulted in the birth of the first Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream formula.

In addition to his primary work in physiology and natural biomedicines, Mr. Paradise is an expert in the treatment of sports/work related trauma injuries, and lends his natural medicines background as a member of the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists. Mr. Paradise regularly addresses clinical audiences on the use of his company’s proprietary topical healing technologies in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, trauma injury (including post-surgical trauma), diabetic and chemo-induced neuropathy, and improving clinical outcomes.    

Innovative Healing Technology

As a complement to primary care, Topricin bridges the gap between well-researched natural biomedicines and the conventional medical community. Topricin has been designated “The 21st Century standard of care for pain management” by Woodson Merrell, MD, executive director, Center for Health & Healing, and is featured in Dr. Merrell’s bestselling book The Detox Prescription.

Mr. Paradise says “Topricin works because it addresses what is actually causing the pain. Pain is the body’s unique, vital signal that when we are injured, and is saying ‘I am trying to repair damaged or inflamed muscle, joint, or nerve cells, and need some help to balance healing chemistries to get there.’

“In order for healing to begin, the body needs help removing excess fluids and toxins from the affected area, such as joints, nerves, and muscle where we experience most of our pain. This takes the pressure off the micro-capillaries–the only blood supply to these cells–so that oxygen-rich blood can then flow to the area, and optimum healing can begin. Topricin works by first stimulating the lymphatic system at the pain site to drain toxins and excess fluids from the affected area and assist the return of oxygen-rich blood flow to the cells for maximum repair and healing.

“Conversely, when we take oral pain medications or use topical ointments with menthol, camphor, and other counter-irritants, they do nothing to promote healing. In fact, these chemical-laden products literally shut down the healing process. Worse, all pain pills are chemicals and are toxic to the body. So instead of the body using its healing energy to repair the cause of pain, that energy is diverted to rid itself from the toxic pain pills we just took. I am humbled by the fact that Topricin’s healing technology reduces or eliminates the need /dependency on all classifications of oral pain pills, including opiates, and the side effects they produce.”

Product Evolution

Originally launched in 1994 at a local county fair, Topricin has become the favorite lifestyle product for busy, active people nationwide. This includes professional athletes, as well as vendors and attendees for many expos and convention events around the country. Topricin is also widely used by heath care practitioners from coast to coast.

“Most importantly, we are dedicated to supporting walks, runs and cycling fund-raising events for foundations trying to find a cure for diseases such as diabetes, cancer (adult and pediatric), cardiovascular disease, autism, Crohn’s and colitis, and others,” says Mrs. Paradise.“ Many more people are encouraged to take part in these events as they could not believe how fast and effective Topricin works, as it makes it possible to do these physical activities without pain.”    

In addition to the original pain cream, Topical BioMedics offers two additional formulas, introduced in 2009: Topricin Foot Therapy Cream to address the challenges of diabetic neuropathy and many foot and ankle ailments, and Topricin for Children, which has received the Parent Tested/Parent Approved Seal of Approval, with 5% of gross sales donated to a pediatric cancer care foundation. Exciting new formulas are currently under development, and should be announced in late 2014/early 2015.

Topricin products have the distinction of being the only topical biomedicines patented for the treatment of pain associated with neuropathy (chemo-induced and diabetic) and fibromyalgia. “We are simply delighted that our products are changing positively how doctors and patients diagnose and treat pain while proving it is possible to reverse the devastating effects that the epidemic of Rx opioid addiction, which is affecting people from every walk of life around our country,” says Mr. Paradise.”        

Social Entrepreneurs

In 2014, Topical BioMedics was designated as a Certified B Corp by the nonprofit organization B Lab. B-Lab requires companies to go through a rigorous set of standards to demonstrate their social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. By meeting these higher standards, Certified B Corps are distinguishing themselves from other for-profit companies by offering a positive vision of a better way to do business. To become a certified B Corp, a business must prove that it cares as much about society and the environment as it does about profits.

There are currently more than 1,110 Certified B Corps from 35 countries. The vibrant community includes such respected companies as Ben & Jerry’s, Better World Books, Cabot Creamery, Care2, Dansko, Etsy, King Arthur Flour, Patagonia, Seventh Generation, The Honest Company, and Uncommon Goods.

“Being social entrepreneurs has been a big part of our philosophy from the beginning, and I am honored our company has received our B-Corp certification,” says Mr. Paradise. “For the past twenty years, our mission has been to restore hope and quality of life to the millions of people who suffer in pain and is a primary reason for developing Topricin healing technology. And since there is no more important environment than the human body, we are gratified that our formulas have been shown to treat pain effectively to reduce the need/dependency on all classifications of chemical pain pills. With Rx opiate addiction at epidemic proportions, we are honored to be providing doctors and their patients with viable, vibrant treatment protocols and a tool such as Topricin that is helping to reverse this tragic trend.

“We are grateful that B Lab has recognized our efforts in caring for society as well as running a robust, healthy, growing business. I believe that doing the right, fair, sound things first is the first step in being the change as well as being good citizens of the world. It also proves that sustainability and profitability go hand and hand. I applaud B Lab for establishing a vibrant new platform that defines what it means to use business as a force for good, and to be truly successful on all levels.”

About Topical Biomedics:

Topical BioMedics is the research and development leader in topical patented natural biomedicines for pain relief. The company’s flagship product, Topricin® Pain Relief and Healing Cream, was introduced in 1994 and is now a leading natural therapeutic brand. A combination homeopathic formula, Topricin was awarded a patent for the treatment of pain associated with fibromyalgia and neuropathy. Other formulas in the product line include Topricin Foot Therapy Cream and Topricin for Children (5% of the sales are donated to a pediatric cancer foundation).

Topical BioMedics now offers TopTrack, a new app for on-the-go pain tracking and monitoring. TopTrack is available free of charge for iPad via the App Store, and will roll out on additional devices in the coming months.http://bit.ly/1rIQD89.

All Topricin products are made in the U.S.A., formulated with approved medicines as found in the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States) and are in compliance with federal rules for homeopathic over-the-counter medicines. The products contain: no parabens, petroleum or harsh chemicals, are odorless, greaseless and non-irritating, and produce no known side effects, making them ideal and safe for the entire family.

Topricin is available in independent pharmacies, natural food and co-op stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Pharmaca, The Vitamin Shoppe, Fred Meyer, Wegmans, CVS (Foot Care Section), Walgreens (Diabetic Section), and other fine retailers, as well as directly from the company.

For more information, visit http://www.topricin.com.