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Kickstarter Crowdfunding Film Project Exposes the Fine Line Between Life and Death

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 20, 2013

Life – choices – paths most people have the opportunity to freely express individual choices every day. Take The Reins – is a story about this and that – the options that make all the difference – in the life of Simone. Simone could end her life – Simone could live a beautiful life – this story is about the glimpses of what two paths could look like in the life of one woman – if only she could connect with people or not. It is also based on the true story of a woman (Simone) who did die in 2010 – leaving her final thoughts on Facebook – reaching out to her Facebook friends while depressed and alone with this final statement, Took all my pills be dead soon so bye bye every one only to be ridiculed. The movie shares the possibilities and reminds everyone that its all too easy to forget the people behind the screen. Take The Reins suggests that we can all make a difference – for someone.

Take the Reins’ is a film that needs to be made and Emma Barrett (the filmmaker) is not going to give up until this project is completed. Its a rare type of film that actually provides the viewer with a takeaway that has the potential to be life changing. Emma recently recorded a video interview that explains: http://youtu.be/yJOyd5lC1rU.

Its not Emmas first attempt to crowdfund the film project. Emmas previous attempt to raise funds for the film was cut short, when she cancelled the project after bringing in 100 backers. According to Emma, With this (redesigned) campaign, I really hope to inspire people to take those scary risks when it comes to vulnerability. I think one of the biggest mistakes I made in the original campaign was that Id talk about the value of opening up and exposing vulnerability yet, for my part, I wasnt ‘walking the walk’ and opening up to my supporters, the way I was urging them to do.

So, I decided to write a farewell statement, standing in the shoes of my films main character, Simone, just after shes finished taking the fatal overdose that will ensure her death. The clock is ticking away the minutes before the drugs fully take hold. I put myself in this place and from there, I started writing, continued Emma.

It was a very difficult and confronting challenge. I wrote down the words that felt to me, in that moment, the most unreservedly raw and truthful words I could find not to mention, terrifying to put on paper. And although, mercifully, Ive never had to endure anything like the rapid, physical deterioration Simones body went through; the truth of the letter is very much my own, and these words spoken from my soul, concluded Emma.

Emmas second attempt at crowdfunding the film project is gaining the film recognition that was missing the first time. According to Kicktraq, the Kickstarter crowdfunding film project, Take the Reins is now ranking number 3 (out of 31,526 Film & Video projects on Kickstarter). Not only is the film moving up in the ranks, but the subject matter that the film addresses is bringing the project support from groups that deal with social issues. Recently, The Suicide Study Group posted on Emmas Facebook page, That is a first for us at SSG. One of our most important areas of interest is how the internet, particularly social networking, can influence suicidality both positively and negatively Simones voice deserves to be heard, just as it should have been heard when she was crying for help

Take the Reins is currently 29% funded, with 11 days remaining in the crowdfunding campaign. The project can use your help to bring this wonderful film project to the screen. To participate, visit the project Kickstarter page located at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/emmabarrett/take-the-reins.

Regardless of whether or not you make a donation, please pass the project information along to friends and family. Suicide is an epidemic that is out of control. According to recent statistics, over 38,000 people in the United States die by suicide every year. Adding detail to that grim fact, there are an estimated 8-25 attempted suicides for every suicide death. Please help.


Emma Barrett is an Australian Actress who recently moved to Los Angeles from New York. After overcoming the initial teething problems involved with starting a new life in the City of Angels, Emma made it her mission to dig beneath the surface of Los Angeles to find the true artists; the gems of LA instead of those who only strive for acceptance in fashionable society, and are consumed by the fickle concepts of fame and fortune. Emmas complete actor profile, along with photos, can be found on ActorsCrowd.com.

ActorsCrowd.com is an incomparable resource for actors and filmmakers who are seeking to connect, create mutually valuable relationships and together build outstanding successful film projects. The company caters to actors and filmmakers – delivering on the most pressing challenges that both parties face: Actors benefit by making the best use of their time, money, brand and presence to facilitate finding the best roles which advance their career. Filmmakers benefit by finding the best talent, support and commitment in funding to deliver their creative projects.

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Donation by Best Drug Rehabilitations CEO Per Wickstrom to Help Detroits Cass Community Social Services (CCSS) Make the Holidays Brighter for Children

(PRWEB) December 20, 2013

On behalf of Best Drug Rehabilitation, CEO Per Wickstrom has donated $ 5,000 to Detroits Cass Community Social Services (CCSS) in order to help the organization provide meals, toys and other essentials to children of all ages this holiday season.

Per Wickstrom made the donation on December 16 during a tour of CCSS, which is located at 11850 Woodrow Wilson Street in Detroit. While visiting, he also had the opportunity to meet some of the organizations incredible volunteers as they prepared and served lunch to women and children.

Back when I was fighting my own battles with addiction, I went to the CCSS for food, commented Per Wickstrom. I cannot describe how meaningful it is to now be in a position to give back, and help this essential organization carry on its incredibly vital work.

Established in 2002, CCSS delivers programs for food, health, housing and jobs to people living in areas of concentrated poverty across Detroit. Each year, the nonprofit organization serves 1 million meals, and provides temporary, transitional and permanent supportive housing for 285 homeless men, women and children. It also offers a free medical clinic and day program for 100 adults with developmental disabilities, and employs 70 adults within its Green Industries initiative, which connects jobs with sustainability.

Added Per Wickstrom: No matter how bleak things may seem at times in the economy and in our communities, all you have to do is take one look at the amazing work done by the generous volunteers at Cass Community Social Services, and your soul will be elevated and filled with hope for the future. On behalf of Best Drug Rehabilitation, its truly an honor to support this organization, and to help make the holidays a bit more cheerful for children across Detroit. No matter how big the problems we face may be, I have no doubt that when we work together and help each other, the question isnt whether well solve them but when!

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Amber Howe, Executive Director BDR, at (231) 887-4590 or ahowe@rehabadmin.com.

About Best Drug Rehabilitation

Best Drug Rehabilitation offers treatment programs, and believes that having family close by during a stay in rehab can make a big difference in whether or not the process is successful. Led by CEO Per Wickstrom, Best Drug Rehabilitation also understands that recovering from an addiction is an intense emotional and physical challenge, and as such provides clients with a comfortable and private space that is safe and free of anxiety. Ultimately, Best Drug Rehabilitation offers recovery geared to the personalized needs of each client, which is an option that makes the chance for long-term success much more likely.

Learn more at http://www.bestdrugrehabilitation.com/

Sharon Walsh Cook Demystifies Emotional Abuse in New Book

Richboro, PA (PRWEB) December 20, 2013

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence defines psychological abuse as the systematic perpetration of malicious and explicit nonphysical acts against an intimate partner, child, or dependent adult. In her new book, Emotionally Abusive Husbands and Boyfriends: Learn about Their Mentally Abusive Behaviors So You Dont End Up Crazy! (published by iUniverse), Sharon Walsh Cook reaches out to women involved with psychologically abusive men and shows them how to take steps to protect themselves.

My experiences inspired me to write this book because I could not recognize the emotionally abusive behaviors that affected my emotional and physical well-being, Cook says. I have learned that emotional abuse involves more than just derogatory name-calling and that there are other behaviors that are not verbally communicated that are also damaging to ones emotional health.

Written in plain, practical language, Emotionally Abusive Husbands and Boyfriends explains the effects of emotional abuse and identifies, names and categorizes emotionally abusive behaviors under specific abusive personality types to make them easier to recognize. The book also provides information about other damaging nonverbal behaviors and discusses the particular danger of stalking. Finally, Cook offers tips for how victims can protect themselves and heal from emotional abuse.

Emotionally Abusive Husbands and Boyfriends

By Sharon Walsh Cook

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 90 pages | ISBN 9781491708781

E-Book | ISBN 9781491708798

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Sharon Walsh Cook has experienced domestic abuse in past relationships and was stalked for about six years by a man she didnt know. Having heard stories from other women in similar situations, she now seeks to offer them help with this guide. She has three children and lives in Pennsylvania.

iUniverse, an Author Solutions, LLC, self-publishing imprint, is the leading book marketing, editorial services, and supported self-publishing provider. iUniverse has a strategic alliance with Indigo Books & Music, Inc. in Canada, and titles accepted into the iUniverse Rising Star program are featured in a special collection on BarnesandNoble.com. iUniverse recognizes excellence in book publishing through the Star, Readers Choice, Rising Star and Editors Choice designationsself-publishings only such awards program. Headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, iUniverse also operates offices in Indianapolis. For more information or to publish a book, please visit iuniverse.com or call 1-800-AUTHORS. For the latest, follow @iuniversebooks on Twitter.

Audio-Digest Foundation Announces the Release of Psychology Volume 02, Issue 17: Couples, Family, and Psychotherapy

Glendale, CA (PRWEB) December 20, 2013

Audio-Digest Foundation announces the release of Psychology Volume 02, Issue 17: Couples, Family, and Psychotherapy.

The goals of this program are to improve marital and family relationships and the psychologic health of families and individuals through the use of basic strategies and techniques of family and marital therapy. After hearing and assimilating this program, the clinician will be better able to:

1. Define the goals of family therapy.

2. Describe the core concepts of family therapy.

3. Identify the structural problems that characterize dysfunctional families.

4. Evaluate dysfunctional families and couples.

5. Counter resistance to therapy in couples or families.

Proove Biosciences Successfully Presents Data and Exhibits at the Eastern Pain Associations Annual Meeting in New York, New York

IRVINE, CA (PRWEB) December 20, 2013

Proove Biosciences, the leader in providing personalized genetic pain medicine services, participated and presented clinical data and research at the Eastern Pain Associations Annual Meeting on December 7, 2013. The meeting covered current topics in pain medicine and opioid treatment, and took place at the New York Marriott Downtown, in Manhattan.

The EPA offers local and regional scientific meetings to foster an exchange of clinical and scientific information among multidisciplinary health professionals and researchers interested in the field of pain. The Annual EPA Scientific Meeting offered symposia and lectures given by nationally recognized speakers, posters and exhibits designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of specialists and interests.

The EPAs Annual Meeting concluded a successful and busy year for Proove presenting research throughout the country. Most recently, Proove presented data and findings at the ASRAs Pain Medicine Meeting, The National Workers Compensation Conference and Expo, and the Common Sense Pain Management Conference.

Our research and clinical team, along with our aggressive business development efforts have allowed Proove to experience outstanding growth throughout the year, stated Proove Biosciences President and Founder,Brian Meshkin. We are the only company providing proprietary testing services in personalized pain medicine. We are happy to have been a part of the EPAs regional meeting, and exhibiting our work with physicians, psychologists, nurses, and scientists dedicated to pain research.

About Proove Biosciences

Proove Biosciences is the leading Personalized Pain Medicine laboratory that provides proprietary genetic testing services to help physicians improve outcomes for patients and contain costs for insurers. With offices in Southern California and the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, the Company is the research leader investigating and publishing data on the genetics of pain medicine with clinical research sites across the United States. Physicians use Proove Biosciences testing to improve pain medicine selection, dosing, and evaluation of medications they prescribe. From a simple cheek swab collected in the office, Proove performs proprietary genetic tests in its CLIA-certified laboratory to identify patients at risk for misuse of prescription pain medications and evaluate their metabolism of medications. For more information, please visit http://www.proovebio.com or call toll free 855-PROOVE-BIO (855-776-6832).

Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation Announces Workshops for the New Evaluation of Functional Motor Abilities

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) December 20, 2013

The Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Foundation announces that it has begun to provide workshops throughout the United States to train therapists in the administration and scoring of Dr. Lucy Jane Millers new Goal-Oriented Assessment of Lifeskills (GOAL); an innovative new evaluation of functional motor abilities needed for daily living in children ages 7-17.

The first workshop, conducted on December 9 in St. Johns, Michigan, was much anticipated and very well received. Excellent, helpful, educational, inspiring and videos were clear, impactful, and appropriate and especially liked interacting with others, practicing each test item and scoring, that it was a practical, informative, and a research-based assessment, were just some of the comments from the Michigan workshop attendees.

Attendees complete the activities in breakout groups while learning to administer and score the evaluation. Each activity is linked to Intervention Targets that help therapists turn assessment results into a specific, goal-oriented treatment plans. The GOAL is useful in schools, clinics, hospitals, and private practice. It is intended primarily for occupational therapists but can be used by psychologists, physical therapists, and other childhood intervention specialists.

This workshop provides step-by-step instruction for administration and scoring of each item in the Goal-Oriented Assessment of Lifeskills, an individually administered screening test for identifying potential developmental delays in children ages 7 to 17.

In just 45-60 minutes, children who may have developmental delays in any of the fives domains defined by IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) can be identified, informing planning of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and/or adaptive physical education.

SPD Foundation is creating the plan and schedule to conduct these workshops throughout the United States in 2014. For information on attending or hosting a GOAL workshop, contact Susanne Geiler at info(at)spdfoundation(dot)net.


The Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Foundation, a Colorado 501(c)(3), is the world leader in research, education, and awareness for Sensory Processing Disorder, a neurological condition that disrupts the daily lives of more than 4 million Americans. The SPD Foundation offers educational programs, conducts SPD research, and provides resources for parents worldwide. Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, widely recognized as a leader in SPD research worldwide, founded the SPD Foundation in 1979. The SPD Foundation provides hope and help to individuals and families living with SPD. For more information, visit SPDFoundation.net or call 303-794-1182.

More people are learning to ice skate in Cardiff

Cardiff (PRWEB UK) 20 December 2013

When you consider how popular the sport was in the 1970s and 80s and the 11 years of Dancing on Ice, aside for the devoted, the sport has taken a dip in sports popularity. Whether its the fact that many parents are looking for non-traditional sports for their kids due to the scares in injuries or the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the sport is making a comeback.

According to recent ice rink figures, toddlers as young as 2 and 3 years of age are once again lacing up the skates with mom and dads help and hitting the ice, both literally and figuratively. Learn-to-skate classes are increasing across the nation and here in the UK, where just a few short years ago ice time was dominated by hockey teams, the time is once again balancing out.

Youth figure skating knows no boundaries of economics, demographics or gender as it once did. Today, with more rinks available and increased open skates with coaching, youngsters are finding the sport to be both athletic and artistic, so much so that even psychologists and physical therapists are using figure skating to work with children with disabilities and are encouraging them to participate.

In this era of social media, smart phones and tablets, families are finding that figure skating is actually something they can do together versus the traditional youth sports where parents and siblings are mere spectators sitting in the grandstands. The sport provides the necessary basics that are suggested for youth exercise, and for adults it falls into the category of increased aerobic activity by the UK Heart Foundation.

The overly protective may say that a fall on the ice is worse than a hit on the rugby field. The National Ice skating Association offer both sound advice and common sense. The hard ice surface can be risky which is why it is suggested that novice skaters and toddlers, before they put the blades on, should be taught how to properly fall and get up on the ice.

If the Sochi Olympics are like other Olympic Games, there will be an increase in winter sports participation both during and after the games due to the hours that will be televised over the cable and internet outlets, and while the cream of the crop from Squad GB will be competing, coaching and judging, rest assured that there will be plenty of certified rinks and teachers back here in the UK to help you and your children out. To find a Learn to Skate Course in your area go to http://www.planet-ice.co.uk.

Detroit-Based VisionBoards.co Named Winner at Global Startup Battle, the Worlds Biggest Competition for New Ventures

Detroit, Michigan (PRWEB) December 20, 2013

VisionBoards.co, a women-owned technology company and recent winner of Detroit Startup Weekend, took top honors at the 2013 Google-sponsored Global Startup Battle. The Detroit-based startup won the .CO Innovators Circle against competitors from more than 80 countries and was the top-performing US team, earning top-ten finishes in three out of five categories. VisionBoards.co is a centralized, e-commerce-enabled platform where users can easily create, share, print, and order vision boards as well as connect with professional goal-achievement resources and support.

This years Global Startup Battle kicked off in November 2013 with a series of competitions in more than 200 cities and included over 20,000 entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches, and judges. VisionBoards.co was the winner of Detroits fifth Startup Weekend held at Grand Circus Detroit, where nearly 100 developers, designers, marketers, and other entrepreneurs vied for the opportunity to create and pitch a minimum viable product in just 54 hours. The winning Detroit team was comprised of Natalia Petraszczuk, a nonprofit fundraiser and certified life coach; Stephanie Dionne, president and strategic director of an Ann Arbor marketing firm; Sandy Barris, an experienced marketing and communications professional; and Sarah Lapum, a sales and customer service specialist.

The top teams from each Startup Weekend event had 24 hours to create a 60-second video as part of their submission to the Global Startup Battle. An online competition measuring public votes and social media outreach ran through December 6th, after which the top 15 teams in each category advanced to a final round of selections. VisionBoards.co qualified for all five circles, finished in the top ten in three circles after voting, and was ultimately selected as the winner of the Innovators Circle sponsored by .CO.

To be selected as an innovative leader in an international entrepreneur contest is one of the greatest honors I have achieved in my life, said Petraszczuk, who pitched the initial concept at Detroit Startup Weekend. Were forever grateful to Up Global, .CO, Detroit Startup Weekend, and the many sponsors that have incubated this venture. VisionBoards.co hopes to shine light on the entrepreneurial spirit and community that is committed to resurrecting Detroits greatness.

In just the few short weeks since our Startup Weekend win, weve been able to accelerate the execution of our go-to-market strategy at an unprecedented rate due to the incredible support and energy of the Detroit entrepreneur community, said Dionne, who has led much of the teams strategic marketing and branding. Southeastern Michigan is poised to be the worlds next great innovation district, and as winners of the .CO Innovators Circle, were committed to building the foundation of our international brand here in Detroit and contributing to the citys compelling story of resilience and innovation.

“We’re thrilled to welcome VisionBoards.co to the .COmmunity and celebrate their team as the winners of the .CO Innovators Circle,” said Lori Anne Wardi, VP of Brand of .CO. “We look forward to supporting them on their journey as they turn the idea they launched in 54 hours into a full-fledged business in the months and years ahead.”

The early success of VisionBoards.co is a great example of the strength of the Detroit Startup community, said Bradley Hoos, co-founder of Grand Circus Detroit. As a judge of Startup Weekend Detroit, I had the pleasure of watching VisionBoards form and communicate their plan. Now, with VisionBoards co-working at Grand Circus, I get to watch their success on a daily basis and contribute by plugging the team into the Detroit Startup Community. The story of VisionBoards.co is exactly what Detroit is all about: creativity, great thinking, community, and hard-work.

About VisionBoards

Recently popularized by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Wayne Dyer, vision boards are collages of images and phrases that represent a persons goals and ambitions. Vision boards and other visual self-empowerment tools are also being increasingly used in corporate settings, with a growing number of Fortune 500 companies requiring their employees to design career and team-oriented vision boards. VisionBoards.co seeks to be the go-to platform for creating and purchasing vision boards in a variety of digital and print formats, with optional support from a network of professional coaches.

VisionBoards has already garnered interest from a number of high-profile supporters, including Glenn Earl, former safety with the National Football League (NFL). From a pro athlete’s perspective, VisionBoards.co will be a tool that every athlete will use religiously, said Earl. From many years of working with one of the worlds top sports psychologists, I’ve learned the true power of visualization. Whatever you put into your mind and visualize happening on game day is ultimately what you will project to occur. VisionBoards.co will be the perfect platform to help an athlete maintain ultimate focus.

Pete Thomas, winner of NBCs reality TV competition, The Biggest Loser, also recently weighed in on the value of VisionBoards.co. Ive used vision boards to help me hold onto an image for the future that was stronger than what I saw in the mirror, said Thomas. My number one key to my success in weight loss and in life is the belief that I could actually make a change in my health and accomplish great things. The VisionBoards.co platform will let me spend more time actively realizing my future, with a support community and other resources dedicated to keep me on track.


About VisionBoards.co

We help individuals and teams take concrete steps toward achieving their biggest goals and aspirations. Part technology-enabled productivity platform, part professional resource center, VisionBoards.co provides people with practical solutions to help make even their most audacious dreams a reality. For more information, visit us at visionboards.co or follow us on Twitter at @vision_boards.

About .CO

From start-ups and small businesses to big brands and multinational corporations, .CO is the domain where big ideas come to life. VisionBoards.co is just another cool member of our growing community of innovators who are building the future on .CO. For more information about .CO, please visit go.co or follow us on Twitter @dotCO.

UltimateGolfAdvantage.com Releases Exclusive Year-End Interview With Pro Golf Coach Lee Crombleholme on Lessons From 2013s Top Performing Players

Manchester, United Kingdom (PRWEB) December 20, 2013

Ultimate Golf Advantage today announces an exclusive end-of-year interview with Lee Crombleholme, renowned coach of tour-winning pros, on lessons from this years best and worst performing players. More information can be found at http://www.UltimateGolfAdvantage.com.

As fourteen players are added to the Masters field this week, after ending the year in the top 50 of the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR), Ultimate Golf Advantage representative Alex Davidson speaks to coach Lee Crombleholme on the lessons from this year that the worlds top players can take into 2014.

Lee Crombleholme has coached tour-winning pros including Matthew Baldwin and Branden Grace, the latter of whom was added to the Masters field this week after finishing sixth at the Nelson Mandela Championship in South Africa on December 14. Mr. Crombleholme commented:

This has been a year punctuated by surprise turns, from Rory McIlroys crumbling mental game on one end of the spectrum, to dark horse Henrik Stensons flawless tour-winning performance on the other.

This year has proven that you cant take your game for granted, no matter how skilled you may be, he continued. Rising talent like Henrik Stenson, Justin Rose and Branden Grace understand this and, with the help of their mental coaches, practice confidence-building techniques off the course as much as they practice their game-play, he added.

As players like Woods and McIllroy fight their way back to the top, theyll be up against rising players like European Tour Golfer of the Year, Henrik Stenson, and 2013 Masters Winner, Adam Scott. Coach Lee Crombleholme explained that the biggest key to these resurgent players success in 2014 will be maintaining their confidence and clarity on the course.

There is a big difference between confidence and entitlement, said Mr. Crombleholme. Success comes down to having a winning mindset and, fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can train your mind to improve your confidence like using mental programming techniques to shut out distractions on the green, for example.

Lee Crombleholme has taught such techniques to professional golfers, who have gone on to win European Tours and rank in this years OWGRs top 50 golfers. Lee is now sharing his pro-level training in a series of videos, which include pre-shot routines and mental programming techniques to help harness on-course focus. Lees training videos are now available at the UGA Website: http://www.ultimategolfadvantage.com/wgm-free-video/.

Ultimate Golf Advantage representative Alex Davidson commented: Lees training videos offer the same step-by-step training that he has typically reserved for his private clients, including tour-winning pros, and the advice is instantly applicable on the course.

Mr. Crombleholme concluded the interview by saying: This year has hammered home just how critical the mental game can be, but not just for pro-level golfers. He continued: It is my hope that these training videos help amateur golfers to get a mental head-start in the new year and to start playing to their true potential.

Lee Crombleholmes training is available for download at the Ultimate Golf Advantage Website: http://www.ultimategolfadvantage.com/wgm-free-video/.

About Lee Crombleholme:

Lee Crombleholme is a golf psychologist (Bsc (Hons) PGdip) and a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) master practitioner. Recognized as the United Kingdoms leading Golf Mind Coach, Lee has helped professional players including Branden Grace and Matthew Baldwin go on to achieve tour-winning success.

About Ultimate Golf Advantage:

Ultimate Golf Advantage was founded to cut through all the noise that exists in the golfing world these days. The team behind Ultimate Golf Advantage is committed to offering genuine advice and insight to passionate golfers around the world who are serious about improving their game. More information can be found at the Ultimate Golf Advantage website: http://www.UltimateGolfAdvantage.com/.

Gateway Reminder: 1 out of 3 Driving Fatalities Involve Alcohol

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) December 20, 2013

Gateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers urge adults hopping from one holiday gathering to the next to assign a designated driver for the night. And heres a sobering reminder why: According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations report on motor vehicle crashes, 10,322 people were killed due to alcohol-impaired driving in 2012, an increase of 6.7 percent from 2011.

Exceeding the national average, in the state of Illinois alcohol-impaired driving fatalities increased 15 percent from 2011 to 2012: