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Michael J. Beals to be Inaugurated as Vanguard Universitys Tenth President

Costa Mesa, CA (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

Vanguard University today announced that two internationally renowned theologians will be featured speakers at the inauguration of its tenth president, Michael J. Beals, PhD.

The three-day inauguration ceremonies will kick off Wednesday, February 5, 2014 and will feature academic lectures by prominent theologian, Miraslov Volf, PhD. The festivities will conclude Friday, February 7, 2014 with Richard Mouw, PhD, mentor and friend to Dr. Beals, who will speak the inaugural charge to the president.

Dr. Beals became Vanguard Universitys tenth president on August 1, 2013. In keeping with the tradition of many universities, Vanguard chose to give its new president some time to settle in before holding the inauguration ceremonies. Since August, Dr. Beals has focused on building the strategic vision of the university to promote Christian higher education in a way that is meaningful, relevant, and impactful.

“In a climate where higher education is being challenged each day, presidents of private, Christian universities must be innovative, resilient, and forward thinking,” says Dr. Richard Mouw, former president of Fuller Seminary and professor to Dr. Beals. “Dr. Beals has long exhibited these qualities, making him the ideal person to foster Vanguards mission. I am delighted to be part of this ceremony and wish the best for Vanguard in this time of renewal.”

Dr. Beals is a two-time graduate of Vanguard University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Christian Education and Psychology and a Master of Arts (MA) in Church Leadership. Dr. Beals earned a second MA at Fuller Theological Seminary in Biblical Studies and Theology. He was awarded a PhD in Christian Ethics from Fuller where he has served as an adjunct faculty member since 1999. Dr. Beals has served 31 years in the local church, most recently as the senior pastor of Mission Hills Community Church in Rancho Santa Margarita. In addition, Dr. Beals has been actively involved in teaching outreach and community development work in Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, China, Israel, Switzerland, France, England, and Scotland.

Presenting the inaugural lectures will be Miroslav Volf, PhD, founder and director of Yale Center for Faith & Culture and the Henry B. Wright Professor of Theology at Yale University Divinity School. Recognized globally as one of the premier theologians of our time, Dr. Volf will present on Christian Universities and the Crisis of Humanities. Both lectures are open to the public.

Click here for a complete schedule of events and locations.

About Vanguard University

Vanguard University (VU) is a regionally ranked, private, Christian university of liberal arts and professional studies. Located ten minutes from Newport Beach and an hour from Los Angeles, Vanguard equips students for a Spirit-empowered life of Christ-focused leadership and service. Vanguard is committed to academic excellence, boasting small class sizes that are designed to cultivate lasting professor-mentor relationships that enhance the learning process. The U.S. News & World Report ranked Vanguard a top 10 regional college in the west for 2014 and The Princeton Review ranked Vanguard a 2014 “Best in the West” regional college. Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), Vanguard offers more than 30 degrees and certificates through its undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies programs.

Democrats and Republicans Moving Apart, Literally, Study Shows

Charlottesville, VA (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

Do Red America and a Blue America exist? New research suggests that they increasingly do. Research by political psychologist Matt Motyl, Ranker data scientist Ravi Iyer, and their colleagues Shigehiro Oishi, Sophie Trawalter, and Brian Nosek, demonstrates that liberals and conservatives are moving into communities that reinforce their political preferences. This tendency leads to ideological segregation that is, the creation of an ever-bluer and ever-redder communities across America.

In one national sample of more than one million Americans, the researchers found that 58% of people moved from one community to another. Among people living in communities with political values similar to their own, only 50% of people reported moving. Among people living in communities with political values conflicting with their own, a striking 80% reported moving. Moreover, when these people moved, they moved to communities with political leanings and opinions more similar to their own. “The choice of where to live is a natural extension of the phenomena whereby politics invades an increasing number of our non-political decisions,” opined Ravi Iyer, data scientist at Ranker.

In another national sample, liberals living in communities that voted more heavily for Governor Romney or Senator McCain wanted to move to a new community. Similarly, conservatives living in communities that voted more heavily for President Obama wanted to move to a new community. Liberals and conservatives, alike, expressed feeling that they did not belong in these communities. Through follow-up experiments, the researchers found that this desire to move to a new community was fully explained by this feeling of not belonging in communities that hold political values at odds with the participants political values. In other words, when liberals and conservatives felt that they did not belong, they wanted to move. When they moved, they moved to places that better fit their political values. This results in communities across America becoming more Red and more Blue.

Political segregation has a number of negative consequences. Most importantly, it reduces the likelihood that Americans will form relationships with people who have different political values. As the personal relationships across the political divide decrease, the personal attacks across the political divide increase. When people feel that their beliefs are under attack, they become more dogmatic and less likely to compromise. The reluctance to compromise makes it more difficult for elected officials to solve the major problems facing America today and more likely that America will be forced to cope with more threats of defaulting on its credit, government shutdowns, and a general inability to pass comprehensive legislation.

Motyl, M., Iyer, R., Oishi, S., Trawalter, S., & Bosek, BA (2013). How ideological migration geographically segregates groups. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. DOI: 10.1016/j.jesp.2013.10.010

Ground Breaking Book Series Helps Parents and Teachers Improve Childrens Learning and Achievement

Adelaide, Australia (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

Dr. Lyn Arnold is a globally renowned expert on learning and cognitive psychology with over 30 years of experience working with children. She has drawn on her award-winning research, and the latest international studies of how learning and thinking works and can be supported, to develop the Forever S.M.A.R.T Reflective Learning Program book series (2013 Red Gum Press) for parents, caregivers, and teachers to better help children 8 to 16 years old improve their learning skills and boost achievement. This unique series consists of 5 different books, each focused on a different key learning area.

“There is a growing body of knowledge and research on the science of learning that is shared at conferences or in academic journals but most parents and teachers dont have access to this information,” explains Dr. Arnold. “Yet they are the ones with the greatest opportunity to put this knowledge into action with children daily. Thats why I developed this series of books in an easy to use format. The series enables anyone to start putting the latest research into practice to support children, regardless of what level the child is at, to learn better and achieve their potential without needing to be an expert to help them.”

The program series is comprised of 5 books that follow the S.M.A.R.T. acronym. Each book comes with exercises, tips & advice, and research information. The 5 stand alone modules in the program include:

S. Step Up for Success – outlining 6 foundation skills and strategies that support learning.

M. Mind Mastery – exploring the power of the mind and metacognitive thinking for higher achievement.

A. Achieving Alone with Assistance which includes 7 ways to assist children to learn independently.

R. Reasoning and Reacting Responsibly – explores the mental and emotional strengths for success.

T. Turbo-charged Learning – explains how knowledge transfer can take achievement to new levels.

The series is available for purchase as individual books based on a childs specific need, level, or challenge. But in response to reader requests, the entire series is also available in one convenient volume that includes the Forever Learning Champions book. Print versions can be ordered on Amazon, and e-book versions can be ordered and downloaded on Dr. Arnolds website: foreversmartlearning.com.

And although the Forever S.M.A.R.T Reflective Learning Program series only recently became available to the general public, the initial feedback from parents and educators has been overwhelming.

“I am a mother of 2 children aged 12 and 15, and always looking for ways to help my children expand their academic abilities. When I learned that Dr. Arnold, who is known for her passion in childrens academic success, was releasing her book series, I immediately sought to secure them. Her books have been of great value for my children, and made it very easy for me to provide the instruction required.” – Marcia Gouvea, parent located in Evanston, IL.

“As a primary school teacher, and based on knowing Dr. Arnolds dedication to educational research for 3 decades, I was both happy and eager to read her series of books. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to further their understanding on how children learn. In particular, parents of children who find learning difficult, or who are frustrated by striving but not meeting with the equivalent success, will find these books insightful and a great resource. Not only are they easy to read, they are filled with practical strategies aimed at making a real difference by refining a students thinking, attitudes, and organisation towards more confident and successful study practices.” – Rosemary Inwood, Yr. 1/2 Teacher, Salisbury Heights, SA.

To find out more about the program series, Dr. Lyn Arnold and her work, visit her website: ForeverSmartLearning.com. For media inquiries, please contact Dr. Arnold at: lyn(at)foreversmartlearning(dot)com, or phone 61-419-814-121, or Skype lynette.arnold.

About Dr. Lyn Arnold:

Dr. Lyn Arnold is an author and in-demand speaker globally who resides in Adelaide, Australia. She has over 30 years experience as an educator in primary, secondary and P-12 schools in urban and rural districts, and has held key leadership, research and consultancy roles in both Australia and the USA.

Lyn holds a PhD in Education, majoring in Educational Psychology; a Master of Arts (Education) which focused on cognitive psychology in learning contexts; a Bachelor of Education, and Diploma of Teaching.

In 2008 she was awarded the prestigious Paul R. Pintrich Award by the American Psychological Associations Educational Psychology Division in recognition of her outstanding Doctoral dissertation on students self-regulation, strategic enactment and academic achievement in classrooms.

Home Care Assistance Calgary Announces New Activities-Based Program to Delay Cognitive Decline

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

Home Care Assistance Calgary, the leading provider of in-home senior care, is proud to unveil the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, an activity-based cognitive intervention program, designed to delay the onset of new symptoms and the progression of existing symptoms in individuals with mild to moderate dementia. Based on cutting-edge scientific research and a National Institutes of Health report suggesting that mental stimulation is associated with slower cognitive decline, the Method currently includes over 20 activities targeting the five primary cognitive domains. Home Care Assistance caregivers are trained in the Method so that clients receive one-on-one mental stimulation as well as support with basic care and activities of daily living, supporting overall quality of life.

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is the first program of its kind designed to manage symptoms of dementia by using cognitive activities, performed one-to-one with clients in their homes, said Dr. Samuel Gontkovsky, Executive Director of Research and Development for Dementia Therapeutics, the scientific division of Home Care Assistance. Our research shows that the comfort and famil

South Korea Beer Market Insights 2013

London (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

Product Synopsis

A detailed market research report on the South Korea beer industry. Researched and published by Canadean.

Introduction and Landscape

Why was the report written?

This report comprises of high level market research data on the South Korea beer industry, published by Canadean. The report covers total market (on- and off-premise) and includes valuable insight and analysis on beer market trends, brands, brewers, packaging, distribution channels, market valuation and pricing.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?

The imported beer market is growing and is beginning to threaten domestic brands.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?

The Korean market is dynamic and tends to shift every couple of years. Leading producers are, therefore, likely to try and compete with imported products.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?

The South Korean Beer Market Insight report is designed for clients needing a quality in-depth understanding of the dynamics and structure of the Beer market. The report provides a much more granular and detailed data set than our competitors. All data has been researched, brand upwards, by an experienced ‘on-the-ground’ industry analyst who conducts face-to-face interviews with key producers, leading companies in allied industries, distributors and retailers.

Key Features and Benefits

This report provides readers with an excellent way of gaining a thorough understanding of the dynamics and structure of the South Korea Beer industry. Data includes volumes from 2008 to 2012 plus forecasts for 2013, enabling historical and current trend analysis.

This report provides readers with in-depth market segmentation: mainstream, premium, super premium, discount, alcoholic strength, local segmentation, beer type.

This report provides data and analysis of the performance of both domestic and imported brands and reports on new product activity in 2012.

This report provides an analysis of industry structure, reports on company volumes and contains brewer profiles for major brewers

This report provides distribution channel data (on- vs off-premise) and discusses the latest trends in the key sub-channels. Packaging data includes consumption volumes by pack material, type, size, refillable vs non-refillable, multi-serve vs single serve. Market valuation data and pricing data, including beer consumption by price segment/distribution channel and selected consumer beer prices are also included.

Key Market Issues

Hite and Oriental Brewery have continued to lead the market in 2012. Together they hold 96% of the Korean beer market.

OB has now overtaken Hite as the market leader due to a superior management system and internal problems within Hite.

Imported beer continues to increase the choices available to consumers, with Budweiser and Asahi among the leading players.

Packaging remains standardized in South Korea, with refillable glass bottles easily leading the market.

The export of Korean beer is growing strongly. There is growing success in Mongolia and Australia with Cass and OB Golden Lager.

Key Highlights

OB is strengthening its distribution network across non-metropolitan areas, where Hite previously held an iron grip.

Increased costs in raw materials, logistics and tax duties have led average prices to grow in 2012.

Japanese beers such as Asahi and Kirin have made inroads into the market thanks to the increasing popularity of Japanese pub-style restaurants called Izakaya.

Off-premise sales have been increasing, with consumers taking advantage of greater beer varieties and lower prices in supermarkets.

Market Context

Market Environment

The Consumer Palate

All Commercial Beverages

Legislation and Taxation

Market Parameter Tables

Population Size and Growth 1984-2015F

Economic Indicators 2004-2014F

Legislation and Taxation Tables

Table 1.5.1 Taxation Base

Table 1.5.3 Legal controls on Beer

Table 1.5.4 Tax Burden on Beer @ 5% Abv, 2012

Market Background Briefing

Beer Definitions by Type – Local Segmentation

Beer Definitions by Type – Standard Price Segmentation

Beer Definitions by Type – Alcoholic Strength

Beer Definitions by Type – Beer Type

Beer Definitions by Type – Local, National and International

Market Update

Beer Key Facts

Market Size


Market Value

Segmentation 2012

Distribution 2012

Packaging 2012

Market Commentary

Current and Emerging Trends


Imports and Exports


Top 10 Beer Brands – Volume, 2010-2012

Top 10 International Premium and Super premium Beer Brands – Volume, 2010-2012

Licensed Brand Owners and Licensees

Brand Analysis

Private Label/Private Label Producers

New Products Activity

Chart – Leading Brewers/Importers, 2012

Market Structure


Chart – Consumption by Pack Material/Type, 2012

Packaging Trends

Chart – Distribution by Channel, 2012

Chart – Consumption by Price Segment, 2012

Market Valuation and Pricing

Beer Market Valuation (Local Currency), 2011-2013F

Distribution Trends

Distribution and Pricing Tables

Table 3.4.1 – Outlet Universe For Beer – Number/% Share, 2007-2012

Table 3.4.2 – Outlet Universe For Beer By Turnover – Value/% Share, 2007-2012

Table 3.5.1 – Leading Retail Groups For Beer – Number/% Share, 2007-2012

Table 3.5.2 – Leading Retail Groups For Beer – Turnover/% Share, 2007-2012

Table 3.8 – Leading Importers and Distributors, 2012

Table 3.9 – Trade Margin Build-Up Model

Table 3.10.1 – Selected Consumer Beer Prices: Off-Premise, 2011-2013

Table 3.10.2 – Selected Consumer Beer Prices: On-Premise, 2011-2013

Beer Data Tables

Commercial Beverage Consumption – per Capita – Litres, 2002-2013F

Commercial Beverage Consumption – per Capita – % Share, 2002-2013F

Commercial Beverage Consumption – per Capita – Growth, 2002-2012

Commercial Beverage Consumption – Million Litres, 2002-2013F

Alcoholic Beverage Consumption – Litres of Pure Alcohol (LPA) Per Capita, 2002-2013F

Beer Production/Trade/Consumption, 2002-2013F

Beer Production/Trade/Consumption – Growth, 2002-2013F

Consumption of FABs and Cider, 2001-2013F

Beer Foreign Trade By Country (Imports), 2009-2013F

Beer Foreign Trade By Country (Exports), 2009-2013F

Beer Market Valuation (Local Currency), 2011-2013F

Beer Consumption by Local Definition, 2009-2013F

Beer Consumption by Standard Price Segmentation, 2009-2013F

Beer Consumption by Alcoholic Strength, 2009-2013F

Beer Consumption by Type, 2009-2013F

Beer Consumption by Geographic Scope, 2009-2013F

Beer All Trademarks, 2008-2012

Beer Brands by Local Definition, 2008-2012

Beer Brands by Standard Price Segment, 2008-2012

Beer Brands by Alcoholic Strength, 2008-2012

Beer Brands by Type, 2008-2012

Beer Imported Brands by Origin, 2008-2012

Beer Licensed Brands, 2008-2012

Beer Trademark Owners, 2008-2012

Beer Local Operators, 2008-2012

Beer Leading Brewers/Importers, 2008-2012

Beer Consumption by Pack Mix: Refillability/Type/Pack/Size, 2009-2013F

Beer Distribution: On vs Off Premise, 2009-2013F

Brewer Profiles



Smaller Brewers


List of Tables

Table 1: Data Revisions Summary

Table 2: South Korea Population Size and Growth, 1991-2015F

Table 3: Asia Population Size and Growth, 2002-2013F

Table 4: South Korea Economic Indicators, 2004-2014F

Table 5: Taxation Base

Table 6: Legal controls on Beer

Table 7: Tax Burden on Beer @ 5% Abv, 2012

Table 8: Leading Retail Groups for Beer 2008-2012 (number of outlets)

Table 9: Beer Key Facts

Table 10: Top 10 Beer Brands – Volume, 2010-2012

Table 11: Top 10 International Premium and Super premium Beer Brands – Volume, 2010-2012

Table 12: Licensed Brand Owners and Licensees

Table 13: Beer Market Valuation (Local Currency), 2011-2013F

Table 14: Trade Margin Build-Up Model

Table 15: Selected Consumer Beer Prices: Off-Premise, 2011-2013

Table 16: Selected Consumer Beer Prices: On-Premise, 2011-2013

Table 17: Commercial Beverage Consumption – Litres Per Capita, 2002-2013F

Table 18: Commercial Beverage Consumption – Per Capita % Share, 2002-2013F

Table 19: Commercial Beverage Consumption – Per Capita Growth, 2003-2013F

Table 20: Commercial Beverage Consumption – Million Liters, 2002-2013F

Table 21: Average Beverage Consumption – Liters of Pure Alcohol (LPA) Per Capita, 2002-2013F

Table 22: Beer Production/Trade/Consumption, 2002-2013F

Table 23: Beer Production/Trade/Consumption – Growth, 2002-2013F

Table 24: Consumption of FABs and Cider, 2002-2013F

Table 25: Beer Foreign Trade By Country (Imports), 2009-2013F

Table 26: Beer Foreign Trade By Country (Exports), 2009-2013F

Table 27: Beer Market Valuation (Local Currency), 2011-2013F

Table 28: Beer Consumption by Local Definition, 2009-2013F

Table 29: Beer Consumption by Standard Price Segmentation, 2009-2013F

Table 30: Beer Consumption by Alcoholic Strength, 2009-2013F

Table 31: Beer Consumption by Type, 2009-2013F

Table 32: Beer Consumption by Geographic Scope, 2009-2013F

Table 33: Beer All Trademarks, 2008-2012

Table 34: Beer Brands by Local Definition, 2008-2012

Table 35: Beer Brands by Standard Price Segment, 2008-2012

Table 36: Beer Brands by Alcoholic Strength, 2008-2012

Table 37: Beer Brands by Type, 2008-2012

Table 38: Imported Brands by Origin, 2008-2012

Table 39: Beer Licensed Brands, 2008-2012

Table 40: Beer Trademark Owners, 2008-2012

Table 41: Beer Local Operators, 2008-2012

Table 42: Beer leading Brewers/Importers, 2008-2012

Table 43: Beer Consumption by Pack Mix: Refillability/Pack/Size, 2009-2013F

Table 44: Beer Distribution: On vs Off Premise, 2009-2013F

Table 45: Breweries Capacity (000s HL)

Table 45: Hite Brewery Full Brand List

Table 45: Hite Brewery Co. Brand Volumes 2008-2012

Table 46: Breweries Capacity (000s HL)

Table 47: Oriental Brewery Full Brand List

Table 48: Oriental Brewery Brand Volumes 2008-2012

Table 49: Company HEINEKEN KOREA

Table 50: Company 7BRAU

Table 51: Company SAB MILLER

List of Figures

Figure 1: Beer Leading Brewers/Importers, 2012

Figure 2: Beer Consumption by Pack Material/Type, 2012

Figure 3: Beer Distribution by Channel, 2012

Figure 4: Beer Consumption by Price Segment, 2012

Companies Mentioned


Read the full report:

South Korea Beer Market Insights 2013


For more information:

Sarah Smith

Research Advisor at Reportbuyer.com

Email: query@reportbuyer.com

Tel: +44 208 816 85 48

Website: http://www.reportbuyer.com

More People Suffering from Substance Abuse & Mental Disorders than Other Diseases, Study Says

Miami, FL (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

According to a Healthday article reported on 8/28 Mental and Substance Disorders Major Cause of Nonfatal Illnesses, that globally, more people are suffering from substance abuse and mental disorders than any other nonfatal health issue. This research was conducted by the Global Burden of Disease Study, which involved researchers from the United States and Australia.

Twenty mental and substance abuse disorders were analyzed to determine the frequency of nonfatal illness caused by these disorders. It was found that mental and substance abuse related health issues were responsible for nearly 23 percent of all nonfatal diseases around the world.

Harbor Village, located in sunny South Florida, is equipped to help clients dependent on addictive drugs receive private drug treatment in an upscale, 24/7 medically supervised, state-of-the art environment. Alcohol abuse clients: the staff will monitor your entire day, including waking up, meals, activities, rest time, and sleep. The alcohol abuse program usually provides more favorable results because it requires the client to leave their responsibilities behind and obtain the care they need in a controlled environment.

Every client staying at Harbor Village is greeted by luxury accommodations including a beautifully furnished suite with satellite television, over an acre of scenic outdoor lounge area, spa, salon, massage and acupuncture services, nutritious, gourmet dining, private limo pickup and transportation to anywhere in Florida and a personalized program designed for each client’s specific problem.

As reported in Mental and Substance Disorders Major Cause of Nonfatal Illnesses, the study’s authors found that marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug. However, only 13 million people worldwide are addicted to using marijuana. Meanwhile, 17.2 million were addicted to amphetamines and 15.5 million were addicted to opioids.

The study’s co-leader, Louisa Degenhardt, of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, pointed out in the news release that the study “results clearly show that illicit drug use is an important contributor to the global disease burden, and we now have the first global picture of this cause of health loss.”

Treatment is the best course of action for anyone suffering from drug abuse. Those suffering from any drug-related issue should seek immediate help at a qualified detox center, said Robert Niznik, Harbor Village CEO.

For more information, visit:

Ray Drake Reflects on Chippewa, Ojibwa Cultural Traditions

Hayward, WI (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

Author Ray Drake shares his life-changing journey of spiritual awareness and growth found through extensive professional and personal contact with Chippewa and Ojibwa Native Americans in his illuminating new book, “Dancing for the Fat Lady: Dancing for Life, Peace, and Sanity: The Ojibwa Sundance and Other Ceremonies” (published by Balboa Press).

“These are the people that members of the dominant culture never consider in their reckless pursuit of successful failure and their love affair with money,” Drake says of the Chippewa and Ojibwa. “These are the collateral damage of our way of life who expose our cultures reflexive self-congratulation, delusions of grandeur, and illusions of justice and equality. They are important because they are here, they will not go away, and they, too, are beloved of God.”

“Dancing for the Fat Lady” tells the story of Drakes incredible experiences working with the Chippewa people, sharing everything he learned from them in the process, particularly an appreciation for their vibrant spirituality and the lasting effects of the trauma of European colonization. He goes on to describe connection with the Chippewas Canadian relatives, the Ojibwa, and his participation in their sacred Ojibwa Sundance, which requires four days of fasting and prayer.

Finally, “Dancing for the Fat Lady” seeks to affirm the Chippewa/Ojibwa traditions as being essential to not only their own identity and well-being, but also to the health of Earth and its inhabitants.

“Dancing for the Fat Lady”

By Ray Drake

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 356 pages | ISBN 9781452583532

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 356 pages | ISBN 9781452583518

E-Book | ISBN 9781452583525

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author

Ray Drake has a doctorate in psychology and is retired from teaching psychology at the university level and years of practicing psychology in “Indian Land.” He lives with his wife, Lorraine, a retired school teacher, in a small rural town in the north central United States.

Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, Inc. a leading provider in publishing products that specialize in self-help and the mind, body, and spirit genres. Through an alliance with indie book publishing leader Author Solutions, LLC, authors benefit from the leadership of Hay House Publishing and the speed-to-market advantages of the self-publishing model. For more information, visit balboapress.com. To start publishing your book with Balboa Press, call 877-407-4847 today. For the latest, follow @balboapress on Twitter.

Writer with Disability Reveals Story and Message in New Empowering Book

Georgia (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

Author Richard Harris, born with a knubbed right hand with no fingers, unbolts the doors to his life and lets readers in on his experiences in The Gift of a Disability. In this empowering, tell-all biography, he aims to inspire and give hope to readers, especially to those born with disabilities. A disabled man himself, he shares in a compelling saga his ability to cope with various vicissitudes of living with and triumphing over a physical disability, in a manner believed to be divinely inspired and commissioned as a gift to inspire himself and other disabled individuals toward lives of success and accomplishment.

Beginning with his childhood in the small rural town of Griffin, Ga., located approximately 50 miles south of the city of Atlanta, the story of the success of this fraternal twin from a family of eight children is told in a manner capturing the emotional and psychological challenges of a disabled individual competing for success in life among the nondisabled American working populace of family members, friends, and compatriots.

From a background of active involvement in the ministry and teachings of the legendary Griffin pastor, the late Reverend D. F. Fuller, the life experiences of this author are presented in a manner that inspires and motivates disabled individuals toward successful growth and development.

The Gift of a Disability seeks to foster increased awareness and recognition as well as respect of the general public on the success of millions of physically impaired Americans who overcome physical, mental, and other artificial barriers to successfully compete as productive employees in the nations workforce.

For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to http://www.Xlibris.com.

About the Author

Richard Harris is a 1965 graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga., with a BA Degree in English and a minor in Education. Harris was born in Griffin, Ga., where he grew up and was educated in public schools there. He is a member of the prominent Fuller/Harris family of Griffin and is a fraternal twin with five sibling brothers and sisters.

He considered study in law but pursued a career in Journalism, print and broadcast media where he devoted over eight years of employment with local, regional and national public service agencies in consumer affairs, legal education and community development. Harris is retired with 25 years of service as Equal Opportunity Specialist with the Equal Opportunity Commission.

He is an accomplished singer, orator, poet, media specialist and devotee to Christian principles and ideals. He is single and has no children and presently lives in Rex, Ga. in the Northern Sector of the city of Atlanta.

The Gift of a Disability * by Richard Harris

Publication Date: November 25, 2013

Trade Paperback; $ 15.99; 80 pages; 978-1-4931-2059-8

Trade Hardback; $ 24.99; 80 pages; 978-1-4931-2060-4

e-book; $ 3.99; 978-1-4931-2061-1

Members of the media who wish to review this book may request a complimentary paperback copy by contacting the publisher at (888) 795-4274 x. 7879. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at (812) 355-4079 or call (888) 795-4274 x. 7879.

For more information on self-publishing or marketing with Xlibris, visit http://www.Xlibris.com. To receive a free publishing guide, please call (888) 795-4274.

Puccini Foundation Inaugural Awards Event Spotlights Research and Similarity of Cancer in People and Dogs

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 10, 2013

On October 28, 2013, the Puccini Foundation for Comparative Oncology (http://www.puccinifoundation.org) hosted its inaugural awards event in New York City. The Shared Cancer/Shared Cures celebration honored the collaborative efforts of world renowned experts: a veterinary oncologist and a medical oncologist, and their cutting edge research that studies spontaneous cancer intended for humans that also benefits our pets.

Honorees included Dr. Philip Bergman, veterinary oncologist from Katonah-Bedford Veterinary Center, and Dr. Jedd Wolchok, immunologist from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The collaboration between Dr. Bergman and Dr. Wolchok produced ONCEPT, the Canine Melanoma Vaccine which made history as the first and only USDA-approved, therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of cancer in either animals or humans. The information from the ONCEPT canine clinical trials is being used in ongoing research to investigate potential implications for a human treatment.

Also honored was the Blue Buffalo Company (the top pet food company providing healthy and holistic natural foods) for its corporate responsibility leadership role in supporting animal cancer research. While many companies support animal welfare, Blue Buffalo is one of the first to actively support the healthcare of animals through its Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research.

Prior to presenting the Shared Cancer/Shared Cures Visionary Award to Dr. Bergman, Dr. Roger Mahr, co-founder and recently retired CEO of the One Health Commission, spoke of the importance of collaboration and convergence of the animal and human medical fields. Cancer Research Institute chief executive officer and director of scientific affairs, Jill ODonnell-Tormey, presented the Shared Cancer/Shared Cures Visionary Award to Dr. Wolchok. The two honorees and the audience were treated to a congratulatory video message from Dr. Chand Khanna of the National Cancer Institutes Center for Cancer Research.

Beth Mars, Director of Operations and Development for The Petco Foundation, presented the Shared Cancer/Shared Cures Corporate Responsibility Award to Blue Buffalo Companys David Petrie, Vice President and President of the Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research for the organizations work in supporting animal cancer research.

Dr. Mahr and Dr. Laura Kahn, co-founder of the One Health Initiative, also received special recognition for their work in advancing the One Health movement.

In 2007, Linda Cohen Wassong launched The Puccini Foundation to educate the public and raise funds for comparative oncology research. Comparative oncology is the study of cancer that naturally occurs in animals, to help find treatments and cures for humans, as well as animals. Through collaboration by researchers of human and animal medicine, comparative oncology seeks innovative approaches to discover treatments and cures for cancer faster and more cost-effectively.

The Shared Cancer/Shared Cures Celebration, held at the Griffis Faculty Club in New York City, was attended by leading medical and veterinary researchers, NYC veterinarians and MDs, as well as Bob Antin, CEO of VCA Antech, and pet owners whose dogs have benefitted from comparative oncology studies. Renowned board members, Joshua Schiffman, MD, Medical Director, Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah, and Alan Manevitz, MD, psychiatrist in NYC and associate professor and attending at NYCs top hospitals, celebrated the foundations inaugural event. ” I am certainly dedicated to the field of comparative oncology – for both personal and professional reasons. Comparative Oncology is the future of medicine,” states, Dr. Schiffman.

The event was both a fundraiser as well as an opportunity to build awareness for the important advances being made in cancer research through this novel new methodology. Corporate supporters of the event included Blue Buffalo Company, Merial (the manufacturer of ONCEPT), Novartis and Zoetis.

The event was a huge success. Our guests included leaders in the human oncology and veterinary fields. All in attendance support cancer research that will lead to finding treatments and cures for cancer in humans and our pets. Together, we all help give a voice to the promising science of comparative oncology, says Wassong.

In 2006, Wassongs cocker spaniel and longtime companion, Puccini, was stricken with melanoma, the same dangerous skin cancer that humans endure. Her dog participated in clinical trials as part of a partnership between veterinarians at New Yorks The Animal Medical Center (AMC) and human oncology researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). Through the trials, Puccinis quality and quantity of life were extended.

To quote Roger Mahr, We live in a changing environment populated by interconnected human and animal contact, creating integrated challenges. These challenges require integrated solutions and call for a collaborative leadership.

The Puccini Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2007. It is dedicated to the hope of a future for pets and peoplecancer free. The Puccini Foundations mission is to make this a reality by educating the public and raising funds for comparative oncology programs. The Puccini Foundation serves as a resource for the One Health Commission: Wassong serves on the board of directors. http://www.onehealthcommission.org/en/resources/puccini_foundation_for_comparative_oncology/

Linda Cohen Wassong has served as publisher of national womens beauty/fashion magazines and worked in real estate specializing in pet friendly properties in New York City. She continues to support non-profit organizations that benefit people and pets. Linda works as a life coach.

For more information on The Puccini Foundation, visit http://www.puccinifoundation.org or email Linda Cohen Wassong at linda@puccinifoundation.org. To make a donation, please visit http://puccinifoundation.org/donate-now/.

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