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Top Eight Seldom Discussed Benefits of Orgasms

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 06, 2013

Dr. Kat (http://www.drkat.com) gives her followers an early holiday present: Top Eight Benefits of Orgasms Seldom Discussed.

1. Relieve Tension: The relaxation that typically follows orgasm is often one of the few times people actually allow themselves to completely relax and let go of stress.

2. Sleep Enhancer: Following an orgasm men usually experience a quick drop in blood pressure and fall into sudden relaxation. For women the effect is more progressive but just as powerful. Consider orgasm as your own personal tranquilizer. Throw the Ambien out and overcome insomnia. Let the joyful release of endorphins take over and calm your body and mind.

3. Boosts Your Immune System: With orgasm, DHEA is released and Dr. Theresa Crenshaw, author of Alchemy of Love and Lust, says DHEA may be the most powerful chemical in our personal world. It helps balance the immune system, improves cognition, promotes bone growth, and maintains and repairs tissues, keeping your skin healthy and supple. It can mean less frequent colds and flu.

4. Reduces Depression: Many hormones are positively affected by the act of sex and orgasm, which can lead to a lighter mood. Another theory is proposed by psychologist Gordon Gallup, who states that Prostaglandin, a hormone found in semen, may have led to 30 percent more of his female study participants to report feeling happier than the participants who did not have men ejaculate inside of them. So, he can apparently make you feel happy inside and out!

5. Helps You Eat Better: Sexual stimulation activates the production of phenetylamine, a natural amphetamine that regulates your appetite. So start curbing those midnight cravings with a little midnight sex.

6. Alleviates Pain: Oxytocin should be everyones favorite hormone. When oxytocin is secreted in your body it helps release wonderful endorphins. Because of these natural opiates, sexand specifically orgasmbecome a powerful analgesic, elevating the pain threshold. Orgasms can even help to relieve the pain of arthritis, whiplash, and headaches. Now that is a prescription everyone can follow.

7. Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease: It is simple by having sex three or more times per week, individuals reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke by half.

8. Helps You to Live Longer: A British study of 1,000 people found those who had at least two orgasms per week had half the death rate of the rest of the country, which admitted to indulging in sex less than once per month. Live long and prosper.

About Dr. Kat:

Dr. Kat Van Kirk received her doctorate in Human Sexuality/Clinical Sexology from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. She runs the website: http://www.drkat.com and is the resident expert for Adam and Eve (http://www.AdamAndEve.com). She is also an associate professor at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco and an adjunct professor at Akamai University in Hilo, Hawaii. She is the author of The Married Sex Solution: A Realistic Guide to Saving Your Sex Life, an e-book available on Amazon.com. (http://tinyurl.com/n7uo7uv).

Worcester Polytechnic Insitute’s Latest Innovation? Goat Cheese Made by the Smartest Goats in the World

Worcester, Mass. (PRWEB) December 06, 2013

Three enterprising students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) have launched a new business as part of their senior year course work but this one more dairy than digital. Instead of launching a tech business, these students have decided to pay homage to WPIs revered goat mascot, Gompei, and have gone into the cheese business.

The trioJoseph Botelho, Rodrigo Calles, and Diana Nguyen have launched Gompeis Goat Cheese (http://www.Gompei.com) as part of their Major Qualifying Project, a year-long course that requires students to tackle professional-level challenges in their specific majors. In this case, the students all belong to WPIs School of Business, which stresses innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

These students recognized a strong passion among WPI alumni for the schools mascot and developed a strategy to capitalize on that, says business professor Sharon Wulf, who serves as project advisor. Their tagline, Made by the Smartest Goats in the World, is a humorous tribute to the kind of people that WPI attracts. It definitely puts a smile on the face of WPI alumni.

While less than a month old, the student-run business has already sold more than $ 2,000 worth of Gompeis Goat Cheese offered in plain, herb garlic, and hickory-smoked varieties through online sales and the Campus Center cafeteria.

At WPI, were taught to encompass both theory and practice into our project work, which is how we built our business plan, says Nguyen, 20, of Lowell, Mass., who is majoring in management and psychological science. Gompei has strong appeal to our alumni, and goat cheese is a very healthy product, much more nutritious than cheese from cows or sheep. So we stress these benefits in our marketing.

The universitys mascot and now the companys name was derived from Gompei Kuwada, a 1893 graduate of WPI who, due to his initials, served as the universitys first goat keeper after the school obtained a goat as a mascot.

The seniors formally launched Gompeis Goat Cheese on Nov. 11, WPIs Founders Day, but the project actually started two years ago when Jim Wolken, editor of WPIs alumni magazine, introduced the idea to WPI students Nick Mondor and Tim ONeil, who turned the concept into a student-driven project. Last year, WPI seniors Jeremy Berman and Danielle Payne conducted market testing. Our research revealed a very competitive market with tight margins, but no dominant brand, says Payne. We also discovered that the WPI name has strong appeal around Worcester, as several local businesses expressed interest in carrying Gompeis Goat Cheese.

Prior to the launch, the students presented their business concept to a number of campus organizations, and were successful in securing a commitment of $ 15,000 to help sustain the business over the next three years.

Gompeis Goat Cheese is available online or on the WPI campus, but students hope to find a distributor who will expand the product throughout Worcester County. The cheese itself is made fresh daily by Westfield Farms in Hubbardston, Mass., and then private-labeled for WPI. Westfield owner Bob Stetson says his company has done private label ventures for other companies, but never with college students. Its a unique idea, says Stetson. And its been enjoyable for us to see the enthusiasm these students bring to their venture. So far, its been a good partnership.

The current crop of students is tasked with officially launching the business, and the plan is for future students to seize the reins and keep the business growing. Transitioning to a new group of student leaders will be a big challenge, says Botelho. But we have moved this idea forward two years now with a different group of students. Plus, its a tremendous learning experience, so were optimistic other students will want to keep the business growing.

All of the students involved say they have gained valuable experience from the project. Calles, of Calexico, Calif., who is majoring in business management engineering, has enjoyed developing marketing concepts for Gompeis. Botelho, a management major from East Providence, R.I., says he learned that creating a business is different than classwork, as the business needs to be constantly refined.

Profits from goat cheese sales will go back into the business in order to make it a sustainable operation. Future plans call for the proceeds to support student scholarships.

About Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Founded in 1865 in Worcester, Mass., WPI is one of the nations first engineering and technology universities. Its 14 academic departments offer more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in science, engineering, technology, business, the social sciences, and the humanities and arts, leading to bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. WPI’s talented faculty work with students on interdisciplinary research that seeks solutions to important and socially relevant problems in fields as diverse as the life sciences and bioengineering, energy, information security, materials processing, and robotics. Students also have the opportunity to make a difference to communities and organizations around the world through the university’s innovative Global Perspective Program. There are more than 35 WPI project centers throughout North America and Central America, Africa, Australia, Asia, and Europe.


Andy Baron, PR & Media Associate

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester, Massachusetts

508-831-5916, ajbaron(at)wpi(dot)edu

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Antioch University New England Introduces a New Graduate Fellowship in Conservation Psychology

Keene, New Hampshire (PRWEB) December 06, 2013

Antioch University New England (AUNE) has created a new graduate fellowship in conservation psychology, thanks to an anonymous gift of $ 50,000. The fellowship, the first of its kind in the country, was announced at the celebration of AUNEs Department of Environmental Studies fortieth anniversary, on November 9.

Conservation psychology is the science and practice of understanding and promoting human care for nature. Its really about appreciating our relationship with the natural world and encouraging people to act on behalf of that relationship, said Carol Saunders, one of the founders of conservation psychology and a research faculty member in AUNEs Department of Environmental Studies. Ten years ago, she co-edited a special issue of Human Ecology Review that helped define the new discipline.

The fellowship will help coordinate a network of interested professionals and broaden the reach of this new field through training and other opportunities. Saunders is excited about the potential, saying that it will help build our capacity to connect people who want to apply insights from psychology toward environmental issues.

One of AUNEs core endeavors in this field is the Conservation Psychology Institute (CPI), in which students, scholars, and faculty learn to use the tools of psychology in conservation and sustainability practices. AUNE will present its fifth CPI in June 2014 in Keene, New Hampshire. Since May 2011, there have been four of these intensive, multiday workshops, held in San Diego, California, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as well as in Keene.

One of the strengths of the CPI is that it draws from leading researchers in the field. Past CPI faculty have included Saunders; P. Wesley Schultz, professor of psychology at California State University, San Marcos; Thomas Doherty, who developed the Ecopsychology in Counseling course sequence at Lewis & Clark Graduate School; and Louise Chawla, professor in the Environmental Design Department at the University of Colorado in Boulder and associate director of the Children, Youth and Environments Center for Community Engagement. Eventually a library of content modules will be created with contributions from many other conservation psychology leaders, which can then be shared in future CPIs.

About AUNEs Department of Environmental Studies

AUNEs Department of Environmental Studies (ES), one of the oldest graduate program in environmental studies in the country, is celebrating its fortieth year. The department delivers visionary, progressive, and interdisciplinary programs that are helping students solve some of today’s most complex environmental challenges. It offers a masters of science degree in environmental studies with concentrations in conservation biology, advocacy for social justice and sustainability, environmental education, science teacher certification, sustainable development and climate change, and self-designed studies. It also offers a masters of science degree in resource and conservation management and a PhD in environmental studies. Learn more here.

Whole Terrain, AUNEs journal of reflective practice, which is housed in the ES Department, is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year.

About Antioch University New England (AUNE)

Antioch University New England offers highly respected doctoral, masters, and certificate programs in education, environmental studies, management and psychology. Located in Keene, New Hampshire, this unique institution serves approximately one thousand students each year. Our graduates have gone on to be leaders of positive change, working toward a more just and sustainable society. Founded in 1964, Antioch University New England is the oldest of Antioch Universitys graduate campuses. Learn more at: http://www.antiochne.edu.

About Antioch University

Inspired by the work of pioneering educator Horace Mann, Antioch University, a private, non-profit, 501(c) 3 institution, provides learner-centered education to empower students with the knowledge and skills to lead meaningful lives and to advance social, economic, and environmental justice. With campuses in Keene, New Hampshire, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Seattle, and Yellow Springs, Ohio, Antioch University is a bold and enduring source of innovation in higher education. The University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association.

Skin, Mind, Body Essentials SON Brand Introduces Limited-Edition Gift Sets for Men

Alameda, CA (PRWEB) December 06, 2013

Hot off the heels of its e-commerce launch, SON, a performance-based skin care line for men created by SMB Essentials, is launching an exclusive limited-edition travel size gift set for the holiday season and beyond (think Father’s Day).

Most skin care brands focus on the needs of women, but what about men? says, CEO Lake Louise. This is one of the reasons why we created SON because there was a need for a straightforward no-nonsense natural and organic product option for men that would combat ingrown hair follicles, oiliness and blemishes.

SON combines certified organic essential oils and extracts to combat skin irritations common to men. Inspired by their top selling brand Lotus Moon products, SON grooming gift set includes travel sizes of a pre-shave facial scrub, a non-foaming shaving cream and post-shave gel.

As with all SMB Essentials brand of products, SON includes high concentrations of natural and organic ingredients, free from parabens, artificial fragrances, gluten and other toxic synthetic ingredients.

SHAVE is a safe and natural, non-foaming shaving cream. It combines hydrating Aloe Vera, vitamin enriched Shea Butter and ultra-moisturizing Cocoa Butter & Coconut oil to soften skin, exfoliate and calm skin irritation. SCRUB combines lactic acid along with bamboo stem extract to give skin that extra exfoliation boost. SOOTHE is the super star post-shave gel that works to prevent ingrown hair and helps calm irritation after shaving.

For the men in your life who deserve only the best mother nature has to offer, please visit: http://www.sonformen.com

About SON:

SON is the latest brand in the SMB Essentials lineup of natural and organic Beauty, Grooming and Wellness products. Launched in Fall of 2013, SON was developed as a complete shaving and skin care system to exclusively address the gender specific skin care needs of men. The SON range of products prepares the skin, stabilizes the imbalances and stimulates cellular turnover to reveal healthy looking skin.

About Skin, Mind, Body Essentials (SMB Essentials)

Skin, Mind, Body Essentials develops natural and organic beauty and wellness products for brands: Lotus Moon

AMACOM Author of New Book Offers Insights into Buying Patterns

(PRWEB) December 06, 2013

Edgar Papke explores how to achieve revenue advantagesand reduce losesby linking company culture with customer needs in his new book, TRUE ALIGNMENT (AMACOM, December 12, 2013). From cosmetics to cars, companies lock in a strong relationship with their customers if they engender an emotional affiliation with them. That starts by understanding and responding to the reasons why those customers choose to do business with them; the companies that do tend to be aligned with their customers.

Alignment captures an emotional as well as a cognitive connection, notes Papke. Its the first step to unwavering brand loyalty.

Common reflections of mis-alignment are

The Guaranteed Girlfriend Program: Review Examining Adam Gilad’s Coaching Program Released

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 05, 2013

The Guaranteed Girlfriend Program, which promises to help single men attract fun, gorgeous, and all-around amazing girlfriends has just been released to the public creating a frenzy of excitement throughout the men’s dating advice community. The buzz surrounding the program’s launch has caught the attention of PUABooks.net’s Clint Johnson, prompting an investigative review.

“While ‘playing the field’ and remaining a bachelor long term may appeal to some, I’d venture that if given the chance, the vast majority of unmarried men would actually prefer to meet a quality ‘girlfriend material’ woman to enjoy a relationship with,” says Johnson. “Woefully however, finding such a woman, attracting her, and getting into a relationship with her can be tricky, and there just isn’t a lot of good information for out there for guys ON this subject. So, when we found out about Adam Gilad’s new Guaranteed Girlfriend Program we were eager to review it for our website visitors.”

The Guaranteed Girlfriend Program includes a 12 week video training curriculum, weekly coaching calls with Adam Gilad and his top coaches, recordings and transcripts, as well as additional bonus material. The course was designed to lead viewers through sequential, transformational trainings covering everything from getting clear on one’s own vision, to understanding the foundations of female psychology, to trainings on how to “lead” in a relationship and the art of conflict management.

“Our Guaranteed Girlfriend Program review shows that the course provides a comprehensive approach to finding and filtering for a quality ‘girlfriend material’ woman, and then ‘embodying the masculine’ in a way she just can’t resist.” reports Johnson. “Adam is widely considered to be one of the smartest and most eloquent teachers of masculine-feminine magnetism alive today, and we know our readers will get a lot out of learning this valuable information.”

Those wishing to purchase The Guaranteed Girlfriend Program, or for more information, click here.

Clint Johnson reviews popular dating guides and self-help programs for men on his website PUABooks.net. Johnson’s Guaranteed Girlfriend review is available here: http://puabooks.net/adam-gilads-guaranteed-girlfriend-program-review-get-a-gf-guaranteed/

Human Talent Network Seeks Contributors with Great Ideas

Washington, DC (PRWEB) December 06, 2013

The Human Talent Network, a talent website aimed at providing engaging news, commentary, and opinion on issues of talent, human resources, industrial psychology, and social psychology amongst others, is seeking contributors within those fields that are willing to share their great ideas and engage in vigorous debate about the direction of the social sciences in both the practice and research arenas.

The Human Talent Network (HTN) was recently launched in Washington DC, with a solid initial fellowship in both the academic and business sides of the social sciences.

The website features an advanced rating system for contributions made by the networks members, a dedication to a broad topic base including covering issues rarely covered by other sites due to their depth and general requirement for high quality, and excellent integration with social media networks to enhance its contributors brand and disseminate new information quickly for those who seek it.

Currently, the Human Talent Network is seeking contributors that are willing to share their ideas about trends in the human resource industry, as well as research and academic fields such as sociology, social psychology, and industrial psychology.

Contributors will receive numerous benefits, including discounts on products and services specifically geared towards HTNs membership by third parties, the opportunity to enhance their personal brands, as well as the opportunity to provide a public service to their community by helping those without social science training and education better understand issues revolving around human psychology, and the workplace.

Contributors seeking to share their creative thoughts and ideas are advised to visit the website, familiarize themselves with the Human Talent Network, visit the Contribute link, and download the Human Talent Networks editorial guidelines.

Contributors can also visit our various social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, or Google plus.

About the Human Talent Network

The Human Talent Network is a portal for engaging, debating, and learning about issues of the social sciences from both the practice and research perspectives. The network seeks to provide a window to the public on the salient social issues of the day, and to connect those who apply the social sciences with those who research it in hopes of improving, increasing, and enhancing collaboration in the field.

The FDA is Pushing For Greater Restrictions on Prescription Painkillers: Now what?

Austin, TX (PRWEB) December 06, 2013

In an effort to combat the growing problem of prescription drug abuse, the FDA announced it will begin recommending tighter controls on how doctors prescribe commonly used narcotic painkillers that contain Hydrocodone. For those that have witnessed the destruction of painkiller abuse firsthand, this is welcome news. But according to several experts in the field, its a solution that is not without risk in the short term.

According to George Catlin, the founder of Withdrawal Ease, the epidemic of painkiller abuse is fueled in two ways. The first is the relative ease of access that people have to these drugs, and certainly these new regulations should go a long way in curbing access. However, these new regulations ignore another key part of the problem: people who are physically dependent will do almost anything to avoid opiate withdrawal and detox. According to addictionologists, opiate detox from drugs like Hydrocodone can be particularly excruciating and can persist for weeks.

Catlin has written extensively on this subject for years on his website. In his estimation, restricting access focuses only on the distribution problem.

The fact of the matter is, there are hundreds of thousands of people that are physically dependent on these drugs, says Catlin. For many of these people, rehab simply isnt an option because of the cost and time requirements; we must identify new protocols for opiate dependency because the current system isnt working. Reducing the acuity of opiate detox is essential. Our concern is that many of these folks will turn to more potent forms of opiates including heroin to avoid the looming specter of withdrawal. It is the engine that drives physical dependency. Many will resort to more potent, drugs like Heroin or expensive replacement therapies like Suboxone (Buprenorphine) which can cause even worse withdrawal symptoms than Hydrocodone.

Heroin use is on the rise.

The comeback seen in heroin use has been driven largely by the law-enforcement crackdown on illicit use of prescription painkillers, drug officials say. That has pushed those who were addicted to the pills to turn to heroin, which is cheaper and oftentimes more plentiful. Further restricting access has the potential of driving demand for heroin even higher.

The FDA recommendations are certainly very good news, Mr. Catlin said. But we need to be mindful of the potential, unintended consequences of these recommendations. We must find ways to make the opiate detox process more comfortable, accessible and affordable. In the case of opiate dependency, this is the very essence of preventative care.

According to the New York Times, about 131 million prescriptions for hydrocodone-containing medications were written for about 47 million patients, according to government estimates. That amounts to about five billion pills.

The FDAs recommendations include reducing the number of refills available to patients before going back to see a doctor, and requiring patients to take their prescription to a pharmacy rather than having a doctor call it in. In addition, the new regulations would reduce by half, to 90 days, the supply of the drug a patient could obtain without a new prescription.

If these recommendations are approved by the DEA, the new regulations to go into effect in 2014.


George Catlin is the founder of Withdrawal Ease, a nutritional supplement designed to help ease the pain of withdrawal. Since 2009, Catlin has helped thousands of people ease their dependency to painkillers. The Withdrawal Ease System includes two custom formulations daytime and nighttime, and comes in capsule form. Most Withdrawal Ease customers have reported a significant decrease in the intensity and duration of their withdrawal symptoms after taking the supplement and following the suggestions in the free Survival Guide included. Also available is Recovery Ease for those experiencing persistent Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS). Find out more at withdrawal-ease.com.


The Swizzle Collective is an advertising and marketing (and sometimes PR) concern in Austin, TX, with clients in a wide variety of industries, including health, wellness, finance, technology and hospitality. For more information, visit swizzlecollective.com.

The Granite House Announces a Shared Viewing of The Anonymous People

Derry, NH (PRWEB) December 06, 2013

The Granite House, an extended care program for young men between the ages of 18 and 35, is pleased for the opportunity to get a group of people in Derry, NH to gather together and share in the viewing of The Anonymous People. We are extremely excited to help in carrying the message that the film brings, say Chief Operating Officer Bill Simmons. The viewing will take place in Derry, NH at Derry Five Star Cinemas at 5:00 PM.

The Anonymous People is a feature documentary about the more than 23 million Americans who are living in long-term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Due to a mark of disgrace created by our society, the voices of recovery have been kept silent and faces have remained hidden for decades. Media has painted a picture of people with addiction which feeds into the dysfunctional side of what is a preventable and treatable condition. Brave recovery advocates have come forward in attempt to end the discrimination and move towards recovery-based solutions. The story is told through the faces and voices of citizens, leaders, volunteers, corporate executives, public figures and celebrities. These true voices of recovery have come forward in hopes to save the lives of others just like them. This documentary aims to change public opinion, engage communities and elected officials while shifting problematic policy toward lasting solutions.

The Granite House encourages all from the community and beyond to join them on the 11th of December and view this inspiring documentary. It looks to be an eye opening event. People who are interested in viewing The Anonymous People can contact Bill Simmons or Pat Jones at 603-216-5094 or purchase your tickets online at http://gathr.us/screening/6465.

For more information about The Granite House and its services, including a detailed description of the program’s three phases, visit http://www.GraniteHouseSL.com. Men seeking recovery and their family members are encouraged to call 877-308-8338. Additional resources can be found on the facility’s facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/GraniteHouse.

The Meadows Alumni Association to Host Alumni Workshop in Dallas on December 10

Wickenburg, AZ (PRWEB) December 06, 2013

The Meadows Alumni Association is pleased to host an alumni workshop in Dallas, Texas, for alumni on Dec. 10, 2013, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Kelly Antwine, LPC, will lead the discussion on Spirituality. It will be held at Preston Place at 12700 Preston Road, #140.

Antwine is in private practice in Dallas at Preston Place Counseling where he specializes in addiction, self-esteem, and relationship issues.

To register and learn more, visit http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e8028bcka7be0e03&llr=wfcgw9nab. For more information, contact Morgan Day at 800.240.5522 or visit http://www.themeadows.com/alumni-association.

The Meadows Alumni Association is pleased to host monthly workshops to support alumni, family and friends. Meadows trained professionals will lead these inspirational meetings and focus on topics including renewing the language of The Meadows Model and reclaiming your commitment to its principles.

The Meadows is an industry leader in treating trauma and addiction through its inpatient and workshop programs. To learn more about The Meadows work with trauma and addiction contact an intake coordinator at (866) 856-1279 or visit http://www.themeadows.com.

For over 35 years, The Meadows has been a leading trauma and addiction treatment center. In that time, they have helped more than 20,000 patients in one of their three inpatient centers and 25,000 attendees in national workshops. The Meadows world-class team of Senior Fellows, Psychiatrists, Therapists and Counselors treat the symptoms of addiction and the underlying issues that cause lifelong patterns of self-destructive behavior. The Meadows, with 24 hour nursing and on-site physicians and psychiatrists, is a behavioral health inpatient facility that is licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services and accredited by The Joint Commission.