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Image-Line Software Releases FL Studio 11 Music Production Application

(PRWEB) April 25, 2013


Performance mode Trigger Playlist Clips live using a mouse, touch screen, typing keyboard or MIDI controller. Supports APC20/40, Launchpad, Lemur, Block, Maschine/Mikro, padKONTROL, Traktor Kontrol (and more).

Multi-touch support – FL Studio, including some plugins, now respond to Multi-touch with Microsoft gesture functions supported.

Playlist – 199 Playlist tracks, increased from 99.

Linking includes MIDI input port – Links now remember the MIDI input port used to avoid conflict between controllers.

Playlist & Piano roll Horizontal & vertical movement locking. Shift is horizontal lock & Ctrl is vertical lock when dragging items.

Piano roll – Glue notes, Mouse wheel velocity, Monophonic step entry mode & Chop chords tool.

Right-click data entry – Most controls now allow a Right-click option to type in values.

Plugin Picker – Right-click to open a plugin and its presets in the Browser. Start typing plugin names to highlight entries.

Mixer – Page Up/Down keyboard keys cycle through the current mixer track’s plugin windows.

Options – Play truncated notes in clips restores notes overlapping slice points in Pattern Clips. Click and hold functions. GUI animation level now selectable from sober to entertaining.


BassDrum Deep Kick-Bass percussion synthesizer with sample layering. BassDrum was developed due to strong and loud customer demand for punchy kicks with a big bottom end. Image-Line’s solution was to take a hybrid synthesis/sample route to provide unlimited customization for the perfect kick sound.

GMS (Groove Machine Synth) – Multi-timbral hybrid synthesizer & FX channel lifted from Groove Machine. Another plugin borne of popular demand from those using Groove Machine but not needing its sequencing features in FL Studio.

Effector – 12 performance oriented effects: Distortion, Lo-Fi bit reduction, Flanging, Phasing, Filter (low/high pass), Delay, Reverb, Stereo panning & binaural effect, Gating, Granulizer, Vocal formant and Ring modulation effects. Effector was introduced to compliment Performance Mode and perfect for use with touch-displays & controllers.

Patcher Introduced with FL Studio 10 to provide a means of saving and recalling commonly used effects and plugin chains Patcher has been overhauled with animated connections and a fresh interface. Most important are two new, of many more to come, Voice Effects (VFX) as follows:

VFX Key Mapper Allows note inputs, live or from the Piano roll, to be transposed, key-changed, chorded or creatively remapped.

VFX Color Mapper Leverages FL Studios 16 Piano roll note colors that have traditionally mapped to MIDI channels. Now inside Patcher note colors can control 16 independent generators/instruments or groups of generators.


FL Flowstone – Flowstone is the successor to the original Synthmaker program. Now including the Ruby high level programming language. Not only can you still create Synths, Effects but also control external hardware with support for USB devices, I/O cards, Wi-Fi, webcams and audio hardware. Connected to the right robot, FL Studio is the first DAW in the world that can now make you a coffee!

Newtone 2 Has been completely re-written with a new analysis and pitch engine for more accuracy, while also brushing up the workflow. Shortcuts & mouse actions now harmonize with FL Studios Piano roll and Playlist, where possible. Most exciting are the new Vibrato and Warp editors. The Vibrato editor allows users to create vibrato effects from scratch with controls including start/end amount and frequency. The editor even detects existing vibrato and displays this value so users can match the singers natural tendency, if desired. The Warp editor is designed to work with mono or polyphonic material and is perfect for slicing and re-timing/quantizing drum-loops, vocal performances and is great for sound-design experimentation. Importantly, Newtone 2 is a free update for existing customers.

Harmor Rising star of the Electro and Dubstep scene,voted in the top 10 plugins of 2013 by MusicRadar readers, now supports Komplexer WT wavetables & ‘Map audio regions to keys’ for sampler like functionality and auto-dump to score for Slicex like drum handling. The preset count continues to rise too as patches keep flooding in from the thriving user base.

ZGameEditor Visualizer Based on the free open source ZGameEditor 2D & 3D video game engine ZGE Visualizer can create real-time or rendered HD video effects in automated or automatic sync with FL Studio projects to support live performances or YouTube videos. Under FL Studio 11 the plugin receives a slew of new shadier modules for stunning HD video effects.

DirectWave – The native version now has a multi-timbral mode so users can load and play more than one patch from note colors in the Piano roll. There is also a new live 16 point sinc-interpolation mode for lower CPU usage when using DirectWave in multi-timbral mode and improved memory management for lower overheads.


Audio editing and manipulation including pitch correction, pitch shifting, harmonization, time-stretching, beat-detection & slicing, audio warping and standard audio manipulation (cut/paste etc).

Automate most interface and all plugin parameters by recording, drawing, spline-based automation curves, automation generators with formula based control of links.

Be hosted in other DAWs as a VST or connected through ReWire.

Live music performance including video effect visualization.

Mix and remix audio including apply real-time audio effects including delay, reverb & filtering.

Multi-track audio recording up to the limit of your audio-interface inputs.

Record & play MIDI input recording from keyboards, drum pads and controllers.

Sequencing and arranging with pattern and linear workflow possible.

Synthesizer & effect plugin hosting VST 32 & 64 bit, DX and FL Native formats.


There may be no such thing as a free lunch but there certainly is Lifetime Free Updates with Image Lines update policy. No need to pay for bug-fixes again All customers who purchase FL Studio 11 receive Lifetime Free Updates by download. Free updates entitles the customer to all future updates of FL Studio at level purchased (Express, Fruity, Producer or Signature Bundle). For example, all FL Studio 10 customers will be able to update to a fully functioning version of FL Studio 11, 12, etc, for free.


All FL Studio demo versions are fully featured, giving customers access to features associated with the highest level of the program (Producer Edition). Compose new songs and export them to WAV, MP3 or OGG. The only limitation is that projects saved in demo mode will only open fully once FL Studio and plugins have been registered. This gives you the ability to save recover your original projects post-purchase.


Established in 1994, Image Line Software provides high quality music applications to the computer-based music community and is well known for its leading digital audio workstation FL Studio (formerly FruityLoops), FL Studio Mobile for Android and iOS. High quality synthesizers including Autogun, DirectWave, Drumaxx, Groove Machine, Harmless, Harmor, Morphine, Ogun, Poizone, Sakura, Sawer, Slicex, Sytrus and Toxic Biohazard. Innovative effect plugins including Gross Beat, Hardcore, Maximus, PitCher & Vocodex. And finally, a wide range of sample libraries used in their multi-sampler plugins DirectWave and Soundfo

Zion Health Announces Claybrite: A Natural, Anti-Bacterial, Gum-Healing Toothpaste, Now Available at Fremont Natural Foods in Fremont, CA

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) February 14, 2013

Claybrite natural toothpaste is fluoride-free and uses calcium montmorillonite (Kanwa) mineral clay to clean teeth. Flouride toothpastes have been the gold standard in dental hygiene for years, however fluoride content is considered a possible toxin for children in large doses and now strictly regulated. In 1991, the American Dental Association (ADA) required that manufacturers update labels to warn of the concerns with swallowing excessive fluoride toothpaste and that of enamel erosion by dental fluorosis. Unlike fluoride toothpastes, Claybrite natural toothpaste is edible and safe to swallow for both children and adults.

With more than 60 trace elements, Zion Healths Claybrite natural toothpaste uses highly absorptive Montmorillonite, (high grade bentonite detox) clay to bind and remove harmful bacteria and toxins responsible for gum inflammation and tooth decay. According to The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), approximately three out of four Americans suffer from some form of gum disease. Claybrite is known for removing positively charged bacteria trapped in between teeth and under gum layers to clean teeth and improve overall oral health.

Claybrite natural toothpaste has additional oral care ingredients including grapefruit seed and spearmint oil extracts. Both are proven antiseptic agents and spearmint oil has been used to heal sore gums and whiten teeth. Claybrite natural toothpaste is also sugar-free and uses natural stevia extract and sugar substitute sorbitol as sugar alternatives.

Claybrite natural toothpaste for gum problems is now available at Fremont Natural Foods in Fremont located on 5180 Mowry Avenue, in Fremont, CA.

Zion Health Products may also be purchased online at http://www.kanwaminerals.com. Zion Health provides consumers with pure skin and body care products that are 100% vegan, free of parabens, aluminum, and formulated using certified organic ingredients whenever possible. For more information on Zion Health products, go to http://www.zionhealth.com.

AdvantaIRA Donates Money to Five Local Charities

(PRWEB) November 26, 2013

AdvantaIRA loves to give back to the community by taking the time to volunteer or donate money to help local non-profits. So for this holiday season, Dave Owens, president of AdvantaIRA, and the rest of the staff picked five charities that touched their lives in some way. Its important for local businesses to support their community and give back any way they can, says Owens. The five local charities that were chosen were Make-A-Wish Foundation, Miracle Limbs, Ronald McDonald House, Special Equestrians and Our Mothers Home.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is located in Bonita Springs, and grants wishes to children all over Southwest Florida. They grant the wishes of children that have a life-threatening medical condition. Each wish takes $ 5000 to grant and range anywhere from meeting their favorite celebrity to having the ultimate Disney vacation. Miracle Limbs-Courage in Motion is based out of Naples, and is a non-profit organization that provides physical, psychological and financial support for amputees. They provide care for people all over Southwest Florida. The Ronald McDonald House located in Fort Myers serves as a home-away-from-home for families in Southwest Florida whose children are seriously ill or injured and is receiving medical treatment from the Golisano Childrens Hospital. Their facility is open 24/7 and provides families with a private bedroom suite which includes a fully stocked kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room, laundry room and activities room.

The Special Equestrians is a non-profit located in Fort Myers that is a therapeutic horseback riding program for children and adults with disabilities. It is a volunteer run organization and 100% of all proceeds go to the support of the program. The program supports 12 horses and services more than 75 disabled riders. Our Mothers Home is a non-profit in Fort Myers thats mission is to keep teen mothers from foster care, human trafficking and other traumas together with their children in a caring and safe home. They provide housing, education, life skills, parenting classes and physical and mental health care for up to eight teen mothers and their babies. We chose these organizations because they are making a great impact on our community and changing lives in the process, says Dave Owens.

AdvantaIRA is a self-directed IRA administrator that provides tax-deferred and tax-free investment opportunities, superior customer service and educational tools to assist you in realizing the maximum benefits possible within your IRA. AdvantaIRA makes it easy to invest in your self-directed retirement plan into assets that you know, understand and control. Learn more at http://www.AdvantaIRA.com, find us on Facebook and Twitter, or call 239-333-1032 to set up your self-directed IRA today!

Nutrition Specialist from Chicago Overcomes Lyme Disease and Invests His Life Savings to Share Fat Loss Secrets

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 21, 2013

Each year we spend $ 20 billion on diet books, diet products, diet drugs, and weight-loss surgeries. Yet, almost 70% of Americans are still overweight, which means one thing: What theyre doing to lose weight isnt working.

Anthony DiClementi is here to change that.

Two years ago, DiClementi was diagnosed with a chronic, and sometimes deadly, case of Lyme Disease.

The Certified Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer watched in shock as his health rapidly deteriorated, despite a healthy diet, frequent exercise, and extensive knowledge in the areas of health and wellness.

“I felt like I was doing everything right, but nothing was working,” says DiClementi. “And I made a promise that, once I got this stuff figured out, I was going to find a way to share what Id learned with other people so they could avoid the same mistakes and pitfalls.”

Anthony DiClementi, creator of The Health Blueprint fat loss system, has an important message for the millions of Americans struggling with their weight, “Its not your fault.”

DiClementi explains, “The foods were being told are healthy are the same foods that are making us fat. And the diets were on are wreaking havoc on our hormones, causing crippling food addictions, and running our metabolism into the ground.”

“In fact, research from The National Institute of Health shows us that 98% of all diets fail. Why? Because most diets are either easy-to-follow but ineffective (meaning they dont work), or they’re effective but too difficult-to-follow. So we quit. Even the lucky individuals, who do get results from dieting, typically gain all their weight back, plus more, within 6 months.”

DiClementi is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Health Research from Chicago, IL.

He knows firsthand what its like to be a frustrated dieter. In fact, he says not only is he not a naturally lean guy, but he struggled for years before he finally got this stuff figured out. Chronic Lyme Disease was just one of many bumps in the road.

“It took me years of trial and error to finally get this area of my life handled. I was frustrated. I didnt look or feel good.”

This led DiClementi down a several-year-long path of learning, and getting to know people who were experts in the fields of health and rapid fat loss.

He read hundreds of books, research papers, studies, and scientific journals to learn as much as I could about nutrition, fat loss, and natural healing.

I needed something that workedsomething that couldnt be stopped by even the worst genetics.

“So much of whats commercially available out there is just a rip off – its like flushing money down the drain,” says the Chicago native.

He tested and experimented with everything including:

A Forever Recovery Highlights 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Addiction Recovery in Latest Blog Post

Battle Creek, MI (PRWEB) November 06, 2013

A Forever Recovery, a leading addiction treatment center that has pioneered a moral reasoning approach to recovery that empowers each individual client to access the spiritual, cognitive, and fellowship support that they need, has published a valuable new blog post that highlights the 5 frequently asked questions about drug addiction recovery.

While addiction itself is very complex and multi-layered, understanding treatment options for drug addiction recovery should be clear and straightforward, so that individuals and their families can make informed decisions, commented A Forever Recoverys founder Per Wickstrom.

According to A Forever Recovery, the 5 most frequently asked questions about drug addiction recovery are:

1. Is Professional Treatment Necessary for Recovery?

While some individuals recovery fully and for the long-term without professional treatment, the vast majority requires some form of professional services, which can include counseling, medically-supervised detoxification, relapse prevention, holistic treatments, family counseling, after-care and more.

2. What is Drug Addiction Rehab Like?

Drug addiction rehab varies from facility to facility, and its true that some are better than others. Those that are highly regarded by both professionals and individual clients alike are ones that provide a full range of programs on both an in-patient and out-patient basis, and have experienced, certified and caring staff who provide constant support. Its also important for facilities to offer creative and recreational programs, such as art therapy, music therapy, martial arts and more.

3. Will I have to Leave My Family Behind while Im Recovering?

The thought of being alone and isolated from loved ones is, fortunately, a myth. Credible treatment facilities encourage clients to connect with their family, and draw strength and support from healthy domestic relationships.

4. How Long Does it Take to Fully Recover from a Drug Addiction?

While this is a common question, its not one that has a single answer. Different people will proceed on the path of recovery at various speeds. Some may be ready to move forward in their addiction-free life after a few months. For others, it may be several months or even years. All that ultimately matters is that the progress is always forwards not sideways or backwards.

5. How Can I Guard Against Relapse?

While its true that some people experience a relapse, there are proven strategies to minimize this possibility. For example, credible treatment facilities offer invaluable aftercare programs and relapse prevention classes, along with counseling and more.

The full edition of A Forever Recoverys new blog post 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Addiction Recovery is available at http://aforeverrecovery.com/blog/treatment/5-frequently-asked-questions-about-drug-addiction-recovery/.

About A Forever Recovery

A Forever Recovery program is an open-ended drug and alcohol treatment program that gets clients off to a great start and gives them a solid foundation in recovery they can believe in. Not every treatment methodology works for every client. Some people are very receptive to 12-step principles, whereas others are more comfortable with faith-based treatment. Cognitive approaches have excellent success, whereas others thrive within a more holistic approach. A Forever Recovery allows clients to choose from a wide range of recovery methodologies, coupled with Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT), to achieve success rates unmatched in the addiction treatment industry. The bottom line is that there is no single therapeutic approach to recovery that works for everyone until now.

Learn more at http://aforeverrecovery.com/.

Simmons Firm Investigates Popular Hair Loss Drug Linked to Serious Sexual Side Effects

Alton, IL (PRWEB) August 11, 2011

Simmons Browder Gianaris Angelides & Barnerd LLC is currently investigating claims that Propecia, a drug manufactured by Merck to treat baldness in men, can have debilitating sexual side effects.

Propecia, and its parent drug Proscar, are the trademark versions of finasteride, a synthetic antiandrogen that limits the production of enzymes believed to contribute to the cause of male pattern baldness and an enlarged prostate. Propecia treats baldness in men, while Proscar treats benign prostatic hyperplasia.

A new study conducted by George Washington University and published in the March issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that taking finasteride can cause decreased arousal, erectile dysfunction, severe depression and other serious sexual side effects.

Many of the men who take these drugs were unaware of the seriousness of these Propecia side effects because they were led to believe that any symptoms would cease once they discontinued taking Propecia, said Trent Miracle, Simmons Firm Partner who is leading the investigation. This is not necessarily the case for all users.

The study found that side effects are permanent in at least 5 percent of men who take Propecia. In addition, the Food & Drug Administration issued a warning in June that the warning label of finasteride has been revised to include new safety information about the increased risk of being diagnosed with a high-grade prostate cancer.

This is a very serious and sensitive issue for men who have been negatively impacted by these drugs, Miracle said. These men are understandably asking a lot of questions, and the Simmons Firm is hoping to help them find the answers they deserve.

The Propecia lawyers at the Simmons Firm are currently investigating claims against Propecia, Proscar and other finasteride drugs.

About Simmons Browder Gianaris Angelides & Barnerd LLC

The Simmons Firm is a leading law firm in pharmaceutical litigation. The Simmons firm has experience in litigating complex medical matters and has taken a leadership role in standing up for individuals who have been injured by dangerous or defective drugs. The firm has represented thousands of pharmaceutical clients and recovered nearly $ 200 million in verdicts and settlements in cases involving Oxycontin, Vioxx and more. Learn more at http://www.simmonspharmalaw.com.


The Easiest Way to Contribute to Better Health and Well-Being Starting Today and for Under $20, Says Sublime Beauty

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) June 19, 2013

“What if adding one simple act that takes only 5 minutes a day could boost your health and well-being? Well, there is something easy to do,” says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty

Gynexin Alpha Formula Deals and Offers: Now Customers Can Get Huge Discounts and One Extra Bottle Without Any Additional Charges With the Purchase

(PRWEB) October 30, 2013

Gynexin Alpha formula has gained the popularity among men in recent days for its effective formula that helps men get rid of gynecomastia without any surgical treatment. The product claims to provide best desired results within the use of 6 months, however, many men have reported first noticeable results within the use of 3 weeks. The product has announced some special deals and offers to its valuable customers. Now customers can avail huge discounts and extra bottles without any additional cost with the purchase of product.

Click Here to Visit Official Website of Gynexin

Gynexin is the naturally formulated product that helps men to get rid of embarrassing condition of Gynecomastia that is the enlargement of male breasts. The condition is very common and every 1 in 3 men is suffering from this condition. Gynexin provides a cost effective, non-surgical treatment to reduce the size of male breasts. The product is formulated with the herbal ingredients and works by targeting the fatty acids in mammary glands. The potent herbal ingredients reduce its size and quantity and help to develop a perfectly masculine chest.

Gynexin is the only male breast reduction pill that is made with natural ingredients and has a very high success rate. It is known to be effective in 99% of cases. Gynexin is known to help reduce male breasts without any side effects so that you can have a flatter and more masculine chest says a slimmingbeauties.com spokesperson.

According to the official website, the product is tested in various individual clinical tests, which illustrate a noticeable reduction in male breasts within a short time period. The results also illustrate that the product works in the same manner, for men of all ages. Experts have approved the product as the best yet the safe alternative to the surgery.

Gynexin is the perfect alternative to painful and expensive surgery. Surgery is not only expensive and painful but surgical procedures can also result in infections and scarring. Gynexin is a much cheaper and safer alternative. It has no side effects and has been used by thousands of men to help them get over this embarrassing condition. says a slimmingbeauties.com spokesperson.

Visit http://slimmingbeauties.com/gynexin-reviews to read more reviews on Gynexin

Navigating the Educational and Psychological Assessment of the Special Need Preschooler: New Online Continuing Education Course Available at HealthForumOnline

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) November 19, 2013

HealthForumOnline (HFO), a nationally-approved (APA, ASWB, NBCC, CA-BBS) provider of online continuing education (CE) for mental health professionals is pleased to announce a new CE course entitled, Navigating the Educational and Psychological Assessment of the Special Need Preschooler, to its extensive library of online CE courses for psychologists, social workers, counselors, and other allied healthcare professionals.

The spectrum of neurodevelopmental, psychological and/or behavioral disorders affecting preschoolers is vast (1). In addition to Autism and Emotional Disturbance, disabling conditions include medical disorders that impact development, such as seizure disorders or genetic disorder, and/or disorders acquired through environmental factors, like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Traumatic Brain Injury (2).

At age 3, children with these identified disabling conditions can begin transitioning into public school programs. Federal and state laws define school-based eligibility criteria for services to these children. Specifically, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Education for All Handicapped Children Act provide regulations for every disabled child and specifies their entitlement to a Free and Appropriate Education and to have their needs served in the Least Restrictive Environment, which may include mainstreaming for a portion of their school day and/or full time inclusion in a regular classroom with use of a one-one aide to assist the child (3). In addition, parents are ensured the right to receive prior notice of meetings and written consent for assessment, appeal procedures regarding the results of assessments and for the determinations presented in the Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting under IDEA.

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, total enrollment for special education in the U.S. has climbed from 11.6% in 1991-1992 to 13.1% in 2009-2010. Further, of the children receiving special education services nationally, many are receiving services outside the regular classroom, including psychological services, behavioral therapy, occupational and physical therapy, inclusion services and so forth (4). With autism the fastest growing pediatric disability these figures can be expected to escalate (4).

Special need students often require integrated and coordinated care between medical providers, mental health practitioners and educators for the application of efficacious psychological treatments. Further, mental health providers can identify and treat stress reactions among parents with acute and/or chronic stress related to their childs health problems (5). Federal grants assist schools in providing the needed mental health supports and services that families and preschool children dealing with disabilities often require, as described by the National Association of School Psychologists.

As early detection of difficulties and special challenges can guide children and families toward appropriate interventions and ultimately, toward better adjustment for all, this online CE course will focus on the range of disabling conditions identified in 2 to 3 year olds, through the outreach programs offered in the schools including information on referral sources, such as regional centers, pediatricians, parents and specialized medical centers. A wide range of disabling conditions, assessment criteria, evaluation tools administered, diagnostic findings, eligibility criteria for services, individualized interventions and the reevaluation process will be discussed. A multi-agency approach to services will be reviewed including medical response, mental health services, and auxiliary services (e.g., language or occupational therapy, private providers, educational programs). In addition, attention will be paid to the parents reaction and coping style from the initial diagnosis to placement.

Psychologists, social workers, counselors, and other allied health professionals can chose from HFOs 19 categories of continuing education (CE) topics related to health psychology and behavioral medicine containing over 85 online CE courses that are fast, convenient and cost-effective. For more information on this course or a complete listing of titles in our online CE resource library, visit HealthForumOnline.com.


Freedom Center Sees Drug Overdose Deaths Rise for the 11th Straight Year in U.S. According to New Studies

Albion, MI (PRWEB) March 01, 2013

With drug overdose deaths in the U.S. on the increase for the 11th year in a row, Freedom Treatment Center stresses the importance of recognizing the warning signs of drug misuse and abuse. Recent figures, according to an article on Fox News, published February 20, 2013, put drug overdose deaths in the U.S. at 38,329 for 2010, an increase of nearly 4 percent from the previous year, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Unlike the very public heroin and cocaine overdoses suffered by celebrities and musicians, the drug overdoses more quietly killing off many Americans are those induced by prescription drugs. Prescription drugs were associated with nearly 60 percent of the total overdose deaths in 2010, an increase of 6 percent since the previous annual report.

The most commonly abused prescription drugs were in the opioid family, which include the widely used OxyContin and Vicodin. Opioids were linked to a full 75 percent of the deaths caused by overdoses in medications, or 3 out of 4 fatalities. Valium and other anti-anxiety drugs were also high on the list of those that resulted in death, 17 percent of which were suicides.

These preventable deaths underscore the need for continued education on the signs of addiction and drug abuse, said Freedom Treatment Center representative Brian Kuehne. Signs of prescription drug abuse largely depend on the type of medication being abused, although many signs of addiction remain consistent across the board.

Freedom Treatment Center and other recovery centers across the nation continue to see people coming into the facility literally on the verge of overdose and death. Many do not realize they even have a problem until it is nearly too late. Freedom Treatment Center stands at the ready to help stem the tide of drug abuse with their treatments, which can be fine-tuned to meet individual needs as well as specific drugs.

We want to make sure that people understand and recognize the signs of addiction,”Kuehne said. He stressed such recognition is the necessary initial step for moving toward a treatment program that can specifically fit a persons needs and ultimately save his or her life.

Located in a semi-residential pocket of Southern Michigan, Freedom Treatment Center provides the soothing and safe environment and assistance so vital for helping people overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Treatment begins with a natural detoxification and continues with counseling, education and lifestyle changes that help ensure an ongoing and successful recovery.